Tsunami does not impress

A small rumble of the earth and a tsunami wave of just two feet was all that has hit the South of the continent of Sansara.

An eyewitness described it as "A low sound, just a little louder as the breaking of the waves, came from the ground. I could not feel any ground movement while looking out over the ocean. From where I was the continent is to far away to see anything. I did see an odd flash of blueish light. Soon after the rumble I could see a small wave coming from the South hitting the beach. I was not impressed."

Police have arrested the witness because she was at a place that was supposed to be evacuated.

Rumours speak of a man dressed in a protective suit, and a big red beard, that was flying an old airplane South to North. The airplane was making odd movements and left behind a smell that resembles rum.

The anticipated connection between Sansara and Jeogeot is fact.

During the last few months a committee of wise people have been discussing, in secret, the name for this new continent. The name Vicks Continent was oddly rejected, so was Marianneia, Strawberryana and DudeAnthoniana.
Just before the continent was connected to Sansara and Jeogeot the committee released the name "Bellisseria". The motivation they gave was "It looks nice in Italy".
Linden Lab released a press statement describing the land and it's current buildings. They expect other themes in the future. The continent is intended to be used for housing of new residents. The continent comes with a covenant that is enforceable. For that it is completely different as other continents.
Bridge inspector
Bellisseria is free to visit. There are plenty of hidden spots and meeting places to explore. Parcels are being given to residents when they meet certain criteria. If you want a nice place without the hassle of laying down bricks apply now.

Some residents of our Fine City already have received a home on the new continent. Most intent to use it as a vacation home and will keep their residence in Bay City.
Now that Sansara and Jeogeot are connected the worry about the Jeogeot colonists is peaking. Already there have been smuggling barges seen transporting milk towards an unknown destination in Bay City. Bread and beans are in low supply.
Officials request to remain calm but stay on the alert. The situation will be evaluated in about a month to see if secret defensive measures can be throttled down a bit.
Reporter Vick Forcella
Images Marianne McCann, Kennylex Luckless, Fenix Eldrich, Vick Forcella

Bay City opens Embassy in Jeogeot

Our well esteemed citizen Pygar "Snazzeh" Bu, with the full support of the diplomatic service of our Fair City, has opened an Embassy on the continent of Jeogeot in the region Bora.

The embassy is to improve the relation between the residents of the continents Jeogeot and Sansara and give special attention to the fine people of Bay City.
Bay City Embassy
As explained in a previous article the relation is a bit tense at this moment and despite the calming words of our defensive forces there are some citizens of our Fair City that are extremely worried about the expected connection between the two continents.

The embassy tries to explain, in very easy to understand words, that Sansara and Bay City are nice places to visit and should not be smashed.

In a top secret mission (see image) Supreme Commander, General Thomas J. Hooker; Deputy Supreme Commander, General Norbert Ashland; Chief of Staff, Major-General Silvia Hooker and Brigadier General Jack Dalton of the Sansara Expeditionary Forces have visited the embassy. They did not install any monitoring devices or defensive appliances. It is unknown what else they have done while being on the continent of Jeogeot.
Secret mission
Officials continue to stress that there is no need to prepare for the worst. Stockpile bread and milk, cans of beans and corned beef. Clean up our life shelter, fill the water tanks with fresh water.
There is no threat coming from Jeogeot and the chances of something bad happening is extremely low.

The area around Iridium remains evacuated due to the imminent thread of a tsunami when the continents are connected. Please stop rezzing your beach stretchers there.

Our reporters will continue to monitor the situation and when calamity happens we will inform you some time after the events as soon as we can.
Reporter Vick Forcella
Images Pygar Bu, TJ Hooker

Bay City Post, edition 74

As I was cleaning the offices of the Hyperbole building I arrived at the vacant premises of the Bay City Post. After I scrubbed and cleaned the place I tried out some of the chairs, they sit very comfortably. I looked around and found empty coffee cups with black stains, dustbins still filled with scrapped paper, a telephone that was ringing all the time. As janitor I wasn't allowed to answer phones but I did it anyway.
security cam footage

It was an angry resident complaining about a not delivered newspaper. I tried to tell her, it was a she (I won't reveal your name Sylvia), that there were some logistical problems and that we probably didn't have her address correctly listed. I invented that answer all by myself.

I took her address and put it on the desk of the editor. Then I realized that there is no editor, no staff and no newspaper. Nobody would read the message I just wrote down.

Looking around I could see the potential and the idea of becoming the editor popped into my mind. Quickly I went home, grabbed my tool-belt and installed new locks. If ever Roc would ask I could tell him there was a burglary and that I had to replace them, not so far from the truth.

The next day I called around some mates and friends and asked if they could help out, setting up a new newspaper. TJ was game immediately, he does anything for a good beer. Qie was skeptical and wanted to write an lsl script to generate articles. Mari just wanted to play with her new drumsticks and destroyed a typewriter. Dakota had too much beer and was later arrested by TJ while she was cruising to make articles.
Michael L. dropped by to say Hi to everybody in Bay City.

Together we started work, getting the addresses right, sending out big invoices, and writing up some real serious stuff.

We had to use a second hand printing press I found at a castle in Zindra. The normal one is too complicated and uses methods that haven't even been invented yet! (what is a laser?)

The press we used is easy to handle, just a drum you turn around by hand. You insert the print from the typewriter, wrap it around the drum, poor in ink, add a stack of paper and swing baby swing!

In practice, for you dear readers, this means no columns but a continues roll of paper, top down till the end. Lucky I found some rulers you can see on the web. With the rulers you can select articles made by a reporter or a different ruler to select articles about a specific subject. I also provide some links in this article.

Covered in ink we came up with this edition. I hope you like it. Please ignore the smudges.

-Vick Forcella
On the web, just read top-down till the epilogue.
In-World follow the links below.

In this edition:

As You Sow, So Shall You Reap
Qie Niangao shows how to sow grass

Bay City Cruisn'
Dakota Schwade updates the insurance of her car.

The Kaas Factorij
Vick Forcella visits the Kaas Factorij

Police and fire blotter
Thomas Hooker reports the activities of the Police and Fire dept.

Picture impression of a catastrophic night, by various photographers.

Last period there were breaking publications.

Editor Vick Forcella

Thank you Kinn!

Using this space here I'd like to thank Kinnaird Fiachra.

Kinn took over the Bay City Post from interim editor Marianne McCann in March 2016. Before that she was was an active Police and Fire Blotter reporter.
It must have been quite a challenge for her to take over a newspaper that is littered with fires and calamities.

She took off like a rocket, publishing articles month after month, inspiring co-writers to do the same. Cleaning the newspaper with incorrect links she changed the newspaper to be current, up to date and filled with plenty of things to do and see.

The residents had no idea the effort it takes to do all those jobs, and live a real life as well. We, the residents, relied on the newspaper to arrive on our doorstep each month to provide us with the latest gossip.
She guided us to the vibrant Bay City Community and made us all participants.

I want to thank you Kinn for all the work you have done for the Bay City Post, laying the solid foundation of this newspaper. Bay City would look very different without you.

When you read this Kinn, I hope we make you proud.
Reporter Vick Forcella

As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

In this column five years ago, in April 2014, I wrote "The Unworkable Workaround" about a bug, already very old at the time, affecting Linden grasses and groundcovers, and my unsuccessful attempt to find a workaround. After all this time, just last month I happened to buy some land where I really needed a workaround to this same bug -- with similarly unsatisfying results. I wrote the details in "I hate group abilities" on the LSL Scripting forum:

//quoted section

Back in 2012, the five Linden Library "groundcover" plants all took to transmogrifying themselves into one ("Grass - tall 1") when the sim restarts. This is pretty annoying because those 1 LI plants, limited as they are, have the very special property of matching the (dynamic) terrain however complex its shape, so there are applications for which there's no practical substitute.

So the problem is how to uproot the contaminated instances and replant them whenever the sim restarts. We can know the plants' UUIDs from the replanting script's object_rez() event, and the uprooting script can llReturnObjectsByID() each of the contaminated ones. Why separate scripts? Well, llReturnObjectByID() only really works when owned by the landowner (so the uprooting script needs to be owned by the landowner), and objects owned by the landowner cannot be returned* so the plants need to be owned by somebody other than the landowner (so the planting script needs to be owned by that non-landowner). And that non-landowner must have the ability to rez Linden plants on the land.

Does anybody see a problem?

[Note: This is as far as I got in 2014. It seemed impractical to have the scripts owned by these two different accounts with different group roles. But turns out there's one more twist beyond "impractical"...]

The non-landowner may have the group Ability to rez Linden plants on group-owned land -- indeed, the group may even grant that Ability to the Everybody role -- but the sim doesn't recognize that scripts owned by that agent set to that group have that Ability unless that agent is present on the sim. So our planter scripts will try unsuccessfully for days to rez a Linden plant until the script owner teleports to the region when it will successfully plant as many as it wants.

Usually we get around this "need to see the agent to know her script's group Abilities" by deeding the scripted object to group, but a nasty Catch-22 in this case: if the object is deeded to the landowning group, objects it rezzes can't be returned by script.
*except by a script in the object itself, and Linden plants can't be scripted.

//end of quoted section

This "working" workaround, then, involves my "sower" alt visiting the restarted sim after my "reaper" script has removed the contaminated plants. It's kind of amazing to watch: as soon as he's teleported into the sim, his sowing script starts rezzing out the Linden groundcovers it was prevented from doing until the sim could confirm by his mere presence that his abilities include rezzing of Linden plants.
Reporter Qie Niangao


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