Bay City Post, Edition 80

WELCOME to the eightieth issue of the Bay City Post.
Keeping you updated on the best city on the Grid!

Your reporters could be found everywhere in our world, to investigate and report about our Fine City and everything that could have an impact on it.
Win an amazing award!

Oktoberfest didn't happen. The Bay City Brewery was hit by heavy rainfall diluting the beer making it undrinkable. Instead of the Oktoberfest residents were invited to Iva's place in Bay City to enjoy the fellowship, frivolity, and dance with nice people, and drink French wine imported from Jeogeot.
Life and times at the police- and fire-stations, not as boring as some might suspect

Emperor Michael
Emperor Michael has a firm believe that since his last proclamation the amount of ban lines has reduced drastically. We could not find any evidence to justify that believe but we won't tell him that. Whenever he speaks to someone he speaks about the improvements he made to our Fine City.
There are reports that the sewer system where he lives was flooded last month and that most of his belongings were lost in the void to the South of the city.
We could not verify this as we have no idea where he lives nor do we know of any flooding.
Kenny amazes himself

Bellisseria trailer-park
Jeogeot colonials have discovered free areas in the new continent Bellisseria. They flocked en-mass to the zone and dropped their trailers and campers there to claim that land as their own. Even Sylvia was found there dancing around a campfire. (red)

Qie runs but is caught by himself

Second Life Blogger Network
Linden Lab, one of the organizations responsible for maintaining our Fine City and sewer system has started a new initiative named the Second Life Blogger Network. We are deeply surprised that they didn't contact us yet to ask us to participate.
We intend to participate on that network to lift the standard, to make it better and have them be better informed.
Our creative department is actively working on one missing item being a Logo for your most favorite newspaper. Once that is available and approved by our approval department we will proceed to help the Second Life Blogger Network with our vast knowledge.
We welcome the introduction of a new cryptic abbreviation: SLBN. As if we don't have enough (AIWDHE).
Dakota Schwade finds herself at a beatnik place

Thomas Hooker freed of accusations
Despite strong evidence that our chief of police, Thomas Hooker, is involved in illegal activities the ethics bureau could not find any wrongdoing. The car that suddenly was bought was funded with undisclosed gifts from undisclosed gift-givers but none was deemed illegal enough to be deemed illegal. A monitoring program was set up to eradicate any future accusations. So do not accuse our chief of police, else you could fall victim of that program.
Marianne remembers, lag in the city

Green Water
From various parts of our Fine City come reports that canals have turned green. It is yet unknown what the cause is. Pollution from the Bay City Brewery could not be excluded.
Old Town is a mess

Hallowe'en Hay Maze
As we speak work has started to erect the Hallowe'en Hay Maze on the Bay City Fairgrounds.You can expect the most scary event in Second Life and surrounding worlds. While visiting fire and/or smoking is strictly prohibited. After the destruction of last year the fairgrounds are a no-go zone for cows.
Character statement
The characters used in this newspaper have an outstanding reputation. The characters "K" and "S" have been awarded as the most reputable characters.
Do not trust any other characters you might encounter, most noteworthy are the characters in the subway and other means of public transport.
If you know of a character that we have used that isn't up to standard please inform our character defamation department for corrective action. Also, don't trust digits, ever.
-Thank you
Editor Vick Forcella
(red) Some found parts of the article about the Bellisserian campsite offensive, therefore it has been changed. I am not able to retract the notecards that have been spread in-world.
-Vick Forcella

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