Bay City Hallowe'en Hay Maze

The Bay City Hallowe'en Hay Maze is a stunning scary maze that is offered to the general public by the citizens of Bay City.
This year the trucks brought hay rolls to the fairgrounds, not the normal bales as expected. Something went wrong with ordering the hay. The producers come from a different Role Play area and it was forgotten that there are, erm, were no, not many, hay rolls in the 50's.
Bales can be man handled, the rolls can only be moved with heavy machinery.
A message was send out and from every corner of our Fine City the machines came. Pallet stacker's, trucks and JCB's. The sight was impressive as the machines went to work leaving heavy diesel fumes covering our fine city with a dark stinky blanket.

Marianne McCann was sending and directing the gathered diesel orchestra to the destinations at the fairground. In her hand she held a note with scribbled on it only two words. While moving and placing the rolls she peeked on that note each time.
When she was content with the placing of the rolls the machines went back into our Fine City leaving a final trail of black fumes.
Next she threw everyone out shouting "THIS IS SEEKRIT, OUT EVENRYBODY!!!",
"Not you brother, you stay. We have work to do."
Under protection from the the Sansara National Guard Pygar and Marianne went to work completing the hay maze.
Marianne stamped her feet and up from the ground came a mole that changed the Windlight setting.
A call went out and one of the Lindens placed the Bay City Hay Maze on the Destination Guide, twice! twice!

Have no fear, it has amazing displays, let's be clear, come and visit
the Bay City Hallowe'en Hay Maze!
 No fires and please keep goats and cows away, thank you.
BCFD on guard

Reporter Vick Forcella
Images Marianne McCann, Vick Forcella

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