Our explorer/ secret agent/ general/ wolf Kenny (Kennylex Luckless) was exploring the new regions in Bellisseria end of August. The explorations were done before the regions were named.
Standing in front of a new region he spoke the now famous words “I found new land here... I will call it Wolfington!”
Now I feel as Magellan Linden, I found new land here... I will call it Wolfington!
Later, September 9th, Kenny tried to invade Bellisseria, again, with an amphibious attack this time. He failed because the tank he used wasn't watertight and sank to the bottom of the lake.
Amphibious invasion on hold due to water.
Then on September the 17th something remarkable happened. It was discovered that the region that Kenny named Wolfington, was named Wolfington!
At first Kenny could not believe his eyes since, as far as history knows, no ordinary resident of Secondlife has ever named a mainland region.
Ohhhh, I stood here a day ago without knowing that I was looking out over Wolfington.
Quickly Kenny raced to the region and claimed an island for himself as his secret hideout.
It appears that the moles gave extra attention to Wolfington as it is the most beautiful region in Bellisseria.
Kenny on his secret island
Ever since Kenny is running around naming regions, none were honoured, but he tries as best as he can. Other residents have tried to do the same, naming regions, but didn't succeed.
Reporter Vick Forcella
Images Kennylex Luckless

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