The Interview by Uccie Poultry-Seale

The Interview by Uccie Poultry-Seale

The other day I was moderating comments on my blog when a guy named Phil went off on me, cursing and causing a ruckus. I had to delete and block comments on my Mole Day post ( but I got into a good conversation and invited Phil to join Second Life then grabbed him for The Interview!

Uccie Poultry-Seale: What brought you to Second Life?
Punxsutawney Phil: I saw a some blog post about a Mole Day last year and it was being held on my day. This year, I saw the same celebration encroaching on my day again, so I wanted to see what it was about.

UP-S: What brought you to Bay City?
PP: This is where the big party will be, right? Saturday, February 4th, from 11 AM to 1 PM (SL time), I read. And there's entertainment. DJ GoSpeed of KONA Stream to start followed by a live performance by Oblee (Obleoinkment Wrigglesworth) at Noon.

UP-S: Everyone in Bay City seems to have a job or favorite activity. What is yours in Our Fair City?
PP: I don't have one. I'm pretty busy back at my burrow in Pennsylvania. Maybe after the big day I'll stick around and see what's shakin'.

UP-S: Do you spend much time outside Bay City?
PP: Well, DUH! I just got here!! But I will explore once I figure out why all these moles are digging groundhog holes all around town.

UP-S: What advice would you give to someone looking to move to Bay City?
PP: Dig down about 3 meters, lay a concrete slab, then put the fill back. That should keep all those moles from digging around and putting holes in your property.

UP-S: Bay City is not like typical Mainland, of course, but what do you think of the "wild frontier" outside Bay City?
PP: I haven't seen it yet, Still looking about in Bay City, but from what I see on Kinnaird's blog (, it looks great!

UP-S: Do you consider your Second Life persona a "character" or a representation of who you are in Real Life?
PP: Since I'm not the original Punxsutawney Phil (legend says I'm immortal, but there's a new one every 6-9 years, really), I'm more of a character. And many towns have a groundhog. It seems Bay City is at least a little original, what with Moles, and all.

UP-S: Do you have a philosophy for Second Life?
PP: Winter comes, Winter goes. Windlight is forever.

UP-S: What ONE thing should anyone not looking in your Profile know about you?
PP: Profile? Is that like Facebook? Check

UP-S: Any last thoughts you'd like to add?
PP: Happy Mole Day, Bay City! Now how about pouring one out for a groundhog, too?

See? Another satisfied Second Lifer thanks to Social Media! Do you have an SL blog and want to tell me about it? Contact Uccello Poultry (Display Name varies) to set up an interview!

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