The Interview by Uccie Poultry-Seale

The Interview by Uccie Poultry-Seale

As I'm fond of joking, everything on The Grid is a suburb of Bay City. In a sense it is true as you may have noticed that there are quite a few Bay City Alliance members that actually don't live or work in Our Fair City. Take Dahlia Jayaram for example.

Uccie Poultry-Seale: What brought you to Second Life?

Dahlia Jayaram: I first arrived in Second Life in October 2008 out of curiosity to find out if I might be able to find any kind of meaningful employment. In real life I was a jobless student who ran out of money to pay for my tuition, so I was looking for any kind of opportunities I could, and cast my net as far as I could throw it. I didn't know much about Second Life, but I had read about it in a few articles and saw that people could make and sell things, work for companies, and I thought to myself: “Go check it out. As long as it is free to join and you don't spend any money on it, there's no harm to look and find out what possible opportunity might be there.”

UP-S: What brought you to Bay City?

DJ: I don't recall exactly when I first encountered Bay City, but it might have been in 2009 when I followed the road west from Ahern Info Hub until it finally terminated at its furthest western sim at the time (Bay City has expanded westward since that time). From there, I discovered the NCI Infonode Bay City - Dockland, Bay City - Docklands (42, 216, 25), the airport and other interesting places in the area.

UP-S: Everyone in Bay City seems to have a job or favorite activity. What is yours in Our Fair City?

DJ: I don't live or work in Bay City, but I do love to drive through it, thanks to its terrific network of streets. I occasionally test out newly acquired vehicles in the streets to see how they handle. But by far, my favourite activity is simply meeting people wherever I might encounter them along the way, whether I'm out driving or simply attending an event.

UP-S: Do you spend much time outside Bay City?

DJ: Most of my inworld time is spent outside of Bay City. There's simply so much to see and do all across the grid, that Bay City is naturally just a small part of the greater grid landscape.

UP-S: What advice would you give to someone looking to move to Bay City?

DJ: Everyone has their own personal interests, style and financial abilities, and I don't know any specific information about residential prices in Bay City, but I would say to anyone interested in moving to Bay City to simply take time to scout out the full region for the range of opportunities that might be available both currently and in the potential future, compare the costs verses the allowable prims and other features and choose what speaks to their aesthetic preferences and financial abilities best.

UP-S: Bay City is not like typical Mainland, of course, but what do you think of the "wild frontier" outside Bay City?

DJ: There is certainly a vast and wide range of “wild” out beyond Bay City's borders, ranging both in terms of geography as well as activities. I think whatever you are looking for, there is a good probability that you'll be able to find it. I think having the opportunity to experience those places is important because life is all about having the opportunity to discover new things and learn from your experiences. You become a deeper, richer person due to the wealth of experiences you have.

UP-S: Do you consider your Second Life persona a "character" or a representation of who you are in Real Life?

DJ: My Second Life self reflects my real life interests, goals, curiosities, and pleasures whether or not I am able or even interested in doing all those same things in real life that I do in Second Life. For example, I like swimming and sailing in Second Life, but you wouldn't catch me doing that in real life because I can't swim and I'm afraid of sharks!

UP-S: Do you have a philosophy for Second Life?

DJ: My philosophy for Second Life is to enjoy it for all that it is. Follow your interests wherever they take you, learn about yourself from what you like and don't like to do, enjoy meeting/making friends with like-minded people, and to remember that we are all people here, so be respectful to treat people the way you would like to be treated yourself, if not better.

UP-S: What is ONE thing should anyone not looking in your Profile know about you?

DJ: I care about people.

UP-S: Any last thoughts you'd like to add?

DJ: I have many interests and do a wide variety of things in Second Life. People interested to know more can visit my Second Life profile for some web site links, including , , and Many people know about me through my travel adventures. I chronicled much of it in periodic installments via my blog at and also in books I wrote that are free to read at about my sailing and hot air balloon adventures as I traversed the continents. My hot air balloon exploration through Bay City is included in my book “The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Sansara” on pages 14-18.

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