Hot Bay City Nights Is A Go!


The summer is warm, too warm. So we have events at night!

Come join us for a line-up of events starting *this* Sunday.

There will be food, games, a car-wash, racing and many more things one can do at night. There is even gossip about the election of a new Miss Bay City! Will there be sharks?

Join us at the Fairgrounds starting Sunday September the Fifth at 1 PM! 

Our DJ *and* current Miss Bay City, Gospeed Racer, will play the bestest of tunes for you, accompanied by the famous one and only Friar Don!

If *you* want to be the New Fresh Miss Bay City contact Ineffable Mote. Everybody can apply, everybody! (That includes *you*)

The events will last a whole week! Be sure to leave a tip in our tipjars! 

Get your car cleaned by the most lovely bikinis! 

More info, and another poster, can be found on the community page.

Reporter Vick Forcella



Marianne McCann
Bay City Alliance
marianne.mccann at


Bay City Thirteenth Anniversary Poster

Mainland community turns thirteen this May

BAY CITY, SL (6 May, 2021) - It was thirteen years ago that the first project of the Linden Department of Public Works was opened on Second Life®. To celebrate, Bay City's Residents are once again hosting their annual parade down the city's Route 66, followed by a live music event in the Bay City Fairgrounds.

Bay City opened in May of 2008 to initial viewing, with auctions for land in the city beginning soon after. It has developed into the largest community-focused virtual urban area in Second Life.

Participants in the annual parade are asked to gather at noon SLT/PDT on Sunday, the 16th of May, to lineup at the band shell in Bay City - Harwich. The parade will wend its way down Route 66 beginning at 12:30 p.m. SLT/PDT, and will conclude at the Bay City Fairgrounds in the North Channel region.

A live concert will kick off at 1:30 p.m. SLT/PDT at the Fairgrounds with DJ GoSpeed Rasere of KONA Stream providing music leading into the event until 1:30 p.m.SLT/PDT , followed by Mimi Carpenter from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. SLT/PDT, Parker Static from 2:30-3:30 p.m. SLT/PDT, and Noma Falta from 3:30-4:30 p.m. SLT/PDT.

All Residents of the Second Life grid are welcomed to participate. Celebration goods, including parade float bases and ideas, are available at the Bay City Community Center, in the Daley Bay region for those who wish to be a part of the parade. Ample viewing areas are provided. The music event is also open to all who desire to attend -- not only Residents of Bay City

Bay City is a mainland community, developed by Linden Lab™ and home to the Bay City Alliance. The Bay City Alliance was founded in 2008 to promote the Bay City regions of Second Life® and provide a venue for Bay City Residents and other interested parties to socialize and network. It is now the largest Bay city group, and home to most Residents of Bay City.

Bay City Concert Poster

For more information, contact: Marianne McCann

Editor Marianne McCann
(the editor takes no responsibility for a press release) 

Marianne Crosses Over To The Blake Sea

The smallest member of the Bay City family (one off..there might be smaller), Marianne McCann, has written history, again. This time by flying from Hau Koda, Bay City, to Hollywood in the Blake Sea in one go!

She was the first to go from Hetrocera to Jeogeot, a journey that would not be possible without Bellisseria.

The continent of Bellisseria was bulging slowly towards the continent of Satori. With each generation of Linden Homes the connection became nearer.

Finally, on Tuesday March the 30th, the connection between Bellisseria and Sarori happened. That was the moment our small explorer waited for. She stepped into her trusty PA-18 Super Cub to take off from Hau Koda. A large bag of cookies accompanied her during the first legs of the voyage.

After what seemed like a very long time she passed the snowlands in Obersdorf.

She crossed the barren lands just before crossing into Bellisseria.

Carefully manoeuvring without a functional map she moved over nameless sims, that some call a region.

Slowly but surely towards better known lands. Then she crossed over to Satori!

It was a long and dangerous flight over Satori, many orbs and skyboxes had to be avoided. Until the safe skies of Nautilus came to sight.

The goal so near, the bag of cookies eaten and the fuel low the last leg was a scary one. The engine started fluttering, kept alive, just.

At Hollywood Airport she set down her Piper Cub. A small crowd of locals cheered her to the parking place. The harbour authorities started searching for contraband but the bag of cookies was empty. 

She shouted "Scuse Me! Where is a toilet!" pushed away the stunned crowd and ran off.

She crossed 279 sims (some call regions), had to fight off one security orb, stumbled over one region, and had to hold (...) for two hours. All this without a functioning map.

City Authorities have send a telegraph message congratulating Marianne and have offered to contribute towards one cup of airport root beer.

Reporter Vick Forcella
Images Marianne McCann

Time To Apologise

Dear readers of this not-very-up-to-date newspaper.

I have to apologise.

The article about me being online was only half true (read it if you have no idea what this is about), you could have guessed that because of the poor humour and overdosage or irony.
The reason for that is simple. I was floating on a cloud of painkillers thinking I was strong and could take over the world.

I honestly expected to be in SL in two weeks time when I wrote that.

Reality had hit quite hard. It's now 7 months and I still am not able to go into SL without repercussions, I have tested it a few times.

My brain has had about six scans. The latest doesn't show any damage. All the ones before show a brain that has been smashed to one side. First one shows a gap about the size of a apple on one side, filled with blood or a liquid.
You can imagine a list of permanent consequences (personality change, memory loss, speaking with a Scottish accent etc). Strike it, from the way it looks there is no permanent brain damage. I sometimes forget things, no more as usual and I still can blame that on an incident in my childhood. Had some weird glitches in my vision but that was ages ago and can also be accredited to the painkillers.
So brain is ok.

I thought that a few ribs were broken. I was wrong. After writing the article I have had several scans. It wasn't a few, it was most on one side. The rest, left and right were all bruised. The side that was broken caused less pain as the side that was bruised.
Not only were ribs broken, my sternum, or chest bone, was broken at three places. next to pain it has caused a (now permanent) change in chest configuration. One side of the sternum is now up, and the other, lower,  side is depressed. This changes my collar bones, the position of my shoulders and of course the ribs behind that.

Besides the two fractured vertebra in my spine they have forgotten to tell me that the vertebra above and below were also damaged. So in total six vertebra were broken.
Below each lung there was a blob of fluid, blood, the size of a grapefruit.

I was very disappointed that the hospital didn't inform me on my brokenness, I had to find out after I was home. I have been told that my bones have healed now.

After minor physical activity I had more pain, became extremely tired and could not control my breathing.
So to investigate that I was examined by a lung specialist and an internist. The lung specialist concluded that my lungs have normal capacity and that despite the new configuration (of my chest) my lungs are not impacted.
The internist also could not find any problems with my new configuration. But when an internist starts to investigate they will always find things that are slightly out of the normal. One of the things she found is an enlarged thyroid that will need some attention.
Both could not explain my pain, my exhaustion and uncontrolled breathing. There are no organs or other things that are pushed down.

The pain I had to go through was intense. Slowly things recovered. Was able to sleep on one side, few weeks later the other side. Could not sneeze or cough without sinking through the floor, can now.

I have reduced the intake of painkillers sorta. What remains, for now, is the maximum dosage of paracetamol (acetaminophen).

I did find a possible cause for the extra pain, exhaustion and uncontrolled breathing. Any minor activity will cause that. I have started a slow program with exercise beginning with.. ten minutes walking a day with my cane I also realise that pain will cause exhaustion.

My mistake was to use a moment in time as a reference when I thought I could do almost everything while being deeply immersed into painkillers.

My posture is extremely important and I must rest, sleep, once during daytime to keep pain under control. Oddly enough that daytime sleep does not affect my night sleeping. Must slowly build new (and better!) muscles. One problem is, there is no direct feedback of doing things wrong and the pain that follows. It takes a day to feel the consequences and it doesn't take much to make an error.

I thought I could enter Second Life with ease. My first experiment with that went horribly wrong. I was on-line and hour, little more, and had to suffer for a week long.

Second Life is immersive. When I enter SL my muscles, in my back, tense up. Even with a timer I can not control that. It is very different as Twitter or following the Feed.

My last experiment gives one day of pain after an hour of SL.

I feel I had to write this, for completeness and to explain why I wasn't able to enter SL and keep the newspaper running.

I have neglected my responsibilities as a janitor, park ranger (?) and newspaper editor. I wasn't there for my close friends. I can't make any promises on what I can do.

Now I follow a slow program to increase my resistance and stamina. A physio therapist is testing me gently once a week and has given me a small training program. Not a workout as in a gym, but some movements of my upper body and legs I must do once a day.

So Roc, you have to continue with my janitorial responsibilities. I can not lift a broom.
Stop calling about the missing newspapers Syl! Once it's possible the newspaper will be published as usual and you'll get a refund (!) for all the missed editions.

Editor Vick Forcella

Moleday cometh to town, NOW!

Bay City will once again come together to salute the hardy Moles of the Linden Department of Public Works in with celebration held in the Bay City Fairgrounds.

Initially honored in 2010 by Residents of Bay City, Mole Day is set aside to show appreciation for The Moles and their many contributions to Bay City and the rest of the Second Life® Grid.

Normally held on the same day as Groundhog Day, this year’s annual Mole Day will take place a few days later, on the 7th of February, commencing at 11:00 a.m. SLT. The event will feature DJ GoSpeed Racer of KONA stream followed by Quartz performing live at 12:00 p.m. SLT.

The event will be held in the Bay City Fairgrounds in North Channel. As in past years, the invitation is open to all Second Life® members to join in the fun.

"Moles" are members of The Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW). The LDPW is a program focused on improvements related to the experience of living on, or visiting the Linden Mainland. The LDPW organizes teams of Resident builders, artists, and scripters (the Moles!) to create new content on Linden Lab's behalf and to the benefit of all. These Residents have the last name “Mole.”

Moles essentially build all of the grid’s infrastructure: the public roads and railways, items in our coastal waterways and protected lands, and even larger scale projects like the Bellisseria regions, premium content and experiences, and much more. Bay City was their first such project.

Bay City is a mainland community, developed by Linden Lab® and home to the Bay City Alliance. The Bay City Alliance was founded in 2008 to promote the Bay City regions of Second Life and provide a venue for Bay City Residents and other interested parties to socialize and network. It is now the largest group for Residents of Bay City.

For more information, or to participate in the event, please contact Marianne McCann. Channel/128/128/24/


Reporter Dakota Schwade

Announcing: Bay City Prim Drop

Bay City, Second Life's® city by the bay, is once again preparing for their annual "Prim Drop" on the evening of the 31st of December, with festivities commencing at 11:30 pm SLT within the Bay City Fairgrounds in North Channel.

The party will include a two-hour set of DJed tunes presented by Marianne McCann, as well as fireworks and other festive fun. Food, drink, and other party favors will be provided for all attendees.

The event is presented as an outdoor, high-class, wintertime soirée, and black tie attire and/or full dress is requested. All Second Life® Residents are welcome to attend and ring in the New Year with the Bay City community.

This will also be the last event within Bay City this year for donating to Child's Play Charity (  Child's Play is a 501c3 non profit organization offers online communities such as ours an opportunity to help seriously ill children around the globe during their hospital stays with the purchase of games and gaming equipment. 

The venue is set for the Annual New Years Eve Prim Drop on 12/31 at 11:00 p.m. SLT. The only thing missing is you! 

Let's anticipate 2021 and send off 2020 in style! Remember: the event is presented as an outdoor, high-class, wintertime soirée, and black tie attire and/or full dress is requested. 

Also, the photo wall is up now, so you can take your 2021 pix in advance!

Bay City is a mainland community, developed by Linden Lab® and home to the Bay City Alliance. The Bay City Alliance was founded in 2008 to promote the Bay City regions of Second Life and provide a venue for Bay City Residents and other interested parties to socialize and network. It is now the largest group for Residents of Bay City.

For more information,  please contact Marianne McCann.

Reporters Dakota Schwade, Marianne McCann

Announcment: Tree Lighting Event

Coming to Second Life® for the eleventh year in a row is Bay City's annual annual Tree Lighting event on Sunday, 6th December 2020 from 1-4 pm SL. 

The event will be held at the Bay City Fairgrounds, in North Channel ( ) and will feature GoSpeed of KONA stream and live performances by Maximillion Kleene and Wolfie Starfire. The event will also feature ice-skating, dancing, refreshments and plenty of fun for everyone!

As part of the event, a silent auction will again be held to support Child's Play Charity ( We are asking Second Life® designers and artists to participate by providing fun, interesting, unique, or other transferable items (or a no-copy object that the auction winner can give to you to redeem their prize, if the item(s) have to be no transfer). Please contact Marianne McCann to participate. 

Auction will end at the conclusion of the event. All proceeds from the silent auction and from donation bins at the venue will go to Child's Play Charity. Child's Play is a 501c3 non profit organization offers online communities such as ours an opportunity to help seriously ill children around the globe during their hospital stays with the purchase of games and gaming equipment. Bay City has raised over US$3000.00 for Child's Play at the tree lighting and at charity car washes held in Second Life®

Bay City is a mainland community, developed by Linden Lab® and home to the Bay City Alliance. The Bay City Alliance was founded in 2008 to promote the Bay City regions of Second Life and provide a venue for Bay City Residents and other interested parties to socialize and network. It is now the largest group for Residents of Bay City.

For more information, or to participate in the event, please contact Marianne McCann.

Reporter Dakota Schwade

Lead Editor Of The Bay City Post Back On-line

The Lead Editor of the Bay City Post (Vick Forcella, me) has been off-line for about four weeks. Many were worried, have send me questions, so I will explain how and why hoping it will answer your questions.

With doing so I will break two rules, using the Bay City Post for something personal and giving away private information that could potentially be abused to identify my RL identity. I do this totally in the spirit of Ever who agrees with me in doing so.

Sit down and enjoy the following story.

One Sunday afternoon, the beginning of August this year, the weather prediction was good. No winds, some sunshine and it looked like it would be the last mild day with a heat wave following. A great day for a walk into nature for me, my wife and the dog. I selected a patch of nature I had not visited before.

After walking for about an hour I woke up. Something was pushing me down with great force. I started breathing but I only managed to inhale short puffs of air and say "help" while I exhaled. I wiggled my left toe, right toe, left hand, right hand. Nothing broken so far. I could not get up.

After some time I heard a male voice saying my name. You are under tree. Don't worry, we will get you out soon. 

I hear a helicopter landing, I hear a chainsaw. I see my left shoe to the right of my face, I realise my foot is inside. I fear that the chainsaw could cause something to break ripping me in two.

Next I know I am in an ambulance, racing. Racing towards the University hospital. There I go in/out scans and receive a welcome dosage of morphine.

My wife had heard a strange noise. Shouted Run! She went one way, I went the other. She had lost me, the dog found me under a fallen tree. She pushed away some branches and found me face down, mouth in the sand. She tilted my head and removed the sand. I started breathing and calling for help. She removed as much as she could but could not free me.

My phone was down somewhere. She ran away and found people with a phone and willing to help. They called the emergency services. and ran to the road to wait for the ambulance, point them towards me. 

My wife became very scared when she found my left foot to the right of my head and observed from a distance as the fire fighters started working. Last thing she recalls is me shouting I love you as I was lifted into the ambulance. (not the helicopter)

My time in the University hospital was a bit weird. Besides of the opiates and the scans they continued to ask me my name, where I am and what day it was. Silly hospital, don't they have a calendar?

I spend about a week there. Not sure if I ever was able to come out of the bed by myself. I think it was there that I have send a text to a very good friend in SL and asked to inform Marianne.

Next I was raced to my local hospital. There I was able to leave the bed and walk with a cart in front of me. 

The verdict.
Besides "should have been dead" and "most luckiest guy in the world" my ribs are giving pain while breathing. They tell me it's not broken, I do not believe them. 

Two of the bones in my back are broken. The fractures are on the inside and not where there is great risk of a spinal injury, loosing control over breathing or loosing control over my lower body. It's stable.

I have had bleeding inside my head. My brain should be famous with three pictures taken. The pictures reveal it was healing quite good.

I had a bleeding wound on my head and had stitches. 

After the local hospital I went to a revalidation home. Much freedom, pure luxury. 

My wife wanted me home, and so did I. She had to twist the arm of someone to get a hospital bed at home for me so she could care for me.

I'm at home now.

I can not twist my back, bend down, pick up anything from the floor. It's painful and quite risky.
I can not breath deep as my ribs will hurt me.
I can not sleep on my side, only on my back and that hurts too. I sleep in slices of one hour, wake up with pain, walk around, eat something, then go back to bed. I have been lucky a few times with a slice of two hours.
I should not go tired. My brain will do very weird things when I go tired. It hasn't happened for a week now so I am hopeful but I better be careful. It is one of the reasons why I can not go on-line and pretend nothing has happened.
I am very emotional and I'm crying about just anything.

Though I am trying to reduce my usage I am using various painkillers.

I try to walk, behind a cart, for half an hour every day. The cart is needed for when and if I loose balance and I can sit when I'm tired.

The doctor removed my stitches yesterday and nothing fell out.

Strange things.
Even though my left leg pretended for a week not to be mine it is fully back to normal. No pain at all.
There is a video on-line (that I am not sharing) that shows the tree that fell on me. A 50 year old oak tree. It shows THE OTHER HALF OF THAT TREE still standing. I must presume that the tree once has been struck by lightning, split in half, top/down, and was waiting for me to pass by, and then fall down.

No idea what is next. According to several wiki entries I should be in hospital being monitored. According to the same wiki pages it takes one and a half year at minimum to heal. I told myself I have to be extra careful another month, then have a talk with a doc.

The Bay City Post will be published. As long as there is a community there will be a Bay City Post. Don't pin me down on a publication date.

Don't send me plants or shrubbery, they can attack.

Editor Vick Forcella

Linden Research, Inc. to Be Acquired

Blatantly stealing the headline from the Linden Lab website.
Short version. The parent of Second Life and Tilia, Linden Research Inc., will be bought by two investors, Randy Waterfield and Brad Oberwager.

Please read the original publication and let it sink in.

Reading Inara's blog it looks like these two are Good (tm) people.

So, what will they do?

First lets see what it will mean to us, the residents of Second Life?
Short and simple, nothing!

From here on remember, I have no documentation! I am 100% guessing!!

It's not like we see Mitch Kapor banging on doors all around Second Life so there is no reason to expect any different from Randy and Brad.

Linden Research Inc. is the investment vehicle for Linden Lab. That is why most of us have never heard of it. When Philip Rosedale wanted to start Second Life he walked door to door to find investors. He found a few and with that capital he could buy stuffs and rent a poor peoples apartment on Linden Street, San Francisco.

Of the original investors, I think there were five, Mitch Kapor is the one best known. (There was a Judy?) Philip had some cash with him coming from RealNetworks. The capital was combined and legal things were documented.
It's a private company. The capital was divided into owner shares and based on that the investors would receive a percentage of the profit. The shares can not be freely traded, if an investor wanted to un-invest the only way to do that is to sell the shares back to Linden Research Inc.

When profits began to flow in and the break even point was passed the employees received, besides pay, shares in the company. These shares are more limited as the investment shares. They pay out, but don't give any voting rights.

Linden Research Inc. (the money) appoints the Board of Directors of Linden Lab. These define the strategy, check accounting and appoint the CEO.

The value of the company roughly can be divided,
5% Offices
10% Hardware
15% IP rights (protected software)
70% Clients and goodwill
Add to that the value of the potential of Tilia.

Who owns the stock
80% original investors
20% (former) employees

How well is Second Life doing? There are two answers to that.
1/ The investors are making profit, they have received more as their original investment.
2/ Second Life is no longer the money maker as it used to be. Income has dropped significantly but is stable the last few years. It is making good profits.

So why then sell off to two investors?
The answer could be as simple as. A few of the original investors want their stock converted to money.
Problem is, the (book) value of Linden Research is so high that the other investors can't match that and can't (or don't want to) increase their investment. Getting a normal loan from a bank would not be a good idea.

Another, more exciting, answer could be. There are plans to do something that costs a lot of money. For instance, set up an owned cloud.

There is a risk that Randy and Brad will be doing the hedge fund thing. However, when you look at the (assumed) distribution of value, there isn't much that can be sold off and rented back (since that is what the hedge funds do, and then let it die).

Sure it's possible to sell up the competencies (IP) of running Second Life and Tilia. But that would create competition reducing the value.
Sell off Second Life as a whole would be possible. But that would scare away clients and goodwill. Nobody wants an ad during log-in or while exploring the world. Nobody wants their userdata to be exploited by some sugar mountain.
Sell off the servers, well, that will happen when our bunny knows how to tweak things and puts us all in the cloud. The servers could be rented out to Amazon and become part of the AWS cloud, or be sold to them. It's just a bunch of machines with cables around them.

What will be sold to Randy and Brad? Not sure. I find it hard to believe that all original investors will hand over their stock. Philip selling off his stake in his brainchild? No way. Can they get their hands on the stock owned by (ex) employees? Unlikely.

I have to assume that Randy and Brad will get a majority stake in Linden Research because of the word acquired and the regulatory things. They will not get complete ownership, as is reflected by the board of directors that doesn't change except that Randy and Brad will be part of it. If they had full ownership they could/ should push them out.

They key words in the publication are "to help Linden Lab achieve new heights in distribution, scale, and quality while remaining true to the original vision, creativity, and community that makes Second Life unique and special" also "continue growth and expansion".

I am sure things will change. I find it unlikely that those changes would hurt the community. It could be possible that a localized Second Life could spring up, only for one language/country on a localized, faster, cloud. Would create competition and would break up the communities but it could be a specialized world, for education, museum or training ground separate from Second Life but controlled by Linden Lab, from a distance.

From my point of view, no time to call it quits. I'm not selling of my lands.

Randy and Brad will get an account. Be Lindens, and we, as a community, will make sure they will only do good for us. We are the value of Second Life, that won't change.
Reporter Vick Forcella

Bay City Post, Edition 89

Welcome to the eightyninth edition of the Bay City Post!
Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid!

Your reporters went out through hail and rain, thunderstorms and tsunamis, sunshine and droughts, to bring you the news and latest gossip from our Fine City.

In this edition we have for you,

Second Life 17th birthday
SL17B is open till July 10. Now is a great moment to visit. Not many visitors so less lag.
We have visited many places but had to make a selection on what to report about.
Thank you Fenix for helping out!

The previous edition is available in our archive.
RacerX Gullwing, the one and only, has made a video of the parade of the 12th anniversary of Bay City. Enjoy!

Draxtor has given special attention to the SL railroads. He made 5 videos one of them featuring Bay City and the Bay City Post.

Screenshot, no need to click play
A complete list of all the videos can be found here.
Railroads Made in Second Life 5 parts and an interview between Draxtor Despres and Patch Linden, Athos Murphy (fka Michael Linden), Hrdtop75 Deluxe, and Zen Swords-Galway.
Sheree Honeyflower challenged the SL gods and entered the Hairy Hippo's Lollercoaster.

Editor Vick Forcella

Tear and tier are pronounced the same
Tear and tear are pronounced differently
Read the Bay City Post!


Park Plaza Hotel

Park Plaza Hotel
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Luxury Living in Bay City

Park Plaza residents enjoy beautiful views, fine dining, and a roof top patio with hot tub; all this near route 66, and within walking distance to Hairy Hippo Fun Land and aquarium. Rates start at 55L a week for studios, and 185L a week for full size apartments. Free furnishings available. Contact Roc Plutonium for more information!