Molewatch with Marianne McCann, Ace Reporter

Molewatch with Marianne McCann, Ace Reporter


by Marianne McCann


At the Bay City Alliance first meeting of February, Sylvan Mole, joined by Squishy Mole and Shaman Linden, confirmed rumors that Michael Linden was no longer part of Linden Lab staff. Michael, a staff member for 13+ years, had started as a liaison, then a governance staff member, before settling into his most well-known job as the head of the Linden Department of Public Works, aka the Moles.

Sylvan assured the crowd that the Mole program is continuing even without Michael, as others in the department presumably take on new or altered roles with the LDPW to fill the huge gap left by Michael. Work projects in Bay City will also continue, though (as has become typical) with some delays due to higher priority works such as PaleoQuest and Horizons.

Michael will be missed in Bay City. He, along with the former Blue Linden, shaped this city from its foundations, and he was a quiet but effective steward of Bay City mole projects for years. His fez will be a hard one to fill.


I've mentioned it before, but March marks the "real" birthday of Second Life, with the 13th of March, 2002, being the day Second Life's first resident, Steller Sunshine, walked into the original sixteen regions of LindenWorld, the precursor of Second Life. You can still find items created by Sunshine inworld, and these are amongst the oldest items to be found in Second Life -- and some of the first not made by Linden staff members.

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