The Road To Bay City

Our Bay City Post historian, Marianne McCann, has investigated the history of Bay City from the time long before there was Second Life, to Bay City with a thriving community.

For her investigations she has spoken to many a person and recorded near forgotten memories. Rare and special images were found to illustrate the history that was uncovered.

The result is split over 6 parts, published in regular Bay City Post publications, and here listed into one article.
For the founding of Bay City several things had to be done. At first, Second Life has to be envisioned and created, next residents gathered and founded communities, Linden Lab starts experimenting with creating communities, then finally both residents and Linden Lab join forces to create Bay City. 

Enjoy the history articles.

Part 1: The Rig
We look back at Second Life before it was Second Life, it was Linden World and had a city named Linden City.
Part 2: Enter The Residents
Second Life starts and the new residents build the city of Lindenberg. We still can find artefacts from that city.
Part 3: The taxman cometh
The first communities spring to life. One of them: "Americana". The Tax revolt takes place, tea crates are thrown. Despite that, Americana falls victim to the new taxes, that are revoked shortly after.
Part 4: An Interlude: The Suburbs
Linden Lab experiments with prefab builds and homes programs with mixed results.
Part 5: Something familiar to our East
Nova Albion is created, a community forms. Linden Lab joins forces with the community.
Part 6: From Infinity To Prim
Bay City is envisioned and build as a mixed resident (moles) and Linden Lab project.

After the founding of Bay City the history continues to this very day. Next to the people mentioned in the articles below Bay City thanks BlueGin Yifu, Hyper Mole, Ever Dreamscape and Marianne McCann for making Bay City what it is to this day.

Bay City is changing and progressing each day.
Reporter Historian Marianne McCann
Editor Vick Forcella

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