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Cheeky Geek with Qie Niangao 

Your Place Page or Mine?

I've found the recently introduced "Place Pages" a handy way to promote the best features of in-world locations. Any Second Life parcel that's set to "Show in Search" has a headstart in making such a page, so with relatively little effort that location can be appear a palatable destination, from wherever one might post links: blogs, profiles, group info, etc.

The steps are pretty easy to follow anyway, but there's also a good step-by-step introduction online here, written by Jeremy Linden.

A particularly cool feature of Place Pages is that you can use an interactive 360 Snapshot as a header graphic. At present, only a special "project viewer" creates those snapshots, but the results can be quite stunning.

I've had one disappointment, though, which is really a problem with SL's "Shared Media" feature: It doesn't seem to be practical to set up a gallery of many Place Pages, all visible at the same in-world site. I haven't tracked down exactly what goes wrong, but it seems that the pages demand enough connection capacity that only one or maybe two will reliably stay visible, at least in my trials with the Linden and Firestorm viewers. Again, that's not really a problem with Place Pages, and Shared Media has plenty of other limitations.

Reading between the lines of blog announcements, there may be hope of more functionality for Place Pages in future, too, so I'm investing some time in using them to improve discoverability of group parcels, even some that weren't Search listed before.

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