Bay City Post - November 2016

WELCOME to the sixty-second issue of the Bay City Post! - Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid! Let's see what's happening in our fair city as November rolls around.

October ended with a grand Hallowe'en tradition, the Creepy Crawl, sponsored by Linden Lab. According to a report from Tuesday's Bay City Alliance meeting, "(The Crawl) rolled through the Fairgrounds with some 48 people, including quite a number of Lindens. Thanks to GoSpeed Racer for spinning some great Hallowe'en tunes from the great beyond. The Hay Maze is now being dismantled and the fairgrounds will return to 'normal' with the help of the LDPW. Hazmat crews are on standby."

"MOAR PRIMS!" That was the joyful cry in Bay City last night as news broke about the 50% increase in Mainland prim allowance, causing more than one citizen to dance in the streets. As Bay City already gets a double prim allowance, that's quite a big deal! What will you be doing with YOUR extra prims?

This issue of the Post features some great work by our roving reporters: Uccie Poultry-Seale continues her award-winning interview series with an insightful discussion with Geohistoria Farshore; Dakota Schwade explores the difference between Bay City's East and West sides; and Cheeky Geek Qie Niangao teaches us how to protect objects from unwelcome "sitters". In addition, Marianne McCann dispels the myth of Da Boom;  Georgia Florence Sipe continues her fashion series featuring Jackie O.; Police Chief Hooker provides a detailed report on Bay City shenanigans; and AdudenamedAnthony gives us the rumble report and some insights on the upcoming US elections.

All that, and maybe some more! Enjoy!


Breaking, Breaking, Breaking!

Things got out of hand at the first "Burning Taco" festival! Where IS that fire company when you need them?? Because there was also THIS:

Toxic Tacos' special "More Prims Brunch Buffet" goes astray!


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