Molewatch with Marianne McCann, Ace Reporter

Molewatch with Marianne McCann, Ace Reporter


by Marianne McCann

It's... It's... GREEN!

As has become tradition in Bay City, the Moles ran a batch of dye through the pipes in the water filtration plant, turning Daley Bay a lovely emerald green for St. Patrick's Day. It is widely believed that the dye is probably at least 65.9% non-toxic!

The dye has dissipated at this point, returning the water to it's usual dingy brown, er, blue tones.

Our mega thanks to Shaman Linden for making this possible this year.


Often forgotten in Second Life history is that the initial "open beta" of Second Life started in April 2003. I say forgotten, as most point to the joining of the first Resident in March 2002 or the release of Second Life in June 2003 rather than the equally important open beta period.

With Sansar starting into open beta soon, consider where we might be without those early Second Life beta testers.

Above is a map of Second Life during the time of the open beta. The grid had already expanded from its first 16 regions, though not by a whole lot. This was during a brief period of time when new users would rez in in the Ritch region, rather than Natoma (the original new user area) or Ahern (which remained the main welcome area and infohub for much of Second Life's early years)

You won't find many of the landmarks mentioned on this map. The Alphitheater is long gone from Clara, the Atlas Disco (built by Philip Linden himself) and Loop Shack have been out of DaBoom for more than a decade, and the Superstore left Zoe ages and ages ago. Likewise, Outlands Tower is lost to history, as is any trace of the Ritch start area (though you'll find an event calendar that was likely from that era in the basement of the Governor's mansion in Clementina).

If you hunt around Pygar Bu's land in Varney you may find an artifact or two from the days when his land was the Varney Boardwalk, however. Also, much of the boardwalk was resurrected by yours truly and used by the Moles for our own Hairy Hippo Fun Land.

You'll also find parts of the Avatar Central as seen in Natoma, rebuilt in Aqua, while the Stillman Free Bazaar exists to this day. Wild West Town, too, lives on, but in Oak Bluffs instead of Zoe. Much of it was rebuilt by the Moles after the original structures were lost in content loss accidents in the early 2000s.

One more thing: You'll find, to this day, a display of each of the Beta Test avatar names in the Plum region. A tribute to those early virtual world pioneers.

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