Bay City Post, Edition 88

Welcome to the eightyeighth edition of the Bay City Post!
Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid!

During the war, that I have not experienced, the constant fear was The knock on the door, they are coming for you. It is a fear that is experienced every day by many people today. If, like me, you don't have that fear, know you are fortunate.

I have seen the CEO of the company I have worked for several times. After I changed jobs I have seen a janitor that was a mirror image of that CEO. At first I thought it was the same person. Even after talking to the man, that was cleaning the floor, I wasn't sure. Turned out they are not the same, not even related. Point being, appearance tells absolutely nothing about the person. We do not live in a TV show where the crook looks like a crook and the good guy looks like a good guy.

Your reporters were hard at work last month to gather all the information you need and want.
Last month there was one special edition.
(sorry for the caps)

For this month we have for you

Police and Fire Blotter
Our Police and Fire department were busy to protect and to serve. Remarkable things have happened and were recorded.

The Battle For SSPE1171
When one claims an island, another can two.

Bay City Cruis'n
Dakota searches a ship on land in Tanelorn.

Proclamation Emperor Michael I, Re: Bellisseria Content
We have all seen Emperor Michael the First. Sometimes, when he isn't drunk, he can write interesting proclamations.

Bay City's 12th Anniversary, a great success!
The anniversary was fun and you were missed! So, for you, we compiled as many images we could find and pored them into a somewhat coherent story.

Sit a spell. Or don't
We do it every day, but only because we learned how to, sit.

Where Could Dakota Be?
We ask this question every month and only Dakota knows.


The last edition is available from our archive.

Beware of the Sylvia's

On May the fifth, at Imaginario, there has been a sudden invasion of Sylvia's.
Please be aware, you are not seeing double. Run while you can!


Preparations have started. Bay City will participate. We all hope that Argon will approve of what will be presented this time. The theme for this year is Road Trips and Vacation. The Second Life Birthday events will open June 19th, and will run to July the 10th. Monitor the Bay City Alliance group for notifications.


On May the 7th Ebbe Altberg celebrated his birthday. If you missed that, no cake for you, wait for next year. Happy birthday Ebbe!
(Interesting fact about Ebbe, his name is pronounced in English as Ebbi)

NeoToy, Return to Bay City

Neo was live steaming for nearly two hours. A re-visit of Bay City, or was it? See the video here. It's worth to see it completely.

Last name chance causes confusion

It has happened to me twice. Someone logged in, apparently a friend, why else did I get a notification? But who could it be? The name sounded alien to me.
I opened the profile. Some things looked familiar. In my inventory I searched the expected name and found the calling card. I opened it and was presented with the new name and a profile of that person.
A good reason to start and IM. "Stranger, I do not know you, who are you??"

A sailing blog

Sailing in SL is quite amazing. I have no idea how it feels in real life but in SL you can almost feel the splatter of water hitting your face. It is a great way to be away for a while.
If you like sailing and like to be updated, or if you have never sailed in SL, then check out Liv Leigh her blog. Some good hints and tips there!

1920 Berlin project, 11th anniversary!

The project, started and maintained by Yo Yardley, has passed it's 11th anniversary. The project is a recreation of the atmosphere of 1920 Berlin with some of it's unique buildings. A time when the world didn't stop partying. The project has strict Role Play rules. Well worth a visit if you can dress properly.
Happy Anniversary 1920's Berlin!
Editor Vick Forcella

What has 4 letters
Sometimes has 9 letters
But never has 5 letters
Read The Bay City Post!

Police and Fire Blotter

May 3rd
Panic ensued as the Bay City History Pavilion vanished from sight. Local residents were seen running around Dennis and shouting, the phrase most often heard was "Not Again, Roc!!" A team of experts led by the Mayori was quickly able to coax the Grid into giving back the building. No prims were harmed during this incident, though rumours have spread about G'al being owed a sacrifice.
Roc sends back the Bay City History Pavilion. By accient! Kinn help!
May 10th
A fire broke out during a routine launch from the Bay City Space Program in Sconset. The Bay City Fire Department was watching from the Canal and was able to respond quickly to prevent the fire from spreading. The launch was a success, and the fire was put out by the BCFD without any further harm to residents.

BCFD at work
May 10th
The Bay City Coast Guard issued a warning for boaters and fishermen in Sconset. The Bay City Space Program was issued a citation after dumping a large volume of chemicals into the canals after a disaster struck during the last rocket launch. City Officials are investigating. The Bay City Space Program has promised to fix any issues before the next launch.

May 17th
Route 66 was shut down for a short time during Bay City's 12th Anniversary parade. Partiers gathered from all across the Grid to watch the Parade from the Fairgrounds and viewing stations set up along the route. Most of the marchers in the Parade suffered from crossing crashes, but quickly recovered without any injuries. A single incident of someone attempting to interfere with the Parade was quickly dealt with by the Sansara National Guard.

May 25th
The Canals near Dennis were swarmed as local residents gathered to catch a glimpse of a rare spotted dolphin. Local authorities urge residents to give the animal space, and avoid congesting the canals. Researchers with the Bay City Port Authority were admittedly baffled over the appearance of the animal, as such species are not native to our part of the Grid. Theories range from a climate shift caused by Bellisseria, to this being a plot by the Mole People.
Reporter Thomas Hooker
Images Roc Plutonian, Lucien Greybeard, Thomas Hooker

The Battle For SSPE1171

Many moons ago our explorer Kenny (Kennlylex Luckless) named a region Wolfington. Kenny has tried to name other regions, not with much success.

This month Kenny discovered the region SSPE1171.

And, as so often, he named the region (tried to).
If I could build a fort here it would be called Wulfenburg -kl
Tish (Laetizia Coronet) replied with "You can't name everything after yourself. This shall be Coronet Island."
Later she put words into action by going to the island,
This shall not be Wulfenstein, or Wulfenburg. This is Monte Laetizia. -lc
She added strength to her words a day later,
"Here we are again on Monte Laetizia. It's true, I did not bring a flag..."
...because I don't need a flag! -lc
This display of military power to claim land in Bellisseria had to be answered by the greatest pyromaniac living in our Fine City, Marianne McCann.
Greetings from... no, not Monte Laetizia, and not Wulfenburg... it's clearly McCann Mountain! -mm
Followed with this ominous image,
Tanks? No tanks on McCann Mountain. It makes my little friend here angry. -mm
Yes, you have seen right. She is holding a BIG bomb!

Tish went to the island to reclaim the claim that already was claimed.
Outstanding, Red Team, outstanding! Getcha a case of beer for that one. -lc
But,, then the bomb did it's destructive work,
DRAT! -lc
"Message from Second Life:
Your object 'Ka-29TB HELIX sng zulu 16 v1.18' has been returned to your inventory Lost and Found folder by Linden Department of Public Works from parcel 'Protected Land' at SSPE1170 249, 93 due to parcel auto return."

Kenny, seeing that the bomb has been defused immediately rushed to his island.
Operation Bad Wolf -kl

Operation Bad Wolf, ongoing with no resistance. -kl
Now that I have re-captured Wulfburg, maybe I shall claim it for the L.D.P.W and call it Mount Mole-Mole. -kl
Marianne can keep this part, the West Hill is a bit crummy. -kl

Shortly after, due to a navigation error, Kenny invaded the living room of a private house with his tank and got booted.

It is yet undecided what the name of the region will be.
Reporter Vick Forcella
Minor textual edits of the original feed posts
Images -kl Kennylex Luckless -mm Marianne McCann -lc Laetizia Coronet

Bay City Cruis'n

Driving around Bay City, as I am wont to do, I occasionally meet other people. One such encounter had me giving a fellow explorer with a broken down car a ride to a repair shop. On the way I was told of a ship located where one would not normally expect to see such a thing.

Any excuse for a road trip, eh? I had to find this "ship."

On the way I found ...
Who: Nico "Min Min" Suivios
What: smokinGirls
Mesh fashions for men and women, with an Asian flair. BoM, Classic and Maitreya avatar types can wear the styles found here, which include some costumes and professional business attire.
As nice as it is to find clothing shop, it was not my primary reason for being in this section of the city.

My destination was a parcel located in Bay City - Tanelorn, south of Victoria Place road, just over the canal before entering Bay City - Moloch. Onward!
Who: Yaro Pinion
What: Southern Pines Cove

That's no moon ... er ... ship. It's a stage!

It looks suspiciously nautical, but it is at the end of the road and way high up from the nearby water.

This old wooden ship is where artist, builder, entrepreneur, poet and live SL performer and songwriter Yaro Pinion practices and performs on an impromptu basis.

Classic rock and country covers, along with original works, are delivered using a 12-string Rickenbacker 360 guitar accompanied by a DigiTech Vocalist 4 harmonizer.
That's it for this cruise through Bay City.

I hope to see you on the road. Happy motoring!
Reporter Dakota Schwade

Proclamation Emperor Michael I, Re: Bellisseria Content



date: June 5th

contact: vickforcella (at) gmail (dot) com





Citizens of our Fine City!

Time and time again the city workers (Lindens and Moles) surface parts of the continent of Bellisseria. 
As the land comes upwards and the water flows away new and old residents can find new places to live or have their vacation houses there.

The new continent looks amazing! Not as good as Bay City, off course, but it is very pleasing to the eye.

I brings back the memory of the moles running around surfaced new continents planting, laying roads, build buildings. Making the planes, the hills and mountains, the lakes, the seas and oceans more pleasing to the eye, laying foundations for future development by residents.

The moles made available, for each new developed land, packs of goodies so that residents can continue work in the style of the moles. In rare occasions we found new items in the Library, hidden deep in our inventory. Next to roads we find free-to-copy items, making some of us right-click addicts.

We found plants and trees, wallpapers and textures, a complete vortex, lamps, houses, stones, squids and fish, flies and butterflies. Even a beach ball!

The content is used to improve our private homes. Decorate our land. Help us with building. Some of the best scripts can be found inside Library objects. Jump on the trampoline, or push a domino.

Bellisseria is different.

Nothing has been made available!

People want to use the new plants, the grass, the rocks, the sheds, the sandcastles. To decorate the homes and lands outside Bellisseria. It is made available to the residents of Bellisseria, to enjoy, to look at.

But the people outside Bellisseria suffer.
To use similar decorations they must spend a fortune. Trees, grass and rocks don't come cheep! We use the sculpty rocks, the primmy library trees and grass. We light our houses and sewers with the lanterns found next to the road.

I call upon the city workers, Lindens and Moles, to make available decorational objects from Bellisseria for everybody to use!
To improve the lands outside Bellisseria, to improve our Fine City!
If you encounter a city worker, ask them for Bellisserian Goodies. You deserve it.

This is what I proclaim, this is what loyal citizens in my name will do!



"Michael I, Emperor of Bay City"
Disclaimer: The bay City Post is not responsible for statements made by Emperor Michael. We publish the proclamations as a service towards the citizens of our Fine City.
Reporter Vick Forcella

Bay City's 12th Anniversary, a great success!

Reporter Vick Forcella
On May the 17th parade participants gathered around the bandshell at Harwich. Chaos, shouting and grouping. It took quite some time before everybody was assigned a group and a group leader.

It was the day to celebrate the 12th anniversary of Bay City. The city we live in, our community, our home. The start of Bay City has been well described by our historian Marianne McCann. Long before the opening of Bay City, in May 2008, rumours and maps buzzed all over the news and then, in May, the bridge came slowly down.

We have build our homes here. Because of community and pleasant surroundings. And so we celebrate and invited everybody on the grid to celebrate with us.

Parade participants wear their floats since vehicles can cause glitches and that isn't a good idea in busy places.
Participants gather around the bandshell -sc
Cheerleaders arrive -sa
Thomas Hooker blowing the pipes -sa
One of the groups getting ready to go -sc
Once the groups were ready to go, one after the other started on the route to walk the parade. The group leaders trying to guide their group into empty regions so to prevent sudden crashes, lag spikes and deep molasses. Despite great care some flew all over the grid, others crashed and some froze and turned blue.
Parade begins -sa
The parade float of Sim Chrispson -sc
Freelance photographer Solo Anatra trying to capture, with camera, a small parade participant -sc
Balancing act on a monocycle -sh
Yeya's float, sea worthy -sa
The float of the Bay City Post -sa
The forever battle with the Trolley -am
At critical points on the route there were reserved places for observers, viewers and "what is going on?"-people. At one of those points a well known individual, though incognito, was spotted, let's call him worm-eating-M. He was able to observe the parade and left me the message "Say hello to folk I know". He had other things to do and left shortly after. 
Observers observing -sa
After the parade the people that survived, or were able to relog on-time, arrived at the Bay City Fairgrounds. There they received from a small support group drinks and a few snacks before diving deep into the party.
Little girl with BIG tuba arrives at the Fairgrounds -sa
Mermaid float arrives -sa
Frankie and Ayame arrive -sa
Already people had gathered and were welcomed by the music of our very own Miss Bay City, GoSpeed Rasere.
GoSpeed spinning the tunes -vf
Party! -kl
After an hour the stage was handed over to Parker Static that did an amazing live performance.
Parker Static and her amazing voice -vf
There isn't enough room to show all people one at a time. I'll show a few.
Marianne McCann -vf
Solo Anatra -vf
April Linden -vf
Kennylex Luckless -vf
Engineer Argon -vf
Wendi Linden -vf
When Wolfie Starfire took the stage with an amazing live concert the region was bursting. It looked as if there were more people on the bridge waiting to enter as there were party goers.
Wolfie Starfire -vf
Dance! -am
When Wolfie left the stage it was time for Quartz to take the stream and keep the conga line kicking. (unfortunately we didn't make a picture of Quartz)
Conga! -vf
And then as tradition goes Marianne McCann blew up things. She presented stunning fireworks and threw everybody off the fairgrounds (she didn't but she could have).
That ended the celebrations and a new year of amazing will present itself to the Bay City Residents.

Happy birthday Bay City!
Thank you Linden Lab! Thank you Moles! Thank you Marianne!
Thank you all that made this publication possible!
Please view this stunning video of the event made by MysteriousTV!

If you have time look at this great live recording of the event made by Luca.

Reporter Vick Forcella
Images -am Anne McMinnar -sc Sim Chrispson -kl Kennylex Luckless -sh Sheree Honeyflower -mm Marianne McCann -sa Solo Anatra -vf Vick Forcella


Park Plaza Hotel

Park Plaza Hotel
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Luxury Living in Bay City

Park Plaza residents enjoy beautiful views, fine dining, and a roof top patio with hot tub; all this near route 66, and within walking distance to Hairy Hippo Fun Land and aquarium. Rates start at 55L a week for studios, and 185L a week for full size apartments. Free furnishings available. Contact Roc Plutonium for more information!