Marianne Crosses Over To The Blake Sea

The smallest member of the Bay City family (one off..there might be smaller), Marianne McCann, has written history, again. This time by flying from Hau Koda, Bay City, to Hollywood in the Blake Sea in one go!

She was the first to go from Hetrocera to Jeogeot, a journey that would not be possible without Bellisseria.

The continent of Bellisseria was bulging slowly towards the continent of Satori. With each generation of Linden Homes the connection became nearer.

Finally, on Tuesday March the 30th, the connection between Bellisseria and Sarori happened. That was the moment our small explorer waited for. She stepped into her trusty PA-18 Super Cub to take off from Hau Koda. A large bag of cookies accompanied her during the first legs of the voyage.

After what seemed like a very long time she passed the snowlands in Obersdorf.

She crossed the barren lands just before crossing into Bellisseria.

Carefully manoeuvring without a functional map she moved over nameless sims, that some call a region.

Slowly but surely towards better known lands. Then she crossed over to Satori!

It was a long and dangerous flight over Satori, many orbs and skyboxes had to be avoided. Until the safe skies of Nautilus came to sight.

The goal so near, the bag of cookies eaten and the fuel low the last leg was a scary one. The engine started fluttering, kept alive, just.

At Hollywood Airport she set down her Piper Cub. A small crowd of locals cheered her to the parking place. The harbour authorities started searching for contraband but the bag of cookies was empty. 

She shouted "Scuse Me! Where is a toilet!" pushed away the stunned crowd and ran off.

She crossed 279 sims (some call regions), had to fight off one security orb, stumbled over one region, and had to hold (...) for two hours. All this without a functioning map.

City Authorities have send a telegraph message congratulating Marianne and have offered to contribute towards one cup of airport root beer.

Reporter Vick Forcella
Images Marianne McCann


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