Bay City's Role Players Union


Due in large part to past issues, some of the ground rules may seem fairly strict. The goal here is to be respectful of all, including those who are not willing to be involved in role-play (RP) in this area. Err on the side of safety.

First and foremost, respect the Terms of Service, please.

This group, and RP in Bay City, is opt in. Anyone can do what they want on their own land. Public land (owned by Linden Lab®) is for all to use, and sensitivity towards all -- RP and non-RP -- should be the rule of these spaces: all are welcome on them, provided you follow Linden Lab's Terms of Service and Community Standards. Land owned by other parties should be considered off-limits for RP unless otherwise specified.

RP should attempt to adhere to the Bay City theme years. Fire stations would be more likely to have a Mack-truck style open platform pumper, not a bucket brigade nor a closed cabin "cherry picker" fire truck. Police would be more akin to drive round in Ford Galaxie 500s than modern day Crown Victorias. Uniforms would be more period in appearance, etc.

Police RP must be specifically RP. While we do not limit any resident filing abuse reports and such when necessary, police are not to serve as vigilantes. You are to never claim to be officials of Linden Lab or Second Life®, or portray yourselves as officials of same. Actual Governance duties fall to Linden Lab's Governance and Support staff.

Further, police RP does not convey any enhanced powers or any other authority onto those participating, save those conveyed within an RP event or setting.

Fire/Emergency RP: do not set/fight fire on parcels you do not own or have permission to use.

MIlitary RP is kindly asked to remain outside of Bay City residential regions (that is, regions in which land is owned by individuals other than Linden Lab). Much like the United States during the Bay City theme years (aside from the events at a certain Harbor on the island of Oahu, Hawai'i and a couple freak events on the West Coast of North America), there are no foreign military incursions on our soil. This, however, does not preclude fly overs, activities outside of residential regions (particularly within the open water regions to our north), etc.

Be mindful, too, that Hau Koda and Moose Beach are infohubs. Per Linden Lab, infohubs do not allow for the use of weapons within their confines. Keep VICE (or whatever weapon system you opt to use) turned off and don't use it in those regions, please.

When in doubt, don't -- instead, consult this group for advice.


We cover an era from 1940-1965, possibly as early as 1930. This covers the "noir" era, allowing for a lot of "mobster" type scenarios. You could have everything from prohibition gin to "reefer madness" going on. Who knows what might be showing up on our docks, or stashed in planes coming into the airport.

Caledon may still be a hotbed of intrigue. There may be spies coming into Bay City, or agent provocateurs with nefarious schemes. There may be plans to foil, plots to uncover... or maybe we'll need to travel there and 'explore" (though that will require some cross-collaboration!)

Perhaps a "Wild Ones" style motorcycle game is coming to town, and raising hell. Maybe the Maltese Hippo was stolen. Maybe "The Third Mole" has gone missing. Perhaps a dangerous patient has escaped the asylum, or something went awry at the lab in Bay City - Moloch. There are plenty of possibilities.


As one roams the world of Second Life, one will run across many individuals who may belong to various "police" groups. Many of these may be role play, vigilantes, or a combination of the two. While some private estates may have specific police-style forces for their region -- the "Polizei" from the 1920s Berlin Project's region, for one -- the Second Life Mainland does not.

Bay City, a part of the Second Life Mainland, does not have any official police force that is sanctioned by Bay City Residents or Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life. Any individual or group in police gear may be assumed to be role playing the part of a police officer, but has no actual authority, backing, or special powers.

Any claim that they are sanctioned by Linden Lab to act as an actual police force is not a factual statement, and may be subject to an Abuse Report for impersonating a Linden Lab employee. There is also no police force backed by the members of the Bay City Alliance.

If any such police officers use weapons against you in locations not designated for combat, request Linden Dollar bribes or "protection money," threaten you, or partake in any other actions that would warrant an abuse report, you are well within your rights as a Second Life Resident to file such.

Governance issues on the Second Life mainland are specifically handled by Linden Lab's own in-house governance team. These individuals, like other employees of Linden Lab, have the last name of Linden.

Each Second Life Resident is empowered to report abuses by selecting "Report Abuse" from your "Help" menu.

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