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Reporter Vick Forcella

Storm At The Rumble

Rumble Takeoff!
Last Thursday, despite a mild storm, the airplane rumble continued. The start at at airport Hau Koda was without much problems as the planes took to the sky on their way to Abbotts.

One of the airplanes was the Bay City Postal Service that had a truckload of mail and parcels with it. The pilot was Postmaster Thomas Hooker combining work with pleasure. Kinnaird sat in the back, taking picures.

Half way to Abbotts, near Luna Point, winds started to pick up, a storm was brewing.

With a tailwind the Bay City Postal Service machine, a modern Douglas DC-3, went like lightning so fast.

Coming near Abbotts the pilot slammed on the brakes, without much effect as the airplane was still in the air and heavy loaded.

The only way to reduce speed was to wiggle wobble towards the airport hoping to loose speed, or go-around. Since the postal service is always in a hurry a go-around was not an option.

The pilot screamed into the mike "GIVE ME ROOM!" as the machine came hurtling towards the tarmac. The other machines of the rumble went well out of the way of the doomed machine.

Just as planned...

With a magic wiggle wobble the pilot landed the machine sideways on the runway (some luck might have been involved). After that the passenger ran towards the restroom for some needed R and R.

Some mainlanders will receive a parcel with broken goods inside.

The airport at Hau Koda is often full, delaying planned departs. For that the Bay city counsel has proposed to build an additional airport at Moose Beach. Citizens from Shermerville and Molesworth have united to fight this proposal threatening to take it to the highest court. They fear an increase of airplane traffic and noise pollution. City counsel suggested "plug your ears with a prim".

Airport at Moose Beach planned?

The Bay City Alliance organizes every week on Thursday a rumble. Everybody is invited. Keep an eye out for announcements in the Bay City Alliance group or ask someone from Bay City. The rumble starts mostly around 7 PM SLT. A more Europe friendly time has been tried but wasn't much of a success.

The rumbles are races with planes, trains & automobiles, and boats. Join us!

[edit: the Zoom meeting we used to make this report had a few hiccups. The original report mentions Kinn as the pilot, it was Thomas. No pizza for the reporter! (Vick)]

Reporter Vick Forcella
Images Kinn, Tish


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