Bay City Cruis'n

For no particular reason, I planned to motor west, on the highway that's the best, Route 66.

After quite some time, crossing the West Channel bridge in Bourne brought me to Bay City - Mashpee.

Is that art deco I see? Signal ... turn right ... and park.

Who: Marianne McCann
What: The Pen

It is described as "Bay City's only beatnik hang-out!" where you can spend time with friends, old and new.

At 6pm SLT on the first Tuesday of every month, The Pen hosts "Espresso Yourself!"

The event is open to everyone, in any and every category of performance and sharing that you can think of, with one exception; no mimes :-)

Directly adjacent to The Pen are some rather sturdy brick structures.
Who: Martien Pontecorvo
What: PlantPets

Years ago Martien was the driving force behind the Toast Bay City Hunt; a get-to-know-your-city kind of thing, with businesses and citizens participating by providing various gifts to hunters.

In this set of buildings he has set up a couple of small shops. The one pictured sells PlantPets (; intelligent, growing, breedable flowers and plants.

That's it for this cruise through Bay City.

I hope to see you on the road. Happy motoring!

Reporter Dakota Schwade

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