Bay City Post, Edition 76

The preparations for the 16th birthday of Second Life (SL16B) are well on the way. I have received privileged access to the regions in a mysterious way (i.e. I have no idea why I received an invitation). I can report that our Fine City will have a prominent place and will feature an amazing presentation.

On a few regions there could be something Bellisseria related. Unfortunately my keyboard will seize to function if I write about it now, so I won't. Get sun-cream and bug-spray is all I can say.

Mark in your agenda June 20th! Then SL16B will open with a massive lagfest. The regions can be visited till July 8th. There will be events, live music and freebees.
Be sure to visit Bay City at SL16B!
Our high quality reporting (so I tell myself) has triggered the start of several Bellisseria related websites.
To mention,
The Bellisserian. A newspaper aimed at the community of Bellisseria. It includes news, events, places to visit, interviews and a special section "Ask Zoya".

Bellisseria Happenings. This website is to list all events in Bellisseria.

Bellisseria Community. This website has several interesting lists related to Bellisseria.

Somehow everything related to Bellisseria involves pickles. Why?
Do people know that the astray there belongs to Magellan Linden? (The one and only)
While I am writing this the amount of Bellisseria related groups must have increased. Use search to list them.

If you have your vacation home there, please subscribe to the websites so you can get the latest news and events. They are doing a great job. We hope that Bellisseria is able to build a community that is comparable to Bay City.
We will not lend them our Mayori (tinm)!
You must have experienced this. (should)

You save up for months to buy the latest car.
Suddenly you receive a link to go to The Arcade.
Not knowing what that is you follow the link.
You are poor.
You start saving up again.

If you don't know this, you noob, let me give you the following link. The Arcade.I challenge you to follow it!

More info can be found the website.

You have till June 30th to loose your hard earned wealth.
Eleven years of Bay City didn't go unnoticed. An amazing parade and event that bound the whole of Second Life. 

The amount of participants and visitors was really impressive.
Our reporters have all recovered from the Bay City Anniversary and have gathered for you the latest information around our Fine City.
On the web, just read top-down till the epilogue.
In-World follow the links below.

In this edition,
Thomas Hooker reports the activities of the Police and Fire dept.

Georgiana visits Sonatta Morales

Qie Niangau piles the seats.

Marianne McCann searches the critters.

Dakota Schwade needs pampering and goes to Handa

We discover the name of the mole man

Marianne McCann dives into the archives

Last period there was one breaking publication.

Previous edition

Happy reading!
Editor Vick Forcella

Our landlord has giveth +512sqm and Bellisseria.
Our landlord will taketh a price increase of 26% ... 37.5% for Premium membership.
(you can lock-in a year of the old price, please read the link below)
Also, if you are fortunate enough to make money in SL, the cost of converting L$ to US$ and pay out to RL will increase 100% (from 2,5% to 5%, no caps).
A full sim will see a price reduction of 8%.
Read more about this on the SL Blog.

Our landlord replied to itself with a forum post.
Our landlord presents this as something good (tm).

Best I don't comment on this.
<insert image with fires>

Police and Fire Blotter

May 10th
Police were called by a man who reported seeing a strange light in the night sky. Responding officers found the light to be the moon. The man was invited for a stay at Channel Island for as long as the light was following him.

May 15th
New Port Harbourmaster's called the Bay City Coast Guard in a panic as the marina was emptied overnight. During the investigation, several of the boats sailed back into the port. It seems there was a mass gathering of boat owners in Bellisseria as something called a "Squishy Pickle" was released.

May 17th
The Bay City Coast Guard was called up to Heterocera to assist as a locally owned tour bus ran off of the boardwalk. All avatars were rescued, and the bus was recovered. In another note, Toxic Taco is having a sale on their fish tacos, citing a whole lot of freshly caught fish.

May 19th
Residents from the East side clogged the phone lines calling the Bay City Police Department to complain about a loud screeching coming from the Fairgrounds. Responding officers arrived to see the Editor singing in the bandshell. No action was taken, though one of the officers was overheard mentioning that he should have recorded the sound for a new siren.

May 20th
Route 66 was closed today for the Bay City 11th Anniversary parade. Residents were lined up along the route to see the parade pass by. The roadway was opened again once the revelers moved down to the Fairgrounds for the party. Bay City Sanitation workers were seen working through the night to clean up the droppings from everyone's horses.

May 24th
Neighbours near North Channel reported hearing loud noises coming from a helicopter parked at the Sansara National Guard Headquarters. The SNG Commander checked out the situation and found that a fox had hidden aboard the helicopter. The fox was adopted by Commander Coronet and is now called Fritz.

May 27th
The Bay City Police opened an investigation into the editor of the Bay City Post publishing classified snapshots from the SL Birthday regions. Detectives were surprised when the Police Chief himself decided to work the case. Attempts were made by reporters to get an update on the case, but all of the files seem to have gone missing.
Reporter Thomas Hooker

Georgiana's Closet

Fashionable greetings all!

I am very sorry for my absence from the last issue of the Bay City Post. I seemed to have caught a bad case of Reales Vita and could not get a post written in a timely fashion. However, I am back this month to present you the latest collection from one of Second Life’sⓇ top vintage creators!

Sonatta Morales’ namesake brand celebrated one decade in-world this past December; a celebration of ten years of fabulousness! In May, Sonatta released the latest collection for her label and it brings the classically chic looks that we have come to expect from the brand.

Below I have included photos of some of the new designs available from her brand. These designs range from the decadent 1920s to the fabulous 1950s. Of course, taking a look around Sonatta’s expansive mainstore is always suggested as you will certainly be in awe by the originality this designer has brought to Second LifeⓇ. Catch a taxi to her store!
Portrait of the designer, Sonatta Morales, looking terribly chic in a design from the latest collection
A look at the ground floor of Sonatta’s mainstore. Here the new collections are always displayed front and center
1920s designs in the new collection. All of the dresses in this collection are outfitted in standard sizes, as well as fitted for most mesh bodies. Demos are available by click on the vendor and choosing (demo)
Another set of 1920s gowns designed by Sonatta Morales for the new collection. All accessories are included with the gowns picture.The black dress with the rose accent is sure to satisfy any Little Black Dress craving! Gowns retail from L$450-L$700
1950s designs by Sonatta for the new collection. Notably, the yellow gown on the left are influenced by Balenciaga’s designs in the 1950s. Tao on the far left is a new addition to the collection and I have received exclusive word from the designer herself that two more gowns will accompany the collection at a future date
A huge thank you goes out to Sonatta’ Morales’ who authorized the use of her name, image, and designs in this article.
You can catch Sonatta every Sunday afternoon at 3pm in Jo Yardley’s Time Portal as well as on Saturday at 2pm for the Eldorado Cabaret show in 1920s Berlin!
Reporter Georgia Florence Sipe

"SET a spell" To Save Some Scripts

The number of scripts on our regions is gradually but relentlessly increasing, and that's partly due to the popularity of scripted seating and the growth of scripted features in furniture. That's a problem when regions are having trouble running scripts often enough to keep up with events. One opportunity to reduce script count is when we have multiple copies of identical (modifiable) animated furniture -- a group of bar stools or dining chairs, etc. -- that are arranged in a permanent placement (that is, we may move them as a group, but we won't be rearranging them within the group. Then we can link them all together and use a single complement of animation scripts for the whole group. But the process is a bit involved, so I decided to write down how I made it work with pairs of seats that use AVsitter, the most common animation engine.

Before we start, check the AVpos notecard inside the furniture. First, if that notecard doesn't let you modify it, that's a mistake; No-Mod is not a meaningful setting for a script-readable notecard and you should replace it with a fresh, editable copy using any notecard-dumping utility script (including AVpos-shifter, see below). Second, scan through the top of the notecard, down to the "SITTER 0" line, to make sure it doesn't already contain a "SET" line; if it does, the process to merge seats would be too complicated to explain here.

A handy utility, AVpos-shifter, comes with AVsitter (and is open source as is the rest of the engine), and generates the contents of a new AVpos notecard with whichever link you specify should BECOME the root prim. When the AVpos-shifter script runs, however, that prim must NOT be root and must not contain any active scripts, and here we're going to shift all the positions from the root prim of one item to what is currently the root of another.

So we start by deciding which object should BECOME root; if there are couple animations, choose the one you'd want to do couple stuff, keeping in mind that whichever avatar sits on that target will default to the SITTER 0 role in those couple animations.

Add "#0-0" to that target root prim's DESCRIPTION field.

Temporarily set all the scripts in that target object to "Not Running" (Build > Scripts > Set Scripts to Not Running)

Then we link that target object to the object we're migrating FROM, choosing the "FROM" object last so it becomes temporarily root.

Add the AVpos-shifter script to the temporary root.

Then we click the target object with the scripts we set Not Running. The -shifter script will churn through all the poses, reporting how they should be set when migrated to the new target.

At the end of that step, -shifter will provide a web link with the same information, uncontaminated by local chat noise. We'll open that link in a browser.

Now we'll copy some lines from that browser text into the AVpos notecard in the target prim, setting up for the target prim's scripts to control seating on the other (temporarily root) object. But which ones to copy, and where to put them?

If the items contain couples SYNC animations, we'll want to keep those as already specified in the target AVpos. (There's a more complicated way to have multiple choices of locations for the couples animations; this involves specifying "multiple setups" following the AVsitter documentation.) Instead, we'll focus on making those single avatar POSEs available to the sitter in the non-target seat.

So we open the AVpos script in the target seat, find or create a SITTER 1 section and add the MENU(s), POSEs, pose-specific PROPs, and the pose configuration lines from the SITTER 0 section of the browser text. If there already was a SITTER 1 section, it will already have the couple SYNC animations and their specific corresponding configuration lines (with the {curly braces}) you want to keep, so don't use those from the browser text.

Add the line "SET 0" before the "SITTER 0" line in the notecard. (This and the distinct link descriptions is how AVsitter knows to animate the avatar in the seat they select instead of depending solely on the order in which they sit.)

Save the edited AVpos notecard in the target seat..

Add "#0-1" to the current, temporary root object.

Unlink the target root prim, Set Scripts Not Running in the non-target seat (they'll get removed at the end), Set Scripts Running in the target seat (it may fuss about not having enough prims for each sitter) and relink the object choosing the target last, making it root prim.

If the item did not contain couples animations, you'll need to add another copy of the existing [AV]sitA and -B scripts, which will take the names "[AV]sitA 1" and "[AV]sitB 1".

You may need to Build > Scripts > Reset Scripts in the object if it doesn't automatically reload the AVpos notecard.

Test out the seats with a friend. Once you're confident it's behaving, you can remove all the contents of the non-target seat, finally achieving the goal of reducing the script count.

This process can be generalized to handle more than two seats to save even more scripts.

As long as we're combining identical seats like this we won't need to import additional animations, but AVpos-shifter is used for many other purposes, including combining or migrating animations sets into not-yet-animated objects -- and that can mean packing a large number of inventory items into in-world objects, an operation that often fails. Fortunately Firestorm has a utility to help with this: (hat-tip: Whirly Fizzle).

Note that linking identical items won't benefit total Land Impact because whatever weighting factor is driving the LI score for one of the items will be the SAME factor driving it for the other; indeed, a slight increase in total LI is very likely. Sometimes items include separate prims only for the purpose of having enough sit targets for all the sitters, and those would be unnecessary when you link multiple copies together, potentially recovering some LI. Or, if you can identify other items with DIFFERENT weighting factors driving their Land Impact, linking those in too might reduce total LI.
Reporter Qie Niangao


It's June and that means Second Life's birthday is right around the corner! This year, is has a decidedly 1950s theme: right down Bay City's alley!

Also, yes, Bay City will have a pavilion of our own admit the madness, largely built by Pygar "Exhibit Coordinator" Bu, with me, Police Chief TJ, and our own editor, Vick Forcella contributing.

Unlike some recent years, the infrastructure appears to be largely Mole-made this time, with an emphasis on lots of mid-century style. I hear we may even see more on the new Linden Homes of Bellisseria at the sweet sixteen.

Apparently, the new Linden Homes have been a big hit, judging by how fast they've been going. They're not in Bay City, unfortunately, but they are about a half-hour's flight from our Municipal Airport to the Coral Waters airstrip, weather permitting.
 Reporter Marianne McCann

Bay City Cruisin'

Having wandered extensively through the somewhat dusty Molexandria Archeological Site last month, I was fatigued and felt the need for a bit of personal pampering. I'd seen mentions of a suitable place. With my trusty map folded neatly on the nearby seat, I set course for Bay City - Handa.
Who: Belle Mistwallow (mslabelle.mistwallow)
What: Bay City Botanical Spa & Fitness Center - "Healthy by Nature"

As I rolled to a stop, I checked the address. 1 Park Place, Bay City, Handa. I had arrived at a "family friendly" spa.

From the street I followed a path through nature; flowers, trees, all sorts of greenery. At the end is a two-story building containing so many things: lockers for your belongings, fitness equipment and a gym, tanning booths, a wall climbing setup, mats for perfecting yoga, and a hot tub (which is exactly what I was looking for).
Belle also has a personal residence immediately adjacent to the spa. As I was respecting her privacy notice for the house, I noticed a structure a bit further on. Naturally, I headed in that direction.
Who: Susi Firanelli
What: AMITIE - Pose store

Women in Second Life almost always have a need to "strike a pose" from time to time, and the AMITIE store can help fulfil that need. The owner is a sponsor of the Pose Fair which will have concluded by the time this issue hits the news stands.

And, like Belle, Susi has a personal residence immediately adjacent to this store.

That's it for this cruise through Bay City.

I hope to see you on the road. Happy motoring!
Reporter Dakota Schwade

Mole Man Has A Name

Last week I discovered some more about the scruffy man with a hat that has feathers on it. I discovered, with your help, he is one of the mole people.

This time I was able to have a talk with him for myself. I could not take a picture because he didn't want that and a secret picture was out of the question.

I expected to find him near Sylvia's Toxic Taco but I found him near The Pen on the street-corner. He rezzed prims and tried to sell them to passer byers. I was also offered a nice and useless collection of prims, I denied his offer to buy them.

He is indeed stately. He walks tall and appears to be in control all the time. His suit is odd to say the least. It's a military outfit that appears to be right out of 1850, with gold coloured epaulettes. The hat he is wearing has feathers on it. He smells earthy. You can't miss it when you see him.

I invited him in, into The Pen for a coffee. He looked nervous and stated
I didn't build that, I will not enter
An odd reaction.
So, to break the ice a bit I offered him espresso which he did accept. I bought two in The Pen and went outside.
Standing on the street-corner I tried to have a conversation, coffee in hand.

He nodded when I asked him if he was one of the mole people. No answer when I asked where his home currently is but he waved his arm in the East direction.

His face froze when I asked why he is one of the mole people.
None of your business 
he stated in a loud voice and straightened his back.

Odd man. He doesn't speak much but when he does it's loud and sounds like a statement.

In my attempt to have a conversation I talked about the history of our Fine City, he smiled, or was it a grin?

Suddenly, without any reason, he stepped back and stated loudly
It's all wrong! Look at it! Wrong!
He pointed at the pavement.
No materials! No Mesh! Crooked as a bygeorge! 
And dirty! Never been cleaned.

Confused I looked at him, thought I had done something wrong.
Shyly I asked for his name and what he has done in the past.

I am Michael! I build this all!
He waved his arms pointing at everything around then turned around.
Just in time I was able to rescue the porcelain coffee cup that was about to fall on the pavement. In the distraction I could see him walk away in big steps and leave with the trolley.

Confused I looked at the trolley disappear in the distance.

I went back to The Pen to return the cups and wrote this report.
Reporter Vick Forcella

This Month In History

History Marianne
It’s easy to point to Second Life's birthday as the big thing in June, but did you know that what we call "The birthday of Second Life" isn't a birthday?

Amid much fanfare, Second Life left its beta on the 23rd of June, 2003. The world had actually welcomed its first Resident, Steller Sunshine, in March of 2002, and the world existed earlier than that merely in Linden hands.

So technically, the 23rd of June would be our 16th anniversary of the day Second Life left beta, or maybe the 17 1/2 or so anniversary of when Second Life entered beta. It's really hard to say!
Reporter Marianne McCann


Our landlord still has not fixed Mount G'al. When you jump in you will live a high age as a Golem covered in lava.
The consequence is that our attempts to fix SL, by jumping in, has no lasting effect. It will remain wonky.

Our landlord still hasn't fixed the feed, aka, webprofiles, aka

The feed was amazing. You could share and post images with location. With that you could discover new and amazing places. You could follow unique personalities, become friends with them.

I have found many friends using the feed.
Without the feed I am 100% sure I would have fallen off Second Life.
I would not have become citizen of Bay City.
I would not be here as editor of the Bay City Post.

Due to continuing brokenness of the feed people have vanished from it. Others rarely post and share experiences. Even I have reduced my Feed time.

If you post you'd have to check whether or not the post has arrived. If it doesn't you'd have to post again. Sometimes you'll find that the first post was delayed and you end up with two identical posts or with no posts at all.
Often you can not log-in.

The alternative, Twitter, is utterly depressing and impossible to follow.

Now that our landlord has found new fortunes it must now be able to fix the feed once and for all. And fix Mount G'al so we can contribute even more to the survival of our world.
This month there is much to see, much to do. Enjoy!

Thank you ! TJ, Qie, Dakota, Georgiana, Marianne, Roc and Bay City for this edition!

Happy Birthday Second Life.
Editor Vick Forcella


Park Plaza Hotel

Park Plaza Hotel
Please visit our Sponsor!

Luxury Living in Bay City

Park Plaza residents enjoy beautiful views, fine dining, and a roof top patio with hot tub; all this near route 66, and within walking distance to Hairy Hippo Fun Land and aquarium. Rates start at 55L a week for studios, and 185L a week for full size apartments. Free furnishings available. Contact Roc Plutonium for more information!