Bay City Hallowe'en Hay Maze

The Bay City Hallowe'en Hay Maze is a stunning scary maze that is offered to the general public by the citizens of Bay City.
This year the trucks brought hay rolls to the fairgrounds, not the normal bales as expected. Something went wrong with ordering the hay. The producers come from a different Role Play area and it was forgotten that there are, erm, were no, not many, hay rolls in the 50's.
Bales can be man handled, the rolls can only be moved with heavy machinery.
A message was send out and from every corner of our Fine City the machines came. Pallet stacker's, trucks and JCB's. The sight was impressive as the machines went to work leaving heavy diesel fumes covering our fine city with a dark stinky blanket.

Marianne McCann was sending and directing the gathered diesel orchestra to the destinations at the fairground. In her hand she held a note with scribbled on it only two words. While moving and placing the rolls she peeked on that note each time.
When she was content with the placing of the rolls the machines went back into our Fine City leaving a final trail of black fumes.
Next she threw everyone out shouting "THIS IS SEEKRIT, OUT EVENRYBODY!!!",
"Not you brother, you stay. We have work to do."
Under protection from the the Sansara National Guard Pygar and Marianne went to work completing the hay maze.
Marianne stamped her feet and up from the ground came a mole that changed the Windlight setting.
A call went out and one of the Lindens placed the Bay City Hay Maze on the Destination Guide, twice! twice!

Have no fear, it has amazing displays, let's be clear, come and visit
the Bay City Hallowe'en Hay Maze!
 No fires and please keep goats and cows away, thank you.
BCFD on guard

Reporter Vick Forcella
Images Marianne McCann, Vick Forcella

Bay City Post, Edition 80

WELCOME to the eightieth issue of the Bay City Post.
Keeping you updated on the best city on the Grid!

Your reporters could be found everywhere in our world, to investigate and report about our Fine City and everything that could have an impact on it.
Win an amazing award!

Oktoberfest didn't happen. The Bay City Brewery was hit by heavy rainfall diluting the beer making it undrinkable. Instead of the Oktoberfest residents were invited to Iva's place in Bay City to enjoy the fellowship, frivolity, and dance with nice people, and drink French wine imported from Jeogeot.
Life and times at the police- and fire-stations, not as boring as some might suspect

Emperor Michael
Emperor Michael has a firm believe that since his last proclamation the amount of ban lines has reduced drastically. We could not find any evidence to justify that believe but we won't tell him that. Whenever he speaks to someone he speaks about the improvements he made to our Fine City.
There are reports that the sewer system where he lives was flooded last month and that most of his belongings were lost in the void to the South of the city.
We could not verify this as we have no idea where he lives nor do we know of any flooding.
Kenny amazes himself

Bellisseria trailer-park
Jeogeot colonials have discovered free areas in the new continent Bellisseria. They flocked en-mass to the zone and dropped their trailers and campers there to claim that land as their own. Even Sylvia was found there dancing around a campfire. (red)

Qie runs but is caught by himself

Second Life Blogger Network
Linden Lab, one of the organizations responsible for maintaining our Fine City and sewer system has started a new initiative named the Second Life Blogger Network. We are deeply surprised that they didn't contact us yet to ask us to participate.
We intend to participate on that network to lift the standard, to make it better and have them be better informed.
Our creative department is actively working on one missing item being a Logo for your most favorite newspaper. Once that is available and approved by our approval department we will proceed to help the Second Life Blogger Network with our vast knowledge.
We welcome the introduction of a new cryptic abbreviation: SLBN. As if we don't have enough (AIWDHE).
Dakota Schwade finds herself at a beatnik place

Thomas Hooker freed of accusations
Despite strong evidence that our chief of police, Thomas Hooker, is involved in illegal activities the ethics bureau could not find any wrongdoing. The car that suddenly was bought was funded with undisclosed gifts from undisclosed gift-givers but none was deemed illegal enough to be deemed illegal. A monitoring program was set up to eradicate any future accusations. So do not accuse our chief of police, else you could fall victim of that program.
Marianne remembers, lag in the city

Green Water
From various parts of our Fine City come reports that canals have turned green. It is yet unknown what the cause is. Pollution from the Bay City Brewery could not be excluded.
Old Town is a mess

Hallowe'en Hay Maze
As we speak work has started to erect the Hallowe'en Hay Maze on the Bay City Fairgrounds.You can expect the most scary event in Second Life and surrounding worlds. While visiting fire and/or smoking is strictly prohibited. After the destruction of last year the fairgrounds are a no-go zone for cows.
Character statement
The characters used in this newspaper have an outstanding reputation. The characters "K" and "S" have been awarded as the most reputable characters.
Do not trust any other characters you might encounter, most noteworthy are the characters in the subway and other means of public transport.
If you know of a character that we have used that isn't up to standard please inform our character defamation department for corrective action. Also, don't trust digits, ever.
-Thank you
Editor Vick Forcella
(red) Some found parts of the article about the Bellisserian campsite offensive, therefore it has been changed. I am not able to retract the notecards that have been spread in-world.
-Vick Forcella

Bay City Post Halloween Contest

Residents of Bay City and members of the Bay City Alliance are invited to participate in this contest!

To participate-
  • Decorate the outside your place, preferably in Bay City (not complete regions outside Bay City), in a Halloween theme or a theme that matches your culture for this period.
  • Place the shield (below, provided in a 512 PNG file) visible in front of your place.
  • Take a picture of your place with the shield in view.
  • Send a bribe to Baycitysl. The bribes will be donated to Child's Play.
  • Send the picture (JPG format, 1024 wide) and a landmark to the editor (vickforcella (at) gmail (dot) com) OR make a picture on your profile feed with landmark and inform the editor on it's profile feed.
  • Do this before October the 28th.
    • City officials and Bay City Post reporters are invited to participate as well.
Your place will be visited by an independent judge between the entry date and November 2nd.

The winner will be announced in the next edition of the Bay City Post and will receive a unique award. (and eternal bragging rights)

Your pictures and your landmarks can be used in the Bay City Post.
Use this image/ shield (click, open, download, upload to SL)
Editor Vick Focella

Police and Fire Blotter

September 2nd

A Police Officer was flagged down by a local resident in Dennis after phones started mysteriously vanishing across town. After investigation, the phenomenon was discovered to have begun in the office of the Bay City Post Editor. Due to the missing phones, a detective was sent to find Mr Forcella but was quickly called back as the phones began to appear again. As the BCPD was leaving the region, one of the officers was overheard mumbling about Halloween getting closer and "What's Rezzed should stay Rezzed! Didn't you see Prim Cemetery?"

September 15th
A multi-agency search and rescue operation was launched as the Bay City Coast Guard received a photo of the Mayori in a diving suit underwater somewhere in Bellisseria, along with a note that read "Please Send Snax!" The Mayori was later found by the Bellisseria Coast Guard who promptly delivered a care package from Bay City Residents containing many Snax and a note to bring back some of the glowing plants spotted in the photo for later study in a local laboratory.
September 16th
Bay City Flags were seen flying at Campwitch Forest, Bellisseria after the Mayori staked a claim on a small pond in the region. The local Park Service declined to comment on the takeover and was later seen loading several boxes into the back of a truck which were stamped with Bay City markings.
Mayori claims pond
September 18th
The Bay City Fire Department deployed water rescue equipment in Oldtown after heavy rains caused flooding in the area. Local residents were urged to evacuate while several Moles were brought in with giant hair dryers to dry out the region.

September 20th
After receiving a call regarding loud screaming and dogs barking, an officer with the Bay City Police Department rushed to the area to find the resident in distress. Upon arrival, the Officer discovered the source of the noise to be a wedding reception. According to the report, no fines were issued and the cake was delicious.
Reporter Thomas Hooker
Images Marianne McCann, Vick Forcella


Our explorer/ secret agent/ general/ wolf Kenny (Kennylex Luckless) was exploring the new regions in Bellisseria end of August. The explorations were done before the regions were named.
Standing in front of a new region he spoke the now famous words “I found new land here... I will call it Wolfington!”
Now I feel as Magellan Linden, I found new land here... I will call it Wolfington!
Later, September 9th, Kenny tried to invade Bellisseria, again, with an amphibious attack this time. He failed because the tank he used wasn't watertight and sank to the bottom of the lake.
Amphibious invasion on hold due to water.
Then on September the 17th something remarkable happened. It was discovered that the region that Kenny named Wolfington, was named Wolfington!
At first Kenny could not believe his eyes since, as far as history knows, no ordinary resident of Secondlife has ever named a mainland region.
Ohhhh, I stood here a day ago without knowing that I was looking out over Wolfington.
Quickly Kenny raced to the region and claimed an island for himself as his secret hideout.
It appears that the moles gave extra attention to Wolfington as it is the most beautiful region in Bellisseria.
Kenny on his secret island
Ever since Kenny is running around naming regions, none were honoured, but he tries as best as he can. Other residents have tried to do the same, naming regions, but didn't succeed.
Reporter Vick Forcella
Images Kennylex Luckless

Off to the Races (and back again)

Programmers are familiar with a kind of system bug called a race condition. This is when events happen in an unexpected order for which the system isn't equipped. Some Lindens recently spent a very late Friday night dealing with such a problem.

After the weekly server update, rolling a Release Candidate version to the main server channel, scripters started seeing reports of missed messages between scripted objects and items those scripts rez. (A hypothetical example might be a custom-scripted chair that rezzes a table and then tells the table to color itself to match the current chair color.)

After some sleuthing they figured out that the rezzing scripts were trying to send messages before the rezzed objects' scripts were ready to receive them. But this problem hadn't happened before.

This was NOT because the recipients were slower getting ready, but rather because the senders were unusually quick. That was because they get notified when their rezzed item is indeed rezzed -- which used to coincide with it being ready to receive messages. Not anymore.

In fact, that sequence was never guaranteed. It just worked that way. For years. In a lot of scripts.

Working to speed up script processing, the Lab had streamlined notification of successful rezzing - a good thing, except some user scripts were unintentionally relying on that being no faster than it always had been.

To restore functionality to those scripts, Lindens rolled back the entire grid to the old server software while they work on a change to delay that specific notification until the recipient scripts are ready to get messages. That will make predictable the sequence of these events, removing risk of this particular race condition in user scripts.

Streamlining script processing could have other unexpected effects, as might other speed improvements. Sim crossings are particularly sensitive to timing, for example, so they could be affected -- for better or worse -- by subtle changes in the speed of script processing or by future timing changes as Second Life sims move to the cloud.

Such race conditions are notoriously hard to diagnose and fix. Even more so when the "race" is in user scripts supported by a changing platform.
Reporter Qie Niangao

Bay City Cruis'n

For no particular reason, I planned to motor west, on the highway that's the best, Route 66.

After quite some time, crossing the West Channel bridge in Bourne brought me to Bay City - Mashpee.

Is that art deco I see? Signal ... turn right ... and park.

Who: Marianne McCann
What: The Pen

It is described as "Bay City's only beatnik hang-out!" where you can spend time with friends, old and new.

At 6pm SLT on the first Tuesday of every month, The Pen hosts "Espresso Yourself!"

The event is open to everyone, in any and every category of performance and sharing that you can think of, with one exception; no mimes :-)

Directly adjacent to The Pen are some rather sturdy brick structures.
Who: Martien Pontecorvo
What: PlantPets

Years ago Martien was the driving force behind the Toast Bay City Hunt; a get-to-know-your-city kind of thing, with businesses and citizens participating by providing various gifts to hunters.

In this set of buildings he has set up a couple of small shops. The one pictured sells PlantPets (; intelligent, growing, breedable flowers and plants.

That's it for this cruise through Bay City.

I hope to see you on the road. Happy motoring!

Reporter Dakota Schwade

History: The Road To Bay City Part 2: Enter The Residents

(....continuation from part 1)

Part 2: Enter the residents

Eventually, LindenWorld was to be no more. By December of 2002 or so, Linden Lab was lining up investors to take their idea to a new level. 
The project was re-branded as "Second Life."
As an aside: for a brief moment, "Second Life" could have ended up named "Sansara." Robin Linden suggested the name for this early virtual world, but "Second Life" apparently won out. Of course, now Linden Lab produces a second virtual world of a very similar name -- but I digress!

In the earliest months of 2003, Second Life begun to allow beta residents into the world. Steller Sunshine, who rezzed into existence on the 13th of March, 2002, is widely considered the first Resident of Second Life, and she was followed by many others who got to choose from a select list of last names when cresting their digital persona: Apple, Jones, Sandgrain, Bach, Smith, Leviathan, and more.

One of those early beta participants was Wednesday Grimm.

Wednesday's Second Life rezday is 9 January, 2003 -- nearly a year after Steller's avatar touched digital terra firma, but still well before the end of Second Life's beta in June of 2003.

Working in the Tehama region, Wednesday banded together with many other beta participants on a sizeable project: the first cooperative "themed" build in Second Life.

That build would be Lindenberg.
(Lindenberg, pictured in January 2003, primarily consisting only of its roads and fences at this point)

The name was chosen by its residents, a play on words from the German airship, the Hindenburg, because the city -- much like the airship -- "goes down in flames every night." It's unclear if the name was also a deliberate reference to Linden City from the beta, or simply following what may seem an obvious theme.
Nevertheless, the idea of a grand city was hatched and formed within the Tehama region, not far from a Linden-created path that may have travelled through a handful of those original 16 regions.

Wednesday Grimm was dubbed the mayor of Tehama.
(Lindenberg in February 2003)

The city consisted of a "U" shaped main road, complete with concrete sidewalks and green lampposts. Fairly simple businesses lined the road, owned and operated by many other early beta residents. A newspaper was created, the Lindenberg Times, edited by ramon Kothari and then available at Tehama (220, 117).
While an innovative concept, Lindeberg wasn't without its issues. Perhaps related to the aforementioned fire issues, many complained about the use of rockets around the city, while others wished for the city to be a "no fly zone" to prevent the use of jet packs.
Both were popular in these early, pre "Second Life Server 1.0" times, as both the Lab and its Residents worked with particle effects for the first time, tested physics, and – as one could not yet directly teleport to a location -- used modes of travel such as jet packs.

This all added to the biggest issue in Lindenberg, however, and the one that would eventually lead to its destruction: lag. Ever the issue, in those early days, numerous prims and avatars concentrated in a small area -- for example, a densely-populated city -- could bring a region to a standstill.

Even just 4-5 avatars in one place could bring the area to a crawl.

A month into Lindenberg, and it was already being called a "ghost town" due to lag issues. Some sought to change the layout, adding a central park or pond, setting it up across a "four corner" layout, or even making a "new Lindenberg" as an indoor shopping mall or other form.
Lindenberg didn't last much longer, a short-lived but important part of Second Life's early history, and the first real "city" in those days.

Many parts of Lindenberg ended up boxed and provided at the YaDnI Monde's old "Junkyard," itself now long gone. There are, however, a few other remnants you can spot.

Hunting around Tehama, you can still see the last remnants of that early Linden path that connected the Tehama region to other early areas, such as the Newbie corral in Natoma. It's visible in the above photo in the upper left hand side of the image. You'll see it inworld at
Be gentle, those prims date back to January 2003.
(A main road in Lindenberg. Many items in this photo were formerly available at YaDnI's Junkyard, including the yellow Bannister, the street lamp, and the sidewalk.)

Finally, look close in that photo at the street lamps along the road: Built by Richard Linden, those lamps would later be revised and used to adorn the streets of the Shermerville suburbs just Northeast of Bay City: perhaps a last final nod to Lindenburg still inworld today.
In Part III, we'll talk about the early Linden "themed community" project, and how one early city changed Second Life forever *while* creating the very "Blue" print for what Bay City would be.
Reporter/ Historian Marianne Mccann


Park Plaza Hotel

Park Plaza Hotel
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