Bay City New Year's Event, Prim Drop




Marianne McCann

Bay City Alliance

Location: Bay City, SL


It's time for the prim to drop once more!

Bay City's New Year's event set for 31st December.

BAY CITY, SL (28th December, 2018) - Citizens of Bay City, Second Life's® city by the bay, will be marking the end of the year in fine fashion, attending the annual "Prim Drop" in the Bay City Fairgrounds in North Channel on the evening of the 31st of December.

The party will include an expanded, two-hour set of DJed tunes presented by Marianne McCann, as well as fireworks and other festive fun. Food, drink, and other party favours will be provided for all attendees.

The event is an outdoor, high-class, wintertime soirĂ©e, and black tie attire and/or full dress is requested. All Second Life® Residents are welcome to attend and ring in the New Year with the Bay City community.

This will also be the last event within Bay City this year for donating to Child's Play Charity( Child's Play is a 501c3 non profit organization offers online communities such as ours an opportunity to help seriously ill children around the globe during their hospital stays with the purchase of games and gaming equipment. To date, Bay City has raised over L$200,000 for Child's play this season.

Bay City is a mainland community, developed by Linden Lab® and home to the Bay City Alliance. The Bay City Alliance was founded in 2008 to promote the Bay City regions of Second Life and provide a venue for Bay City Residents and other interested parties to socialize and network. It is now the largest group for Residents of Bay City.

For more information, please contact Marianne McCann.

Editor Vick Forcella

Words From Emperor Michael I, Re: Xiola

It must have been ten, eleven years ago a city worker appeared at the sewer I was living it. Her name was Lexie and she gave me some food. We chatted a bit, not much but enough for me to like her. Ever so often she dropped by and left me some, sometimes we chatted, never much but always in a kind spirit.

One day my namesake, Michael (rodent city worker), followed her. He was less kind to me, wanted me out of the sewers and gone. Despite that he had some prims with him for me to use. A nice gesture from a city worker. I used the prims for another sewer where I felt I was being more secure.

One day Lexie took with her Xiola. Must have been 2011. Lexie didn't look good, she was not feeling well, I could see that. She told that Xiola was going to assist her with her responsibilities around the city.

Shortly after that Lexie disappeared, or to be more accurate, Lexie never showed up any more.

Xiola visited my new and better hidden sewer and I asked where Lexie was. Xiola didn't reply, she smiled, gave me some food and left again.

I try not to become too attached, too close and too friendly with city workers (Lindens). They can come and go without any warning. It's part of their work to do city work. I am sure they enjoy their work, they even come and visit outside working hours.

Xiola visited less often as Lexie did. I'm ok with that because I could see the things she did. She changed things, enabling people to connect in various ways. Bringing a smile to people. She could sense what was going on and took responsibility to change things, things we will never know the scope of. 
She'll be the first to correct me and tell it's a team effort.

One day while she was visiting she jokingly told me I could become Emperor if I wanted it hard enough. We had a good laugh about that joke.

She trusted me enough to tell me she had seen me before she became a city worker. She moved here around 2006 to become a city worker in 2011.

Recently Strawberry became a city worker. No mystery about her life before she started this job. We never met. The sewer where I lived was very secret until the floods and now that I am Emperor I can use the provided shelters I have requested to be build by the citizens of My Empire. Strawberry never found me. I should reach out to her one day.

Today I learned Xiola will stop her work as city worker. Perhaps she will remain here in her secret 2006 identity. I don't know. What I do know I am now able to formally say goodbye. Something that I could not do when Lexie left.

Xiola, thank you for you being there. Helping out and making things possible. Making an unexpected extra step to help people. This isn't a farewell, this is a goodbye.

Goodbye Xiola!

--Michael I, Emperor of Bay City
Reporter Vick Forcella
For more information about Xiola, read this blog entry from Ciaran Laval

Edit: You can see and hear the announcement from Xiola in this video. The announcement starts at about 14'55'' Her last day at the lab will be Jan 3rd.
Editor Vick Forcella

Tree Lighting Roundup And Seasons Wishes

After the announcement of the tree lighting event we offered a preview to the auction. This report to show you results and some cool pictures.

But first this,
Note: Don't let Marianne go near the ink well again.
and this,
Image: Anne McMinnar
Just before the party started the auction vendors opened and the first bids went in.

A pre-party started with the KONA stream, people flocked in while GoSpeed made sure the KONA stream could handle it all.
Then, when about 30 people had arrived, GoSpeed took the stage and whipped up some amazing tunes. The conga line was filled quickly.

The auction biddings continued. The first auction wars flamed up.

Mimi Carpenter took the stage and gave us live music with the most adorable accent.
The fairgrounds filled to the max, people were stuck at the bridge. Around the conga were people dancing and drinking hot cocoa.

After Mimi came live music from Wolfie Starfire.
heated bidding
With Pygar arriving the auction wars went out of control, bids went in left and right. People were shouting, shaking their fists, banning each other. The auction vendors were heating up nearly melting the ice-ring around the tree.

Half way of the performance of Wolfie things went silent. Everybody looked at the tree, the countdown started. 

Five !
Four !
Three !
Two !

ONE !!..........

Then at exactly 3:30 the lights in the tree were lit. Fireworks started.
lit with kaboom
Wolfie continued her performance, some started using the ice-ring and started skating.
The auction entered it's final phase. 
The last knock-out bids were placed, some bidders collapsed on the floor and needed emergency treatment.

When the auction ended the vendors shouted out the result:
Taking a ride with my best friend; L$1000
BAY CITY Black Leather Rider; L$2500
Apple Fall Gift Card 1; L$2000
Cica's knitted Christmas tree by Cica Ghost; L$10000
Hill Village Diorama; L$400
Studio Dire Charity Bundle #2; L$600
C.H.C Concept Bay City Edition; L$4000
Studio Dire Charity Bundle #4; L$600
Auction - an invisible sun (Evola Courtois); L$5400
182 Turbo Skylane; L$4000
EG Aircraft - P38 Lightning; L$7225
AD25H LittleBee Voucher; L$2100
[AIKIOTO] Samba Camper; L$6000
EG Aircraft ATX 72; L$1700
Auction - lark side of the doom (Evola Courtois); L$500
Defiant mouse girl by Bryn Oh; L$1500
SA Airbus-H160; L$11100
Stitch Alchemy Mary Dress; L$500
Script Alchemy - Bay City Tree Lighting Auction Gift; L$1200
Java Motors Choice of Aircraft; L$3000
Bay City Land (236,11); L$23000
Apple Fall Gift Card 2; L$2100
Studio Dire Charity Bundle #3; L$400
Yamaha R1 Superbike; L$1100
Les clapotis by Trinity Yazimoto; L$4000
EG Aircraft - Cessna 421; L$3400
Lovely Snow Ball Musical; L$350
night visions (Evola Courtois); L$800
Auction - inward outward (Evola Courtois); L$300
Lusch Nordic; L$4000
Studio Dire Charity Bundle #5; L$500
Auction - love & laughter & dreams & chemicals of you; L$100
Studio Dire Charity Bundle #1; L$1000
L$3000 credit with Laminar Systems; L$5700
FAYDED Household Furnishings; L$1100
Bay City Land (236,23); L$15050
Infinity Freight Vehicle Voucher; L$9800
Auction - fulfillment (Evola Courtois); L$1200

The next day Marianne was singing the following happy song:
The auction brought in an astounding L$139,225! What's more, we have currently raised L$31509 in the donation bins, bringing our one day total to L$170,734! Wowza!

Our previous record today was 2017, where we raised L$185,406 for the entire season. At this rate, we are on track to smash that record!
The donation boxes are still there and are waiting for your donation!
Smash the record of 2017!
The Bay City Post, and I assume the Bay City Alliance goes along with this, would like to thank: (all offered their services for free!)
GoSpeed for supplying two perfect music streams,
Mimi Carpenter for her beautiful Canadian performance, 
Wolfie Starfire for her gorgeous singing,
Vian for helping the musicians,
ALL !! the creators that donated their creations,
Mitch for donating two Bay City Parcels,
The auction bidders that went nuts while bidding,
The people that so generously donated,
All visitors that made this event an event,
Inara, Daniel and Wurfi for helping to bring in a crowd,
Linden Lab to provide their services to make this possible, and send two guards to protect all the valuables,
Anne for making great images,
Thomas for contacting so many creators and not accepting no for an answer,
Marianne for setting her work aside to push this event along,
... and ever ybody I have not mentioned but helped making this event possible.
Reporter Vick Forcella (that now has a knitted xmas tree)

Silent Auction Preview Has Opened!

We have announced the annual Tree Lighting Event that will take place December the 8th at the Bay City Fairgrounds.
Part of the event is a silent auction. Let me explain.

Donators, mostly creators, have donated items, services and land (!!) for this auction. The proceeds of the auction will go to Child's Play Charity.
The auction will start December the 8th on 1 PM SLT.(or earlier)
To win an auction you will pay a vendor. If somebody after you pays more you will get your money back and you have a chance to increase your bid. If nobody pays more then you, you will win the auction for that item.

The items on offer can be a good deal, if the price remains low enough. Some items can go for a higher price as the nominal value. Since this is an auction for charity.
Some items are unique. A one-off. The price can range from 0L$ to 10000000L$. Nobody knows.

The auction will end December the 8th at 4 PM SLT.
In between there is dance, music, snacks and good company.

Following a preview of some of the vendors. Between now and then there can be more auction vendors. Sorry if I get names wrong.
Apple Fall
Studio Dire Remnant Ashbourne
Evola Courtois
Evola Courtois, some amazing and unique artwork.

Infinity Freight & Laminar Systems & Piaggio Systems
Stitch Alchemy & Quartz Paris
Aikioto & C.H.C
Two quite amazing vehicles!

Trinity Yakamoto
Trin (I am allowed to call Trin Trin) has two works of art on the auction.
Bryn Oh with unique art
EG Aircraft
More amazing Evola Courtois
Cica Ghost, knitted art
Mini A Chuu
Owen Lusch
One of the best car builders in this world.
Mitch Merricks 2x!!
This is AMAZING! Mitch is auctioning off TWO BAY CITY PARCELS!!!
Shergood Aviation
Some hate it. I loooove it. Helicopters by Kelly.
Drop by today or tomorrow before the event so you can see what you can bid on.
I might have missed a few items. I apologise for that.

Thank you T.J.Hooker for your skills and talent getting so many donators for this auction.
Thank you Marianne McCann for fine tuning and pushing this event to where it is.
Thank you Vian Magic for getting the music in here.
Thank you all the creators and residents for all these valuable donations.
Reporter Vick Forcella

Bay City Post, Edition 82

Welcome to the eighty second edition of the Bay City Post!
Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid!

Your reporters and editor went criss cross town and came back with the following.

The Bay City Police and the Bay City Fire Department were extremely busy this month. Read the Police and Fire Blotter.

Once in Tisbury, where to go to? Dakota went there and got car-distracted.

After the announcement Kit Calico received the award for his contribution to the Bay City Post Halloween Contest with a small ceremony.

The Bay City Fire Department is always on alert. This time their action was captured on camera. Drama unfolded!

One of your reporters went all the way to Ottawa, Canada, to bring you the latest.

Despite 24/7 protection of the Hay Maze things went bad during a severe thunderstorm.

The weather has changed again. Snow is moving in from the North.
Did you read the press release announcing the tree lighting event and the silent auction?

The path leading up to Bay City continues with The Suburbs. (this article is the reason why the Bay City Post is three times fatter as normal)

I got inspired by Uccie, again, and the result is, Dakota is lost! Can you help out?

On request, the Bay City Civil Defense released shields to mark public shelters. You can pick them up for free inside the Community Center. Emperor Michael the First of Bay City hopes that soon everybody around our Fine City citizens will be guarded against grid breakage and flooding with sturdy shelters as he has proclaimed.
One of your reporters has discovered a duck. Nothing newsworthy, I'll just leave it here.
Remember Bob?
Bob went to the Toxic Taco.
Bye Bob
On November the 18th the owner of the Toxic Taco sued the lead editor of this newspaper for slander. In it's defence the editor stated "It's written in the Bay City Post so it must be true".

The city workers, Linden Lab, have released new Premium gifts. Get them from the, well known, secret locations before time runs out.

The Bay City Post was one of the first to support the Secondlife Blogger Network (SBN) so to help them promote the other bloggers. Our support has been such a success that your favourite newspaper is slowly and silently withdrawing. The SBN has grown strong enough to do it without us. The best of luck to you!

Don't forget to check out the epilogue.

The previous edition is available from a cloud based structure on a server near you.

Happy reading. Keep us updated! Send us all your gossip, and bribes.
Editor Vick Forcella

Micro reading manual, again, for Syl.
See that logo on top "Edition" with arrow down? There starts the edition.
You read and read and read, click a few times "older Posts" until you reach another logo named "Edition" but this time with an arrow up.
That is the last article in the edition.

Police and Fire Blotter

November 6th
Streets in Moloch were temporarily closed for an award ceremony as the winner of the Bay City Post Halloween Contest was given their award.
In a completely unrelated incident, one of the contestants was seen entering the BCPD station with a briefcase rumored to contain incriminating photos of certain residents. The contestant was seen leaving the station without the briefcase. The BCPD has declined to comment on the contents of the case.

November 8th
The Bay City Fire Department came across a woman who was lost in the Bay City Hay Maze during the weekly trip through the maze. The woman was escorted out of the maze and treated by local paramedics before being given a ride home. The patient refused to seek treatment at nearby Channel Island after spending the night in the maze.

November 12th
During a sudden storm, the Bay City Hay Maze was struck by lighting and caught fire. The fire quickly raged out of control and engulfed nearly all of the Bay City Fairgrounds. Upon surveying the fire, BCFD Chief Greybeard had this to say about the incident: "It was by pure luck that we recently scoured the maze for trapped residents. Since we can safely say that no avatars are in danger, and the fire itself is burning out of control, We will focus our efforts on keeping the residents of Bay City safe. Ever can have this one, we'll just keep it contained to the Fairgrounds."

The BCFD worked throughout the night keeping watch over the fire. When the rains came the next morning, the remains of the fire were quickly put out. The Hay Maze was completely burnt to the ground. One city official was overheard saying "At least I don't have to go picking up all that hay. Setting up for the Tree Lighting will be much easier now"

November 27th
Police responded to the grocers in Docklands after a fight broke out over the last turkey in the store. Both residents were arrested and the turkey was impounded as evidence. Detective Blasko was later seen entering the kitchen of the nearby firehouse with a large bag, an evidence label along with several traditional side dish ingredients were visible.
Reporter Thomas Hooker

Bay City Cruis'n

I was traveling through the western portion of Bay City which may, or may not, have involved the Bay City Police Department. And speeding. Maybe.

Anyway ... I turned sharply and wound up on one of the many dead end streets in town. Just my luck. This had the potential of being an expensive side trip for me.

Down a bit, on the left, looked like a potential place to, um, hide :-)

Who: King Lonni (iPrince Resident)
What: Prince's "Place" :-)

A fairly common suburban home, located towards the end of a dead end street.

I saw an attached two car garage. And ... the garage was unlocked!

It was time to "visit" for a while, at least until the flashing blue and red lights went away.

Before taking to the roadways again, I dropped in to the business next door because I saw vehicles in a window.

Who: Jack "Sharky" Ballade (Driverkid Baxter) and Gothica M. Melnikova (Gothica Haalan)
What: Roux Motors Store

This is the Bay City home of the Hawker, a two door sports car sold by this automobile dealer.

Also, this business is a Hub destination in the GTFO (Get The Freight Out!) shipping/freight hauling game ( 
That's it for this cruise through Bay City.

I hope to see you on the road. Happy motoring!

Reporter Dakota Schwade

Kit Calico receives award

The Bay City Post started before Halloween the Bay City Post Halloween Contest. In our last edition we announced Kit Calico the winner of the contest.

On November the 6th Kit received the award and eternal bragging rights.

Some words from the happy and proud winner:

Now that's an amazing award! 
Thanks Vick, and thanks to everyone at the Bay City Post, the judges, and especially all the cool cats in Bay City that participated and set out some sweet treats and decorations! Bay City Alliance, neighbours, and friends in this amazing Bay City!

...amazing Trophy, I love it!
Again, please pass on to everyone involved that I'm thrilled and so nice to be in BC. Thanks!

You well deserved it Kit! Thank you for participating.
Kit Calico receives Award
Reporter Vick Forcella
Image Kit Calico


Park Plaza Hotel

Park Plaza Hotel
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