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Marianne McCann

Bay City Alliance

Location: Bay City, SL



Annual Event Honors the objects of the Linden Department of Public Works

BAY CITY, SL (27th January, 2020) - Every year, Second Life Residents meet to salute Second Life's favorite mammal, the Moles of the Linden Department of Public Works, and celebrate well over a decade of amazing projects built by these hardy Resident contractors.

Mole Day was initially honored in 2010 by Residents of Bay City, but happily welcomes all who appreciate the work the Moles have done to make the Second Life™ Grid better.

Held on the same day as Groundhog Day, this year’s annual Mole Day will again take place at the Bay City Fairgrounds February 2nd commencing at 11:00 a.m. SLT. The event will feature DJ GoSpeed of KONA stream followed by Wolfie Starfire performing live at 12:00 p.m. SLT. 

"Moles" are members of The Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW). The LDPW is a program focused on improvements related to the experience of living on, or visiting the Linden Mainland. The LDPW organizes teams of Resident builders, artists, and scripters (the Moles!) to create new content on Linden Lab's behalf and to the benefit of all. These Residents have the last name “Mole.”

Moles essentially build all of the grid’s infrastructure: the public roads and railways, items in our coastal waterways and protected lands, and even larger scale projects like the Linden Homes regions, premium content and experiences, and much more.

Bay City is a mainland community, developed by Linden Lab® and home to the Bay City Alliance. The Bay City Alliance was founded in 2008 to promote the Bay City regions of Second Life and provide a venue for Bay City Residents and other interested parties to socialize and network. It is now the largest group for Residents of Bay City.

it is likely that Moles, as well as Lindens who work with them, will be in attendance. It is, of course, the belief that if a Mole sees their shadow at Mole Day, then they happen to have advanced light as well as shadows enabled in their viewer.

For more information please contact Marianne McCann.

Reporter Marianne McCann

Bay City Post, Edition 83

Welcome to the eighty third edition of the Bay City Post!
Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid!

Your reporters were hired and paid to make one contribution a month. This month things went wild and your reporters had to make special publications to keep you updated.

We published the following special editions:

All that running around had it's effect. This edition is a few days late. Your editor had to go on a high fiber, high protein diet to get some strength back.
Late doesn't mean less!

What do we have for you:

It was a busy month for your reporters, more so for the fire- and police departments of our Fine City.

Mark in your calendar!

Your reporters were riding the waters to make this report.

A look back on a successful start of the new year, with a party.

Dakota searches new residents.

Our geek reporter ponders about weighing capacity and the price to pay.

Our historian sees blue.

The donation boxes are not only for decoration. They bring happiness! Lots!

Our Emperor is worried, very worried.

The future should invent a route planner. Dakota is lost, again.

The previous version is available for just in sealable box you missed it.

Researchers discovered that reading the Bay City Post boosted gamma frequency in the cerebral cortical regions of the brain witch are crucial for memory and sensory processing. The Bay City Post also increased the expression of genes that help activate T cells which suggest it might also positively affect our immune systems. This is the first time that the Bay City Post has been studied for it's effects on avatar health. So next time you decide to read the Bay City Post you don't have to feel guilty, it's healthy.
Did I wish you a happy new year?
Happy New Year!!

Editor Vick Forcella

Police and Fire Blotter

December 8th
Route 66 was closed near the Fairgrounds as the Bay City Charity Auction and Tree Lighting took place. Police and Fire were on hand for crowd control and to prevent the tree lighting from turning into a repeat of the recent Hay Maze incident. Police nearly had to step in as the bidding on the auctions heated up. Residents fought back and forth for the items, even threatening to ban each other at one point.

December 15th
Residents lined the roadways as a bank truck from the Bank of Bay City was escorted down Route 66 by the Bay City Police. The truck was carrying the proceeds from the Auction as well as the donations received and was heading directly for the Child's Play Charity. As the announcement was made that Bay City broke all previous records for total L$ raised, the crowd went wild.

December 18th
The Bay City Coast Guard was seen patrolling the channel between the Fairgrounds and New Port in preparation for the Lighted Boat Parade. Several abandoned prims, lost Linden Bears, and a surprising amount of kegs from the Bay City Brewery were cleared from the waterway so the boats had a clear path to sail. A local resident was seen using large fishing nets to gather the bottom dwelling bots and move them further up the waterway.

December 19th
Local residents were seen massing near Hau Koda as news of a Resident Vs. Linden snowball fight was to be hosted in the Winter Wonderland regions. Many were spotted wearing variations of snow camouflage, carrying crates of snow weapons. The Bay City Police were on hand to ensure no contraband made it to the waiting aircraft, and to give last minute pointers to the competitors on how to best snag a Linden. The crown of onlookers was heard chanting "Go Bay City!!" as the planes took off and the contestants were on their way towards Winter Wonderland.

December 20th
Crowds gathered as the line to get into the Snowball Arena stretched across Winter Wonderland. Today's snowball fight features two matches between Residents and Lindens/Moles. During the first match, Mr.Forcella fought bravely and secured the fort for Bay City. During the second match, The Lindens would not go down without a fight. BCPD Chief Hooker fought his way towards the castle to claim it for Bay City. It was a tough fight, with even the snow-monster getting in on the action. At the end of the day, Bay City held the castle during two matches. Many snowballs were at Xiola in honer of her last snowball fight as a Linden. Fun was had by everyone, despite the lag, and there wasn't even a single yellow snowball thrown. Lindens, Moles, and Residents agreed to a cease fire to line up on the ledge of the ice castle for a group photo.
Mr.Forcella captures castle with the help of
Sweecahcahche Ah
Snow Monster
T.J.Hooker wins for Bay City!
Peace during group photo
December 28th
During an annual inspection of the Prim for the Bay City Prim Drop, the Bay City Fire Department had to call in the Bay City Police after the prim appeared to be tampered with. The Police Chief was overheard saying "I'll bet it was that darned Cat.." as Helium was let out of the prim.

December 29th
The Bay City Fire Department responded to a car bomb located outside of the fire station. First responders found the device attached to the Police Chief's car, and set to go off the next time he approached the vehicle. The Sansara National Guard Bomb Disposal unit was activated. The bomb has been disarmed, and was found to be filled with laughing gas. The Bay City Police Department is investigating the incident.
Sansara National Guard Bomb Disposal Unit (SNGBDU)
Reporter Thomas Hooker
Images Laetitzia Coronet, Thomas Hooker, Pygar Bu

Mole Day Pre Announcement

Mark in your calendars
February Second
01:00 PM SLT (that is 22:00 CET)
Tenth Mole Day!
The LDPW (Linden Department of Public Works) started working in 2007 to create something amazing, Bay City.
Bay City opened the bridge in May 2008.
The LDPW is made up of residents, like you and me, that are hired by Linden Lab, to create objects and infra-structure for us all to see and use.
Before a resident can start working for Linden Lab they are required to visit the laboratory in Moloch and as by magic they suddenly turn into moles in various shapes and forms. They also have a sudden urge to steal cotton swabs.

Lately the LDPW has increased in size. Many new moles have been at work to create Bellisseria, an epic task. So much so that some residents of our Fine City think they have been forgotten by the adorable little rodents. Of course not! Who would forget visiting the laboratory? (though they do have little mole brains)

Mole Day is organized each year since 2010 by the residents of Bay City for All Moles of All Continents to thank them for all the work they do and have done to make this world more enjoyable.

So a special invitation goes out to all the moles!

We have special Mole Snax for you!

Of course, residents from all continents are welcome too to thank the critters.

Bring Mole Snax! (they like worms, dead bugs and cotton swabs)

More information to follow soon.
Reporter Vick Forcella

Lighted Boat Parade

On December 19th, 2019 a group of residents gathered at the Bay City Marina for the 2019 Lighted Boat Parade. Many boats lined up for the parade as local resident Keira took to the skies in her helicopter to watch over the parade.
Keira's helicopter
Like Clockwork, the Grand Marshall Fenix Eldritch started the parade off. One by one each vessel began making it's way towards North Channel.

As the boats neared the Bay City Fairgrounds, several onlookers were lined up to watch as they passed by. This year's parade was a sight to behold.

Argon Ormega's vessel sported a festive Christmas Tree.
Argon's boat to the right

Followed by Marianne McCann's hovercraft bearing Christmas lights and a Christmas Tree, her spotlights dancing across the waters.

Frankie Lindmann was next with boat adorned with a multitude of Christmas Lights.
Frankie Lindmann

TJ "Griswald" Hooker lived up to the nickname as his tugboat was festooned with a Christmas Tree and numerous lights that even lit up anything around his boat.

Amber Selenium followed up with her festively decorated boat.
Amber Selenium
Pygar Bu also brought along a tugboat which was seen loaded with Christmas Lights.
Pygar Bu

Bringing up the rear was Dennis Slocombe with his Barge.

The boats passed the Fairgrounds with a cheer from the crowd. Making a slow turn in Barcola Sound, the pilots all lined up to dock at North Channel and disembark for the festivities.

Not to be outdone by the decor on display, the after party was started off with a bang as music from Kona Stream filled the air. The attendees quickly moved onto the ice and began the skate party to end all skate parties.

Residents were seen all over the frozen pond, many ending up sliding across the ice as they tumbled and rolled into one another, fun and laughter being had by all.
After a while, party-goers started lining up for synchronized skating. The result, while not as exciting as the infamous Conga line, was spectacular. Skill was shown by all involved, especially those near the end who miraculously avoided slamming into the wall around the Christmas Tree each time they went near.

Reporter Thomas Hooker
Images Thomas Hooker. Silvia Hooker

Annual Prim Drop Event

The annual primdrop was announced in this newspaper with a special edition. The primdrop is to mark the end of the year and welcome the new year.

The event was well attended and almost everyone came wearing gowns and ties. DJ Marianne had prepared some amazing well chosen tunes. Several times after the event she had to explain the playlist and the unique songs.

At the moment the prim dropped fireworks flew up, explosions and colours welcomed the new year.

The event was well visited by citizens from our fine city and citizens from well beyond. Even a server bunny hopped around making sure that the network could cope with so many celebrity visitors.

The donation boxes that were set up just before the tree lighting event received many additional donations.

Following some images taken during the event.
Image Thomas Hooker

Image Thomas Hooker
Image Thomas Hooker
Image Solo Mornington
Image Shigeko Taschikawa
Image Pygar Bu
Image Marianne McCann
Image Ainia Da Fente
Reporter Vick Forcella
Images See caption

Bay City Cruis'n

It's the start of a new year, and the start of a new decade (or not a new decade, depending on your interpretation).

Anyway ... this got me to thinking about "newbies."

And nothing is newbie-er than the two places I visited on this spin around town.
Who: Many, Many NCI Volunteers
What: NCI InfoNode
If you find yourself in this region, turn North-ish onto Jazz Drive from Route 66, then turn left onto Art Deco Drive, and right onto Moose Beach Road -- at the Gable Drive intersection you will encounter an NCI InfoNode.

Operated by New Citizens Incorporated, "NCI InfoNodes offers information, help, class schedules, and freebies for New Players, New Residents, or Second Life Newbies. Operated by New Citizens Incorporated, our Moosehead InfoNode is located adjacent to the Moose Beach InfoHub."

NCI also has a busy "main campus" in the Kuula region --
Now, follow the Yellow Brick Road, um, Moose Beach Road a bit further North from the NCI Infonode and you'll find ...
Who: Various LDPW Moles
What: Moose Beach Infohub
Where: Moose Beach
Linden-owned Infohubs and created and managed by the Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW), Moles!

"An Infohub, also known as a Welcome Area, is a place where Residents congregate and socialize, and there are usually kiosks providing Second Life information. Infohubs can be fun places to hang out and learn about the world if you're new, although silly stuff happens on occasion."

This particular Infohub has some food trucks that dispense various items: Bay City Burger Coach (burgers and Grubweiser), Sugar Rush (sweet treats), and What The Fried? (fried everything).
That's it for this cruise through Bay City.

I hope to see you on the road. Happy motoring!
Reporter Dakota Schwade

Is A Little Progress A Dangerous Thing?

The Lab is shifting some cost burden from Land to other things of value in Second Life, increasing some fees, encouraging Premium subscriptions, etc.

One thing often mentioned is the increased capacity of land to hold builds: More land impact available per square meter means a landowner shouldn't need to own as much land, so should need to pay less tier for the same build complexity. This, in addition to the (typically) more efficient mesh compared to old prim builds means that land should be a somewhat less important cost in using Second Life, even before land fees were directly reduced (as they were in 2019, but I'm focusing on earlier land CAPACITY effects here).

Does enhanced land capacity really reduce the cost of land for typical SL use cases?

In the familiar case of residential housing, this seems to work. People who already own land won't immediately benefit from it, but new land buyers need to buy less land to hold the same amount of content. There's SOME intrinsic value to a parcel's SIZE independent of its capacity to hold content, but for housing, content capacity seems to be the main factor driving expansion, and so increased object capacity should reduce housing land cost.

In contrast, another familiar use case, the social club venue, doesn't benefit so directly. That's because land size for a club doesn't so much limit content capacity as it reflects practical avatar capacity. Many clubs need a full region just to comfortably hold their peak avatar count without needing to turn too many away.

The progress in CONTENT capacity just hasn't carried over to improved AVATAR capacity.

We've always heard that it's difficult to scale up avatar capacity. I'd understood this to be a problem for hosting thousands of avatars for a concert or other big event. What I hadn't appreciated before is that it also gets in the way of shifting away from Land the costs of using SL for such a common and important use as club ownership.

There's certainly pressure now to make avatars less demanding, and with Project ARCTAN to improve estimates of how demanding they really are. But even if by magic avatars were to be only half as laggy, it wouldn't really save land costs for clubs because it still wouldn't be practical to pack clubs any tighter on sims; at the same time, clubs are absorbing some of the increased costs, such as event listings, to which the reduced land costs shift.

This isn't to claim that SL social clubs are endangered by this shift; I have no information about that, and any effect may be dwarfed by renewed overall SL activity. Rather, I'm merely marvelling at the complex economics of shifting costs away from land, how it interacts with avatar capacity, and how that may affect the specific uses that have become important to Second Life.

Now, considering the subtlety of these gradual changes in SL, imagine the effects across entirely different platforms. One wonders which seemingly insignificant factors might make SL the "Goldilocks" virtual world.
Reporter Qie Niangao

History: The Road To Bay City Part 5: Something familiar to our East

(....continuation from part 4)

On March 9th, 2004, an announcement was made on the official Second Life forums. The Lab was going to offer several regions with a double prim allowance, decorated with Linden-created infrastructure. The notion was to provide an area that would appear city-like, where people could build taller, denser structures.

"Governor Linden has decreed that a fine new city should rise in the West, and we're dedicating four sims to the cause," said Haney Linden. "Building a dense urban environment requires prims – lots of prims— so only half of the city will be sold and plots will boast a double allotment. To jump-start the urban planning process, the new city will come pre-equipped with the infrastructure of a metropolis– streets, sidewalks, alleys, bridges, canals, public transit, and boulevards will all be provided." 

To anyone in Bay City, this description will sound somewhat familiar. Its not about our beloved City by the Bay, however, but Nova Albion, the four region block of Sistiana, Grignano, Miramare, and Barcola.

The new land was in a prestigious location, just east of the Nova Albion welcome area. This was important in those days before point-to-point teleportation, as the Welcome Area served as a major infohub and entry for new users.
Original Infohub at Miramare
Both Venice and Yamato Town (aka Shangri-La) -- older projects similar to the previously discussed Americana -- would also overlook this new city. Furthermore, the Luna Oaks Galleria would be connected to the new city.

The latter inspired the second post about Nova Albion posted by Xenon Linden, which included a quote from master explorer Magellan Linden himself.

"During a recent excavation at the Luna Oaks shopping mall I discovered evidence of a lost city beyond the western edge of the known world," said Magellan, adding, "I have followed the rumors and hearsay for quite some time trying to verify the existence of the city, known from legend as Nova Albion. Based on this new evidence I am now confident that the city does (or did) exist, and that it may be quite close to the Luna Mall. I will report back with any new findings as they surface." 
One of the snapshots originally presented on the forums shows Xenon Linden - the primate avatar shown - working on Nova Albion infrastructure.
The design of the new city was largely overseen by Xenon, who would also design the Heterocera Atoll continent It was Xenon who is largely credited for bringing a sense of contiguous style to the continents, after Sansara's more "patchwork" feel.

A 24th of March, 2004 post on the forums brought more details as the first pictures of the nascent city were revealed, including an overhead shot showing the full city, as well as pictures of the "restored" trolley system" of the city. This is the trolley that still exists today, running sporadically from the Galleria to the Welcome Area. Apparently, "voltage irregularities" plagued the system from the very beginning, leading to unusual behaviour in Second Life trolleys early on.
This image shows the first view the public saw of Nova Albion. It and several other snapshots can be seen at the infohub in Miramare.
The first auctions for land in Nova Albion were also announced on the 24th. The first landowners in the city were Xavier VonLenard, Surina Skallagrimson, Planet Mars, Drift Monde, Catherine Cotton, Ezhar Fairlight, Nicola Escher, Surreal Farber, Artimesia Twilight, and Chromal Brodsky. It would not be long before Salazar Jack would also join Nova Albion, willing the parcels where the Brownstone East and Brownstone West exist to this day.

The four regions of Nova Albion would later be home to many of Second Life's best-known early residents, including Cubey Terra, Khamon Fate, LisaHot Juran, Cybin Monde, Caroline Apollo, Lordfly Digeridoo, Enjah Mysterio, and Osprey Therian.

Catherine Cotton was locally well known for offering free apartments in the early days, while Khamaon Fate was locally known for the library.

Nova Albion -- with its city theme, its double prims, and its trolley -- laid the groundwork for Bay City, but there was two more things that Nova Albion can claim to have inspired.

The community around Nova Albion, a cooperative bunch that made up a group called the "City Slickers," worked in part with Linden Land to help improve their city. The City Slickers and their involvement in Nova Albion helped inspire the creation of the Bay City Alliance

It was Salazar who would primarily re-imagine the infohub for Nova Albion after Lordfly reached out to Linden Lab to get the ball rolling. Initially, a floating "telehub" platform in Miramare, Salazar would create a mock up of what would eventually become the hub in early 2006. This mock up became the hub central to Nova Albion today.

Quite a few of the original Nova Albion Xenon artefacts, on loan to the City Slickers group, are on display in the Barcola section (northwest) of the Miramare Infohub. These include the aforementioned Polaroid pictures (two of which are included in this article), an original Nova Albion Trolley System Map scrap, and ruins of old Nova Albion that survived and were found by Magellan and crew.

Lordfly initially designed the bridge that spans the main street through Nova Albion -- now part of Route 66, and Salazar who designed the bridge supports and brick motif.

Lordfly also built the large arch in Grignano, another long-time build in the city. He sold the arch to The Brownstone Building Association when they purchased his land in southern Grignano, and the original arch itself was included in the land sale. The arch's prims today show his creator status.

As an aside, it is beneath Lordfly's arch that Salazar, now, is forming a historic "Arch" district.
A notable Nova Albion 2nd Anniversary in 2006 included many Linden guests; the likes of Magellan, Philip, Catherine, Robin, Bub, etc. You can "just" make out names in this photo: Another photo can be seen at: This photo provided by Salazar Jack.
There has been some prim drift over the years, most notably some of the Linden infrastructure was either left, or became, editable by anyone, resulting in sections of prims that were moved or are now missing. An example, missing canal walls between the two Brownstone buildings in Grignano.

A big change for Nova Albion occurred when the southern sea route opened up with the void south of Grignano filled in with the Luna East region, the relocated sandbox regions and the water route connecting to Abbotts and points east.

There's still the matter of a second thing that Nova Albion inspired: tucked into the infohub is a graffiti message that reads, "Beware the Mole People" A more sinister sign can be found elsewhere in Nova Albion, in a hidden and long-forgotten spot in the old city, in a pair of locations that, for safety's sake, we shall not disclose.
A mysterious message hidden in Nova Albion. That mole doesn't seem quite like the cuddly LDPW type to me.
it was this that helped shape the future Linden Department of Public Works, aka the Moles. Their first big project? Bay City.
Next time, a look at the "infinite City" project!

Note: Marianne McCann would like to thank Salazar Jack for his assistance on this particular piece, filling in many gaps into the history of Nova Albion.
Reporter Historian Marianne McCann


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