Bay City Post - December 2014

WELCOME to the forty-second issue of the Bay City Post! - Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid.


It is the holiday season. No matter what you call it, be it Christmas, Yüle, Hanukkah, or whatever, this time of year is traditionally a time when we reach our darkest, shortest days, only to see the light come back. In a way, it's a time of renewal.

We also know this as a time when we show our appreciation in each other by giving gifts, and try to aid those who may be less fortunate than ourselves. To that end, Bay City has, for the last couple years, turned out annual winter events into a fundraiser for Child's Play Charity. This year is no exception.

We held our auction just a couple days ago (part of the reason for the tardiness of this issue has been the hope to get the totals in this issue), with a bevy of beautiful and unique items and artwork netting us L$159,271 in bids. This, coupled by Linden Dollar donations at the event and just after have given us a brand total to date of L$327,871. It's an incredibly generous amount of money, one which will end up above US$1000. 

Donations will be accepted until the end of the year.

Bay City may be remembered for many things -- the fun, the play, and yes event the insane property costs -- but I hope that it is also recalled for our generous spirit. 

Sunny Salutations   \o/

Marianne McCann, Interim Editor



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Explosion at Toxic Taco!

Could this be the work of Terrorists?


Page 2 Editorial: There's A Place

(Edited from a ramble told at The Pen's Espresso Yourself night.)

I recently read a piece about the importance of "place" to communities. I could not help but relate it to some of my own experiences here.

A few years back, the former vice president of product for Linden lab, Tom Hale,, infamously claimed there was no "culture" in Second Life to call its own. In some ways he was right -- for Second Life is a world of many cultures.

What we do in bay City is unique to Bay City. We have events that are uniquely ours, in jokes and references we get innately, our own heroes and villains, our own histories. We know the "call back lines" that we have in our meetings. We own that culture.

Within Second Life, there are many other places with their own cultures. Raglan Shire and its tinies, the furries of Luskwood, the aviation and seafaring communities in the Blake Sea, East River, and so on. 

There actually is a small overall culture of sorts, too. There's a decade or so of history. Most everyone has an opinion of infohubs, or Lindens, or new users. So in a way, perhaps, our culture is similar to a large country, like the United States, or perhaps the European Union. We are many pockets of culture, brought together under one name.

But back to the sense of place in a community. In the piece I was reading, it talked about how important it is, that without place, you will have a hard time forming community.  I think this is right.

Here in Bay City, we have our landmarks, our meeting place, all these places that are the "fabric" of our part of SL. It is the foundation we build upon.

This is why every anniversary we use a stage that BlueGin Yifu, the alliance founder made. It is why we have memorials here to those we've lost, and why Ever Dreamscape's apartment holds the same items she left there.  And yes, it's why we have places like the Bay City Community Center to come and hang out and be a community together.

The same thing came up the other day around The Arcade, and how it is somehow "more special" that people can only be there every so often. We have good feelings about the place, and get to come and visit and feel those feelings over so often. It is a place that we have that same traction in. I'd say the same about Havenhollow., or, for SL kids, Camp HardKnock.  This probably also applies to our annual events in Bay City, such as the prim drop or mole day. The place and the feelings felt become one, amplified by their scarcity.

So I ask you to consider your places here, How do these places build community for you?

Bay City Post November 2014

November 2014                                                Issue #41


WELCOME to the forty-first issue of the Bay City Post! - Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid.


We're deep in Autumn now, and heading towards the winter months (and winter events, eek!). Traditionally, this is when those of us in the States look towards Thanksgiving dinner and family get-togethers for Hanukkah, Christmas, or other winter holidays. 

With that in mind, I want to encourage you to reach out to your own Bay City family, too. Let's let the holidays be a time when we will have a place to call home, and people to call neighbors. I'll also be the first to say thank you to all who make Bay City one of the friendliest bergs on the virtual roads of Second Life!

Here's to the warmth we can all share in Bay City

Sunny Salutations   \o/

Marianne McCann, Interim Editor



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Hallowe'en Hay Maze ends in disaster.

Who knew it was so flammable?


A touching Memorial to Ever Dreamscape by Dee Darwin

Beautiful Work, Dee!


GUEST EDITORIAL by Cheree Shippe

Bay City: City of the the 21st Century and Beyond 

(Editorial note: while I may not necessarily agree with the below -- this is a reaction to my own editorial last issue -- I offer it, unedited beyond grammar and formatting.)

As in most things in Second Life, there tend to be two different camps that each think something different about the same thing...and Bay City is no different.

Vintage... the Bay City Time Period, or the echos of Bay City’s past.

Bay City is not a static entity, something that once created never changes: it is a living, breathing, changing, and evolving ecosystem filled with hundreds of people each seeking to put their own little mark on the landscape we all so love.

There are many in the Bay City Alliance who cling to the original scope of a “1950s American City” and claim it to be the gospel to which all things Bay City should comply, that the lords of the mountain (the Lindens) have decried that the first Commandment of Bay City is Thou Shalt Not Leave the 1950s Theme” and that anyone deviating from that commandment should be stoned… Ok, not stoned but there are often sighs of disappointment and little comments made when any visible member of the community chooses to disregard that commandment.

On the other side of the fence there are people who have realized, long ago, that the concept of a themed 1950’s environmental died out as an unsustainable goal not long after the city itself went public for land purchases almost a decade ago. There are those in this camp that will even argue that the Lindens themselves have abandoned the 1950s to bring some updates and improvements to Bay City themselves, sacrilege according to the others.

The question is, of course, which of these viewpoints is right?  Is there a right and wrong answer to this? Well, no, there isn’t. You will never convince the Retroites that it is the 21st century and that Bay City, as an entity, has also evolved and entered the modern era with the rest of Second Life. It is even harder yet to convince them that this is not a bad thing and that it doesn’t spell the doom of class and sophistication in Bay City.

When you drive through Bay City, either in your slow retro rat-rod or in your luxurious 2015 SZYM Intruder, I invite you to take a look around and draw the conclusions for yourself, see what your eyes tell you and what your heart tells you based on that information.  What I am going to do here is, for web content viewers (and links in the notecard I’m sure) go through Bay City and point out evidence of both points of view and explain why, it is my opinion, that Bay City has left the Flying Forties and the Nifty Fifties and entered the Digital Decades of the 21st Century.

“And so... it begins.”  - Ambassador Kosh, Babylon 5

Channel Island Mental Hospital / Hotel Falmouth

This building could be classified, easily, as the ‘Gateway to Bay City’ as it’s the first stop on Route 66 once you cross into the City Limits. Retroites will immediately state that the building’s classic appearance speaks volumes to the Linden’s desire for the first view of Bay City to be a vintage’ one, and they are right that the building is very vintage. The building is so vintage infact that it’s haunted by ghosts, infested by rats, filled with dirty blood spattered walls that would indicate to your average individual that this building is closed and abandoned.

Now the Hotel Falmouth: again, much of the same, another abandoned old building that symbolizes decay and age in Bay City.

These buildings make an undeniable case for being a piece of the vintage past that has been abandoned in favor of moving to more modern accommodations.  While writing this piece, a resident exploring the Channel Island Mental Hospital was asked if they felt this building was a 1950s in use hospital or an Abandoned structure that hasn’t been torn down, and their answer was, not surprisingly, the second.

Road Signs and Markings

One can’t help but also immediately notice the road signs and markings present in Bay City, at least all the ones placed by the Lindens.

Stop signs are Red with White Lettering and Borders, these designs didn’t come into play until the later parts of the 1950s in the United States, prior to that all Stop signs were Yellow with Black Text.  This is an immediate notice that the Lindens intended to advance Bay City outside of its original scope AT THE MOMENT OF CREATION.

Route 66 contains a center lane marked with a Diamond Symbol.  This is a modern day sign for High Occupancy Vehicle or Carpooling lanes on the freeways of most major West Coast cities.  The Lindens use this lane as a Flying lane, however, this symbol was not historically used until the late 1970s in traffic control systems in the United States reflecting this fashion or use.

Speed Limit Signs are posted White with Black Text, the modern day style, unlike the theme era which would have been Black signs with White text.

All signs in Bay City are of the modern era format, road markings match that which you’d see in each and every urban United States city if you walked outside today.  The Lindens, in their construction have not brought forward the past into Bay City here, but instead they have built and updated Bay City into the modern era for motorists everywhere.

Trolley / Water Trolley

Recently, the Lindens (and their Mole henchmen. No offense to moles, I love you guys just sounded better than employees.) have set about updating the aging Bay City transit systems to something a bit more “with the times” script wise, and with that have also come new designs for both forms of Mass Transit in Bay City.

When one stops to appreciate them, you can not help but notice the sleek lines, modernized colors, and overall the much more updated and 21st century feel of these new items. Admittedly this is much more present on the Water Trolley than the ground one, however, you can see and feel it on both.

This change has even been seen by the Retroites who have publicly mentioned how they look much newer than the rest of the city, perhaps they are starting to see the truth?

Resident Builds

Now, for the most obvious and irrefutable proof that Bay City has moved beyond the 50s and into the Modern Era, one can’t help but look at what makes Bay City what it is today: the builds that its residents put down.

If you tour each and every Bay City Sim, which I did in the interest of science, you will find that a staggering 90%+ average of the builds are designed and built around the present day and not the 1950s as the Retroites would have you buy into.  Flat Panel TVs adorn the walls of houses and flats, modern day BMWs and Porches (even though those 911s could be from the 50s, they haven’t changed design in about 300 years) rest in the driveways, and other items not even dreamt about flood the senses in undeniable quantity. Buildings are built in urban modern or chic style containing design cues and materials not used in mass quantity in 1950, buildings that are occupied and operated by people wearing modern clothes talking on Cell Phones and wearing Nike shoes.


Bay City is indeed in 2014, not 1950.  It’s time to let the 1950s rest and become the period everyone breaks out during parades and events, just as we do in the real world now, as the facts are irrefutable that Bay City has indeed entered the 21st century.

Does this mean it’s time to throw away your 1 or 2 period cars and race out to buy something new?  Of course not, just like in the real world there are still people out there who like to drive the classics, even daily. Does this mean it’s time to update your wardrobe and lose the horn rimmed glasses and poodle skirts? No, not at all. In fact retro is the style right now isn’t it?

So what does this mean?  This means that it’s time to put the everything must be Retro mantra that the Retroites continue to push on everyone and accept the fact that they are a vocal minority...but no matter what that they are gravely out numbered by the people who view and see Bay City as a thriving, Modern, city with a great community unlike any other on the grid. A thriving community that should not be divided over something as stupid as pretending that progress doesn’t happen around them. The Bay City Community needs to see that Bay City can still be the amazing place it is once they accept into their hearts that there is, and will continue to be a growing number of, people who respect their decisions to drive around in 60 year old cars in poodle skirts, but are still people who find this Retroite way cute and quaint much in the way of older people who try to fight and hide from the advancements of technology in the real world.

The comments about asking people to switch to (aside from one or two builders) let's face it people, crappy, generically scripted vehicles (not yours Anthony, I rather like your Leadburners), and pastel colors from their much more common and sophisticated clothing, vehicles, and builds.

Welcome to Bay City, 2014: embrace it.

Bay City Post October 2014

October 2014                                                Issue #40
WELCOME to the fortieth issue of the Bay City Post! - Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid.


This October marks the 40th edition of the Bay City Post. Who could have pictured that when Ever Dreamscape came to the Bay City Alliance and said "we need a newspaper," that it would still somehow be going today? Yet here we are, so many months later!

We're now heading into the Autumn of the year. Blossoms fade, leaves fall, and you can begin to feel the crispness in the air as Old Man Winter's icy grasp slowly begins to take hold. Greens give way to golds and reds on the trees, and the nights grow ever so longer.

This is the month of ghouls and ghosties, when the crypt doors creek and ghosts are present. When the grid quickly transforms from Summer delights to the dark horrors of Hallowe'en. We'll be seeing the Hay Maze again taking over the fairgrounds, while the year round creeps of the Hotel Falmouth and the Asylum await the easily spooked!

Sunny Salutations   \o/

Marianne McCann, Interim Editor



All that... and all the bird cage lining you've come to expect from Bay City's finest paper



Explosive gas spill at Toxic Taco!

...but how is today different from any others? People are always getting explosive gas there?



Bay City's third annual Oktoberfest was helps on Sunday, the 28th of September at the Bay City Brewery, to the appreciation of a large and thirsty crowd of avatars. 

DJ Cali Souther played a selection of tunes stretch from traditional Oktoberfest fare, polka tunes, German-language rock and pop, and just about anything patrons could request.  Meanwhile, the spirits continued ot be poured.

Truly, Bay City Brew lives up to its slogan, "There's Something In The Water." Pygar Bu was spotted swimming in the tanks for the event, which was assumed to only further season that special mix of gentle hops,  sweet barley, and reclaimed gray water. 

Barrels were rolled, beers were served, and a good time was had by all.

Oktoberfest was started in Bay City by Ever Dreamscape, and the event served a double purpose. An hour before Oktoberfest activities started, the dedication of the Ever Dreamscape memorial in Bay City - Dennis was held. After the dedication, the crowd marched down route 66, led by the wailing cries of blurtophones to the bay City Brewery.




Welcome Everyone.

Today, we dedicate this virtual space in the memory of our departed Ever Dreamscape.

Let it be known that Ever Dreamscape lit a fire in Bay City. 

I don't mean one of her scores of literal virtual fire this time, however. No, Ever Dreamscape quite literally helped transform this place.

This place is a place to remember all she did and all she was. 

To list her accomplishments in Bay City is to list nearly everything that happened over the last several years. She turned events like Mole Day and the tree lighting and turned into much larger affairs, while being at the birth of other Bay City events such as our Oktoberfest this afternoon. She started the Bay City Post, our monthly newspaper. She helped get the fairgrounds expanded. She created the Bay City Brewery, She helped create The Pen, and she was in -- as I said -- everything.

As you sit at this memorial, look beyond it. You can see the Park Plaza Hotel, Rez N Ride, the Hyperbole Building which serves as home to Etv and the Bay City Post, and -- on a good day -- her DMV/insurance/driving school. You can also see the buildings of others who were at least in part inspired to be her thanks to Ever Dreamscape. Our city itself serves as part of this memorial.

Central to the memorial itself is an eternal flame. It's one of Ever's, sourced from the driving school. It is one of those that helped the city burn in her honor when she perished. As long as there is a Bay City, there will be this fire to help consume our memory.

To the left is a book of poetry, composed by Ever Dreamscape under an alternate account. This book led to the initial creation of The Pen as a place to host poetry and other events. She would regularly attend Espresso Yourself night and share. At the last she attended, she even dominated the stage, telling her own life story. That piece, "Hero's Journey," can be found on her old website at - if you have not read it, please do when you can. And spend some time reading the book here too, if you wish.

To the right of the fire is a frame. In it, you can see a looped slide show of photos of Ever Dreamscape. Both ones that all of us took of her, as well as ones she took in her many SL feed "feed-spam" marathons are presented. To each of you here today, I wish to offer you a copy of these photos as well, in the form of a memory book. Keep Ever with you always, even if she's not here in her living avatar form now.

In her last weeks with us, more than once, she told me how important butterflies were to her. As a result, thanks to the talents of Alisha Matova, a dream image that came to my mind in her passing is realized. When you stand near the memorial, an endless stream of flame colored butterflies is released, spiraling upwards to the heavens. This is Ever's spirit, free and wild, unconfined.

The butterflies may even be more than they seem. If you can catch one, you can ride it. One last bit of silly fun to be had in Ever Dreamscape's name.

Before I finish, I want to acknowledge those who made this memorial possible. I mentioned already Alisha Matova, who built the butterflies and the triple-column plinth. Pygar Bu put together the flowers. Robin Sojourner and I created the frame slide show from her and your photos, and I did the rest of the overall structure. The Linden Department of Public Works, most notably Michael Linden and Sylvan Mole, helped with the permanent placement of the memorial here in Bay City - Dennis.

I also wish to thank each of you for being here, for being a part of this day. This memorial is in her memory, but it is also for each of us to use, to reflect on, and enjoy. 



Recently, at a meeting regarding police and fire role play in Bay City reached an impasse, with one side requesting the role play respect the Bay City "theme period" ("the American urban experience, between 1940 and 1965, perhaps best typified by Chicago circa 1950 and marked by a distinct deco influence."), with another insisting that this was too much of a hurdle, as vendors had not made adequate vehicles and equipment for the time frame.

I will admit: I am in the latter camp. I respect the difficulties, and I understand that the most well-known emergency vehicle builders out there may well not have built a 1950 Seagrave Fire Truck or Nash Ambassador police cruiser, let alone the sort of gear that might have made the cast of Dragnet proud.

But I would say this. Keep after those builders you like, and try to convince them there is a market for such. If it doesn't exist, no one will buy it and they will potentially lose out. 

Also, look to other builders: Bay City's own celebrated car constructor, ADudeNamed Anthony has built both police and fire units that do fit the period. They may not have all the bells and whistles you are used to from a builder dedicated to adding cop or fire gear to a ride, but they're really great mesh vehicles.

And really, this can apply to anyone. It can be easy to grab the same cookie-cutter modern look seen elsewhere in Second Life. Or you can go that extra step and seek out something within the theme era. It's part of what makes Bay City that much more special when we all do it together.

In short, don't "cop out" and go the easy route. Every place in Second Life can have the same cookie cutter modern Crown Vics and other gear. Make this something special, elite, and different. To paraphrase JFK, do it not because it is easy, but because it is hard.

Bay City Post September 2014

                          Bay City Post
September 2014                                                        Issue #39
WELCOME to the thirty-ninth issue of the Bay City Post! - Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid.


Yes! I'm late! I'll call it a tribute to Ever, though it is a reminder of those nights her and I would spend going "We need to get the Post out! AIEE!"

But we're here, and everyone has turned in a cracker of an issue. And all of them got their content in on time! Well, most of them, but I can hardly point fingers here!

Sunny Salutations   \o/

Marianne McCann, Interim Editor



All that ...and maybe a just a wee bit more!



by Marianne McCann

August meant Hot Bay City Nights, our third annual car show & sale, charity car wash, and site of the Miss Bay City Pageant!

The weather was fine at the fairgrounds as six of the top car designers in Second Life came together to show off their wares. Included in the show this year was 2Zoetic Motors, GEMC, What-Iff Motors, Akioto Motors, GEMC, Cindy Henusaki Custom Cars, and Bull God Choppers. 

The event was more than just buying and selling cars, with the annual charity car washes put together by Rachel Seelowe and Kinnaird. These three events, coupled with regular fundraising during the event and some generous donations by our car vendors led to some record breaking donations, as Bay City raised L$115,900 for Child's Play Charity. That's just about US$437.00. The donation is currently making its way to PayPal, after which it will be presented to Child's Play.

Finally, Bay City was home to the best beauty pageant contestants on the grid, with the Miss Bay City Pageant! Participating this year were Linsey Carter, Maureen Boccaccio, Uccello Poultry, Alyssa Elizabeth Kintsugi, and Lorna Stratten. DJing the event was GoSpeed Racer of KONA Stream, with Pygar Bu as Master of Ceremonies. ADudeNamed Anthony, Evola Courtois, and Marianne McCann served as judges.

After a heated contest -- and a slight interruption by a fellow in a sombrero -- it was Uccello for a three-peat of winners residing on the Bay City - Dennis/Bay City Harwich border! Congrats to all our contestants!

Thanks to all who came out to support Hot bay City Nights and Child's Play.

Bay City Post August 2014

WELCOME to the thirty-eighth issue of the Bay City Post! - Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid.


So it's been a couple months. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you why the delay. But I will anyway, just below.

And yes, the passing of Ever Dreamscape does mean that there's a new face at the helm here. She always begged me to take it over, and well, I guess she won that debate in the end.

I'll try to do my best to keep the paper in Ms. Dreamscape's spirit, though I can assure you I could never wear a monkey suit quite like her. For now, I will call myself an "interim" editor. I'm not an editor, but I'll do my best.

Sunny Salutations   \o/

Marianne McCann, Interim Editor



All that ...and maybe a little something more!



by Marianne McCann

Ever Dreamscape, Bay City Post Editor, Etv Owner, Park Plaza bellhop, Insurance Saleswoman of the Year, and general troublemaker around Bay City, passed away in May of 2014 due to health complications brought on due to liver disease.

The city itself burned in her honor in the wake of her passing, with many parcels continuing to burn for the 6th anniversary of Bay City. The Anniversary was the last event she worked on, helping to arrange for some of the performers for the fête. A temporary memorial was also presented on the grounds of the Bay City Center where community members gathers in the wake of her passing to leave photos and other items to honor her.

Her lands have largely been preserved: Roc Plutonian owns the land that makes up the Park Plaza, the Rez N Ride, the insurance agency, and the Etv building (which is home to the Bay City Post). Mr. Plutonian has opted to preserve Ever's apartment at the Park Plaza as is for those who recall it from the many "Etv" specials that she shot there. Marianne McCann and Pygar Bu have kept The Pen, picking up Ever Dreamscape's portion of the tier.

The Bay City Brewery was also preserved after a fashion: a permissions mishap caused the structure and its contents to be returned to Ever's inventory. The structure has since been rebuilt in a new form by Ivan Suen, under the guidance of parcel owner Kinnaird Resident.

Ever Dreamscape had passed on the keys to the Bay City Post to Marianne McCann before her passing. She had also sold her personal land in Nova Albion in the months leading to her passing.

April 2014

                                Bay City Post  Issue #37
WELCOME to the thirty-seventh issue of the Bay City Post! -Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid.

Fool Me Once

Fool me twice, fool me again, ok ya got me … let’s keep fooling ‘round! Just don’t fool about not reading our great writers this month!! Love you all!!!

Sunny Salutations   \o/

Ever Dreamscape, Editor

A Journey of Promise!

RFL is underway, please take a moment to look at these links... and maybe attend an event, or donate. Cancer is an evil b*stard we need to irradicate!!! Become the journey.

Bay City intends to DESTROY cancer  ... come help us!!!!

Bay City Post March 2014

                                          Bay City Post
March 2014                                                        Issue #36
WELCOME to the thirty-sixth issue of the Bay City Post! -Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid.

Happy Third Anniversary!

Three years already?? It seems like only 2 and 7/12ths … or maybe more like 3 and 1/12th… no 2 and ½  years…. that’s it. It has been really groovy having you all help out; writing, reading…. lining your bird cages.  Seriously much appreciated> I hope we may continue on as Bay City and Second Life continue to grow and we meet and make new friends!

I would like to give a BIG welcome to Ebbe Linden! We wish you every success!! We hope you will be happy here, continue to send all of your Moley goodness to Bay City… and oh…. moar prims?? ;) Seriously, welcome to Second Life, and hey let us know if we can be of help to you; we’re not a bad bunch!!!

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler!!!

Sunny Salutations   \o/

Ever Dreamscape, Editor



Photos courtesy Eden Malik… thanks Eden for taking such great shots of some of our fav moles that came out to Mole Day!!

"Quartz Mole and Bay getting REALLY into the conga line."

"Railway Mole with a plushie mole. :)"

"Garden Mole getting a conga line fix!"

"And finally... Abnor Mole, who would win best in dance if there were a contest!!!"


Bay City Residents to Enter Winter games!!!

Read more about it here and do not *even* think you will kick BC Butt!!  :


Community Service Announcement

Bay City School of Driving

Yes its true Bay City has a School of Driving?!?
While we don’t know who runs it, when classes are held, or how you can become certified (?) We would like to show you how virtually safe it is bwuahahahahaha who are we kidding ;P
Thanks Ivan Suen for taking these great shots and sharing his thoughts!!!


"A pedestrian on a Bay City sidewalk was nearly run over today when a taxi cab was seen driving erratically down Route 66 before losing control and crashing into the Bay City School of Driving. Although the owners of the new driving school continue to have no comment on recent speculation that they are somehow behind the "dissapearance" of yellow taxi cars from a local company near the courthouse, the pedestrian that took this photo noticed that after the crash, a young driver got out of the car with what looked like a diploma in hand. Another, older person got out of the passenger side and snuck into the driving school. All of this further raises speculation..."

"Another odd photo
One of our astute citizens snapped this picture with their cell phone
 while they were out jogging. "It still smelled like fresh spraypaint", he said.
 Although the police are still investigating the taxi towing scandal
and the rumors about the driving school simply spraypainting
 their logo on BCT cars is pure speculation at this point, this driving
 school vehicle is the same make and model of the taxis that have been dissappearing."

"where'd all these taxis come from?
I think the DMV or driving school might be implicated in the recent dissapearances of taxis from the Bay City Taxi company. BCT recently noticed that their taxi cabs kept dissapearing when they were parked in the Black Bay area."


All roads lead to the asylum.

Play safe!!!

Get your driving school insurance insurance here: HAHAHA REALLY??!!??



Mimes Run Amok in Known Mime Haven the Pen!

Yes it’s true there was a notable mime outbreak at the famed Pen in Mashpee. While it is common knowledge that the Pen has been a long time refuge for the notoriously wretched mime, it is a sad shame that this most recent outbreak happened upon Bay City’s “unofficial” Mayori: Marianne McCann’s eighth Rez Day. Mime Happens!  


Shout Out!

To Daniel Voyager for being a faithful supporter and patron of Bay City events! Seriously Daniel … thank you! :D You are our favorite owl ever!!


Breaking Breaking!!

Major Storm Invades Bay City

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the fee er city, hurricane “Big Boy” tromps.. trumps?? Stumps? Bay City resident (like this is actually news… seriously we need NEWS!)
Send all your news to:

Dreamscape Life & Alts You Want To Play It Safe You Better Sign Up For Insurance Co. Inc. A subsidiary of Dreamscape Life & Alts You Want To Play It Safe You Better Sign Up For Cuz If Ya Don’t Eventually We WILL Get You! Insurance Co. Inc., A subsidiary of Dreamscape Life & Alts Storm Insurance Insurance Co. Inc.

… or the Post ~o~

Griefer Madness!?!

Guess all these Pell grants are keeping the kids off our pixels…. Hmmm.

~Spoiler Alert~

Watch out for spring break… not everyone can afford trips to Ahern :O

Stay tuned next month….  as we work off all that Valentine candy! You didn’t buy that sale candy after VDay did you?? DID you??!!!???  ;P

And now for your listening pleasure…



Park Plaza Hotel

Park Plaza Hotel
Please visit our Sponsor!

Luxury Living in Bay City

Park Plaza residents enjoy beautiful views, fine dining, and a roof top patio with hot tub; all this near route 66, and within walking distance to Hairy Hippo Fun Land and aquarium. Rates start at 55L a week for studios, and 185L a week for full size apartments. Free furnishings available. Contact Roc Plutonium for more information!