Bay City Post, Edition 78

Tilia didn't end the world, it is alive and thriving just like yesterday, just as we predicted.
The feed ( however is broken, again, as usual. 
Some can't post, many can't delete posts and it has become impossible to follow or unfollow. Our provider has to fix something else first, the bridge between Twitter and our world.
Your reporters have been extremely busy to observe, investigate and report.
Following are the articles we have compiled for this edition,

Qie Niangao mixes a teleporter script with the new Experience tools

After earth breaking ground works in Moloch we question the culprit

What was on our mind many moons ago in August

Unique images from the Bay City Pavilion saved for prosperity

TJ Hooker reports, Black, White and Red were busy the last period

Our Emperor is making lists, and throws them away

Dakota Schwade discovers the moon, and more!

Land is more then land

Marianne McCann seeks out the mullvaden

Happy reading!
The Bay City Alliance meeting has been moved from Tuesday to Sunday, alternating between 01:00 SLT and 04:00 SLT.
The location is the same: The Bay City Community Center at Daley Bay
If you are interested in Bay City, come by and be welcome!
Health and Safety Statement
This newspaper is made from 100% unbleached recycled toilet paper.

It has been dermatologically tested in an empirical manner. 

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Harlots have been seen roaming the streets around the docklands. Citizens in the area are deeply concerned.
The BCPD is investigating.
Editor Vick Forcella

Bump 'n' Go: A simple Experience teleporter

I like to think it's useful for readers to learn about Experiences because Bay City has a high concentration of landowners, and landowners can enable Experiences on their parcel. There are also a large share of Premium subscribers, and they're eligible to define and use their very own custom Experiences.

Before enabling a custom Experience on your parcel, it must first be created -- an easy process, well documented in the knowledge base:

One thing you can do with your own custom Experience is to make a simple collision-driven teleporter. Of course you could instead use other events besides collisions to trigger teleportation, but it's a neat trick to just walk through a fake door or fall through a "hole" in the floor and end up in a totally different place. So let's take the simplest collision-triggered Experience teleporter script as an example:


vector destiny = <56, 15, 2222>;
vector facing = <50, 15, 2222>;

collision_start(integer num_detected)
key collider = llDetectedKey(0);
if (ZERO_VECTOR == llGetAgentSize(collider))
llRequestExperiencePermissions(collider, "");
experience_permissions(key agent)
llTeleportAgent(agent, "", destiny, facing);
experience_permissions_denied(key agent, integer reason)
if (17 != reason)
llRegionSayTo(agent, 0, "NO PERMS, reason: "+llGetExperienceErrorMessage(reason));

That script would be placed in an object that, when the avatar steps into it, will teleport that avatar to a particular point in the same region (the "destiny" coordinates) oriented towards the "facing" coordinates when they arrive. So first you'll scope out where you want the avatar to go and which direction she should look on arrival, and change those two vectors to fit your situation.

(HINT: Don't set a "destiny" that's the EXACT same location of another teleporter because then you might arrive, collide with that teleporter, and be immediately teleported somewhere else -- or right back where you started. If BOTH ends specify each others' exact locations, it can be tricky to escape without relogging somewhere else.)

There are lots of ways to elaborate on this theme. For example, if this will serve the uninitiated, it wouldn't hurt to check first whether they're already enrolled in the Experience (llAgentInExperience), and if not, give them a little pep talk in chat before requesting experience permissions of them.

This form of teleporting also works for destinations in remote regions, but if you're unlucky, the destination region might be offline at the time. (There's also a separate step for finding the global coordinates of the remote region, and some trickiness with how the "facing" parameter is used, as well as a built-in "flyslow" animation that may need to be stopped.)

If there are a bunch of origin-destination pairs on a region, they might be networked to discover each other. (ADVANCED: They can even discover each other on very distant regions, using the "Key-Value Pair" persistent storage built-in to Experiences; that's how a network of walk-thru teleportation orbs work on Virtual Railway Consortium sites around the SLRR.)
Reporter Qie Niangao

The Interview: Mitch Merricks

Mitch Merricks (MM) and I (Vick Forcella VF) met up at his Little Coffee Shop in Moloch. Sitting in luxurious seats we had this talk:
Mitch Merricks

VF: Are you related to Vincent Merricks?

MM: Nope, afraid the only Tune I can carry is in a bucket.

VF: What brought you to Second Life?

MM: First Vick, have some yummy "Planter's Punch". Oh don't worry, only the 1st sip is strong!
Back in the old'n days of 2006 - I heard stories, you know how it starts. Somebody (Anshe Chung) makes a Million dollars, rumours of land with (lowers voice) "adult activities" crop up at the water cooler. I had to learn more!

Mainland felt like the Wild West. Griefers running amok shooting & locking people in cages, zombies and bunnies doing "it" together out in the open, flaming floating didoes left at your door like calling cards, or were they invitations? Land dotted with who knows what kind of builds next to each other. Hello? Zoning laws anyone?

I settled for some private island rental land, and picked up some building skills for a few years.

VF: What brought you to Bay City?

MM: Another mason jar of punch, Vick? How about a slice of pie? Made it fresh this morning!Well (hands on hips), fast forward a decade. 

I found some beautiful land in the Shermerville Bloomfield area, but that didn't last long. Dear god, the crime rate! (whispers with shifty eyes & leans forward) No seriously, no one speaks of it. "The Greater Good" you know, but it's scandalous. I kept planting trees and the next day 1/2 of them were gone! I knoooow, and inside my property lines too! And don't even get me started on the number of cars stolen, getting returned days later from some other city. Sure I know, some Bay City folks have childhood homes there, more power to em. For me, it was lipstick on a pig. Nope, I was done. Lovely neighbourhood, not for me.

So with my cars missing or returned damaged, I walked the bridge to explore Bay City, found a Realtor, left a note. You'd think when the "Bay City" name is part of their company name they'd be thrilled to take a bucket of new money. Nope, never heard back.
If something's worth doing, whip out a map, the check book, and go do it yourself. I found Land in Moloch for my lovely home.

VF: We are now at your Cafe in Moloch. Can you describe it short and your motivation to build it there?

MM: Oh, my little Coffee shop! Well, it's an old Converted Gas station on Ulysses Drive, one of my 1st lots in Bay City with wonky mismatched brick walls and looks like it's had previous lives before I knocked out a wall or two.
Outside is a free Bike & Car rezzer for guests. Next door is an old expo Building I've converted to a clock tower and my future office space.
The block suggests a revitalized warehouse district, perfect for a cup of Joe, a snack., and some exploring!
Coffee Shop - Moloch
VF: It has been told many times that the moles often gather in Moloch to re-energize. Can you explain that?

MM: I never see them, but I know they have to be around! It's the little things. You walk by a public space a zillion times and then notice something changed. Was it always that way? Did that just show up? It's a mystery! Moles and Moloch go hand in hand. With a residential community, a warehouse district, down-town growth, plus proximity to calming sea breezes, Moloch is the place to be!
Besides, Sarah said it best "I can see Moloch from my window!"
Bay City Canal Terminal - Moloch
VF: Everyone in Bay City seems to have a job or favourite activity. What is yours in Our Fair City?

MM: Prims are like Lego's, I like a big box full to build with. When I think of a builder, I think of someone inventing every prim themselves. Me? I like using ready made parts, taking them apart, and weld them back together in fun and unexpected ways. I love this Community, and I'm thrilled to have a few places for folks to visit and enjoy.

VF: Do you spend much time outside Bay City?

MM: I built a lovely Garden Bar & an Amusement Park in Sistiana that is open to the public and free. I have construction equipment in Barcola to build a future water retreat.
My latest restoration project is in Downtown Moloch, the "Bay City Canal Terminal" just opened.. The abandoned rail project (because tunnel blasting caused a waterfall) left the land desolate for years. I see it's future as a fun place to hang out with neighbours and friends. All are welcome.
Garden Bar - Sistiana
VF: I have seen the amusement park at Sistiana. Can you describe it and your motivation to build it there?

MM: Merricks Amusement Park is a fun addition to Historic Sistiana with awesome views from the Ferris Wheel & Drop Tower. it's steps away from Rt 66, and a few blocks away from the 1st Primitive created on private property! It's on the trolley line that goes to a Linden Visitor Center. Its also located near mostly absent land owners and overpriced empty land for sale, We see a lot of new SL'ers stop in for free rides, burgers and snacks! It's also across the Street from Merricks Garden Bar, one of my favourite builds.
Amusement Park - Sistiana
VF: Rumour has it that Emperor Michael comes from Nova Albion. Have you seen him often and can you tell some more?

MM: Someone by that name has an open tab at Merricks Garden Bar but always steps in when I'm away. Why would an Emperor have muddy boots? The staff always has to mop up after he leaves.

VF: What advice would you give to someone looking to move to Bay City?

MM: The Bay City Community Center should be their 1st stop to learn just what makes this all so special. Add the address for your readers wont you Vick? Beware of land barons. Some are honest, some are well, questionable. If you find a reasonably priced lot to rent, jump on it quick, you'll get to know the neighbourhood better that way. Over priced lots stay empty, how that can be profitable is beyond me. BC auction land is usually 1/2 what land flippers ask for, so check the auctions daily. Lastly, I'd suggest chatting with residents of Bay City, they usually know of deals and good landlords if renting is your preference.

VF: Bay City is not like typical Mainland, of course, but what do you think of the "wild frontier" outside Bay City?

With a whole world to explore past the Bay, take sun screen, bug spray, a hat, a jug of hand sanitizer, and don't drink the water!

VF: Do you consider your Second Life persona a "character" or a representation of who you are in Real Life?

MM: My 1st & 2nd life are alike in many ways, I tend not to mix the two.

VF: Do you have a philosophy for Second Life?

MM: Be kind, we were all new once upon a time.
Give the benefit of the doubt, not everyone is out to make a L$ or take advantage.
Nevertheless, best to be cautious.

VF: What ONE thing should anyone not looking in your Profile know about you?

MM: Hey, you had two quarts of punch, I get two answers!
I hope my contributions enhance the community.
I'm more approachable than I look.

VF: Any last thoughts you'd like to add?

MM: There is so much Land for Sale in Bay City that sits empty, and many of the same lots have been for sale for years without a buyer because of the high asking prices. It's sad to see that, when they could be rented out at reasonable prices and bring more people in to enjoy the community. It's also sad to see... lets call them investors, who own multiple lots all over Bay City not for sale or rent and they just sit empty and unused. It's a disservice to Bay City. It can appear disrespectful to neighbours of this unique land, and stagnates the local community we all love.
I hope some day that will improve.
With all that punch I walked back to my place in Mashpee, but I am not sure how I arrived there.
Interviewer Vick Forcella

This Month In History

History Buff Marianne
Linden Lab made a change involving their terms of service, and users were outraged. Many threatened to leave Second Life over the change, while others feared that this is the very end of Second Life itself.

If you thought this referred Linden Lab requiring to adoption of the Tilia Terms of Service and providing new documentation to cash out -- well, you're several years off the mark.

In August 2013, a provision added to Second Life's Terms of Service modified the rights Linden Lab had with its users content, stating that content uploaded to Second Life could be used by Linden Lab, "for any purpose whatsoever in all formats, on or through any media, software, formula or medium now known or hereafter developed." They even had the right to, "sell, re-sell, sublicense, modify, display..." and even "...make derivative works of" user content.

The provision was part of a streamlining of Linden Lab's Terms of Service, trying to make a "one size fits all" document that covered Second Life and other properties, Patterns, Creatorverse, Blocksworld, and so on. That one second, however, opened up a lot of unintended consequences.

The Lab's then spokesperson, Peter Gray, attempted to clarify in some of the popular Second Life blogs, saying, "Linden Lab respects the proprietary rights of Second Life’s content creators. We regret that our intention in revising our Terms of Service to streamline our business may have been misconstrued by some as an attempt to appropriate Second Life residents’ original content." (

This statement led to a lot of unhappy Residents. Some long-time residents, feeling this was the straw that broke the hippo’s back, left for other platforms, including OpenSim. Others packed it in entirely.

Likewise, various content marketplace websites reacted by limiting the use of their content in Second Life such as CG Textures and Renderosity. CG disallowed any future use of their textures on Second Life as a result.

Now, six years later, little has changed, and the world hums along as it always has. The Tilia issue, which seems a much smaller kettle of fish, may end up similarly forgotten.
Reporter Marianne McCann

SL16B Images

Some unique images were created for the Bay City contribution for the 16th birthday of Second Life. To preserve them, I took pictures.
Click on the image, perhaps download, to read the content.
Bay City Post
Bay City Citizens

I made the pictures while SL16B was closing so I was in a hurry. Sorry for the low quality images.
Citizens are (left-right top-bottom): Gospeed Rasere, Argonthedevil Omega (Argon), Dakota Schwade, Fabiana Castello, Evola Courtois, Marianne McCann, Pygar Bu, Qie Niangau, T.J.Hooker, Vick Forcella.

Thank you all for your contribution!
Reporter Vick Forcella

Police and Fire Blotter

July 4th
The Bay City Fire Department responded to several calls throughout the city for fireworks related injuries. Residents are once more advised to avoid the Ever's brand Toxic Taco special. Residents with said firework are advised to use caution and launch it safely, preferably with the entire BCFD on standby, and some plates for the resulting tacos.

July 10th
A resident reported seeing the trunk of a parked car close as he returned home. Bay City Police responded and saw nothing out of the ordinary.

July 11th
A resident reported seeing a man climb out of the trunk of a parked car and drive away.

July 17th
A day after selling a table on the Marketplace, a woman found 200 plastic forks and knives stuck in her front lawn. An officer from the Bay City Police Department responded, but the case is still under investigation with no suspects at this time.

Ooohh Red Button!
July 25th
The Bay City Fire Department responded to an explosion at the Hyperbole Tower after the editor pressed a red button. The fire was put out and no residents were harmed. The editor was cited and warned not to go pushing random buttons.

Ooohh Big Red Thing!
July 28th
During a routine safety inspection of the Toxic Taco, something went awry with the fire extinguisher. Foam covered the building and flooded the region. Neighbours were seen cleaning up the foam, and several reported seeing a young girl fleeing the scene shortly before the foam exploded out of the doors.
What is this used for?
Reporter T.J.Hooker
Images Marianne McCann, Vick Forcella

Emperor Michael, Update

Some of you are wondering what has happened June 22nd when Michael the Moleman proclaimed himself being Emperor.

My investigation has revealed that before the ceremony started beer was handed out. Some unnamed supporters had brought crates of beer and many crates were used before the ceremony even started.

Michael crowned himself with the feathered hat he always was wearing. Most of the attendants missed it all, they were singing or had passed out.

There were no representatives of the different regions so Michael his crowning lacks any legal basis, but don't tell him that.

The Bay City Police Department "escorted" people away after the event.

In short, the proclamation was a party and everybody had fun.

The Bay City Sanitary Division (BCSD) was quite unhappy about the event. They had to clean up all the mess. Thanks to the beverage container deposit legislation that is in place in our fine city they were able to collect many bottles and receive a wallet with many L$ thanks to the deposit returns.
Ever since Michael proclaimed himself Emperor he walks around our fine city in a different way.
He is always standing upright and expects being spoken to as Emperor Michael.

He often visits bars and restaurants and expects to walk away without paying as he is Emperor. He avoids the Toxic Taco, he mumbled something about the food, "yuck", and "she never stops yapping". No idea what he means with that.

He often has a pen and paper in his hands. He writes things down and later throws away the paper. I retrieved one of those "lists". Some incomprehensible scribblings, some childish drawings.

I have noticed that people that meet him spontaneously address him as Emperor and talk to him about all sort of problems. He glows when that happens.

It is still unclear to me where Emperor Michael has his home. It could be Nova Albion, as he is often found there early in the morning and at night, or Bay City as our fine city has plenty of places where he could stay/hide.

Despite looking odd Emperor Michael is a nice guy. When you meet him, say Hi.

What the future brings? Only the Emperor knows.

Reporter Vick Forcella

Bay City Cruis'n

Last month, July of 2019, marked the 50th anniversary of the Apollo space program's first landing on the Moon, July 20, 1969. The occasion was celebrated and remembered by many people around the globe.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) produced an excellent 12-episode podcast, along with a supporting website, entitled "13 Minutes to the Moon" ( This series explains and illuminates the audio recording of the Lunar Module's descent to the Moon's surface. Can you say "1202 Program Alarm?" 

Another fascinating website ( uses National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) audio, audio transcripts, photographs and video recordings; all synchronized to the Apollo 11 master mission clock, making it possible to see the entire event from blast off to splash landing. It's totally addictive.

However, closer to my Second Life home I made a discovery; some testaments to Mole "space race" activities.
Who: Sunny Mole
What: First Mole on the Moon

Space, the Final Frontier! Or something like that. Anyway, it would seem that the Moles of our world are quite skilled in many areas, one of them being inter-planetary travel.

The plaque on this monument reads: "First Mole on the Moon -- July 20th, 1968 -- That's one small step for a Mole, one giant leap for Molekind!"

Wait a minute! ... 1968? ... But, Apollo 11 was ... What? ... How? ... Huh?
Near this monument to Mole achievement is a model of our solar system.
Who: Sunny Mole
What: Planet Statue

You've probably seen a model similar to this before. It's nothing exceptional; the various planets listed in order as you travel away from the sun, which is the base of the model: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Eris and Talpidae.

Tal ... pi ... dae? ... Um? ... What? ... Huh?
That's it for this cruise through Bay City.

I hope to see you on the road. Happy motoring!
Reporter Dakota Schwade

About: Land

What does land mean in Second Life?

Often asked, rarely sufficient answered. As a Basic member you can enjoy your SL (Second Life) to the fullest without ever having the need for land. You can dress, visit places, explore, meet people, enjoy parties and never feel the need to buy or rent land.

An avatar doesn't need a toilet, a kitchen, seats, shelves, books.

Land is just like your avatar, a bunch of numbers floating on some far away server. When numbers meet, you see land or an avatar or both.

If you want to do things that require some privacy having land is handy. You can rent a skybox, put things in it, turn on a security orb and you can do just about anything that is allowed in Second Life and nobody would know about it.
You need land and I'll tell you why.

Land is another way of expressing yourself.
Another way to show others who you are.

You dress up yourself, finest hair, gorgeous skin, fine cut clothes, so you can enjoy being yourself. Feeling strong and meet others.
You decorate land so that it appeals to you, and others that you meet there.

Land is an extension of your character, your personality.

You can change your look every day, but land is something much more static. Land is more *you* as your appearance.

I know people that are generally shy. They do not talk much. Their appearance isn't all that spectacular. The avatar is more a vehicle as an expression of personality.
Their land however is amazing. Decorated to the centimetre, breathing atmosphere, welcoming. Changing every season and holiday. Turkeys during thanksgiving.

Someone that has a miserable life has bought crops, animals, a water-well and more things that require day-to-day maintenance. She grows crops to feed the animals. The water from the well is to grow the crops. She does many things every day and every day the harvest comes nearer. The harvest can be sold for a few L$. The animals, the meat, can be sold for a few L$.
In a way, that land tells much about her. The distractions she requires to wade through her live.
People that own a restaurant, a harbour, an airstrip and/or a rezzone. Expect them to be open and welcoming.

Not everybody is good at decorating land or don't have the time or capability. For them pre-prepared land is perfect. Land that already has a house, a garden. All that is needed is some decorations and a car on the driveway.

Land can tell more about a person as their appearance or their interactions.
You want to know someone well, visit their land and you'll know.

However. In this world nothing has to be what it appears to be. Someone with an orderly and well organised land doesn't have to be orderly and well organised. At the least it has the desire to be. Just take it as it is.

No, you don't need land to live a perfect Second Life. But you are missing out if you don't. Ask any land owner. It's fun.

What does your land tell about you? Ever wondered about that?
Reporter Vick Forcella


Not enough hours

For the last couple months, Moles have been working diligently on Bellisseria, the newest incarnation of Linden Homes. The overwhelming demand has kept them extra busy expanding the area, building new traditional homes and house boats to meet the interest of resident, as well as work on new additions such as the upcoming trailers and other things, like airport landing strips and a fairground (wonder where they got that idea, hmm?).

It's surely stretching the Linden Department of Public Works awful thin, trying to constantly keep up.

This demand, however, appears to have once again pushed Bay City needs, which we were asked about last Autumn, to the backburner as more immediate needs get met. I wish I had more to share here, others than a continued demand that Bay City not be forgotten, and some of our areas, no a decade or so long in the tooth, be addressed as soon as the moles get some time to breathe.
Reporter Marianne McCann


In a time of uncertainty it is important to use your moral compass. You have to place your trust in the ones that use a similar compass so that the future can be one you can agree upon. It's not the promises that matter, it's the principles and motivations.

The future is not an extension from the past, it can change in a fraction of a second. The past is a gathering of events we can learn from, perhaps predict possible outcomes.

We are living today, make it a fine day.
It is a present.
I want to thank the reporters TJ Hooker, Marianne McCann, Dakota Schwade, Qie Niangau and Georgiana Florence for their excellent work.
Thank you Mitch for the coffee and interview.
I want to thank Roc Plutonian for donating the offices the Bay City Post is using.
A big thank you to the citizens of our Fine City for making such an amazing city.

Editor Vick Forcella


Park Plaza Hotel

Park Plaza Hotel
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