EversNight! Be Prepared!

We are heading toward the craziest day, and night, in our Fine City. Evers Night!

Last year, on April the first, large portions of or fine city ended up in ashes. Large fires were raging everywhere. The Bay City Police department and the Bay City Fire department were busy doing their best, supplying sufficient petrol to the ones in need.

The reason why things suddenly catch fire is still a mystery. It is suggested that the secret cult of Ever fools set things on fire.

This year it is expected that not only our Fine City will be caught in a tornado of fires but that also on several sub continents prims could be turned into ashes.

The Sansara Border Protection Unit has been seen setting up bubbly foam barriers to stop fires entering the ageing continent.

In anticipation the Mayori (tinm) has been seen escaping our Fine City leaving us helpless.
I'm away

If you happen to see the Ever fools, avoid any contact, stay indoors and barricade the doors. Keep a water-hose, or a fire-extinguisher, and a first-aid-kit ready.

Bolt down anything outside, benches, cat, dogs, cows, chickens, garden chairs and anything that can be moved or can take fire.

Please do not run with scissors, swim with sharks or drink Bay City Brew. Don't be an Ever fool.

You can help the Bay City Post by posting pictures on the feed, anything related to Eversnight. Please inform the editor of the Bay City Post (Vick Forcella) of your picture.

Eversnight is to celebrate the life of Ever Dreamscape and ya bet ya she will be watching you setting things on fire! Let it be known that Ever Dreamscape lit a fire in Bay City.
Get your insurance now!
Be safe, don't be an Ever fool.
Editor Vick Forcella

Bay City Post, Edition 85

Welcome to the eightyfifth edition of the Bay City Post!
Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid!

The Bay City Post Reporters begged for some free time, so they can prepare for Eversnight on April the First but your lead editor has used all his abilities to push for high quality work and send in their best for this edition. All this for you dear readers.

They can barricade their houses and install new sprinkler systems after this publication.
In this edition we have for you

Our know-it-all Qie Niangao found a new way to copy/paste, with talking prims.

This time Dakota found a special spot. Find it!

Our historian Marianne McCann describes in this last edition the design and building of our Fine City. 
Thank you Marianne for writing these articles on how our City came to be!

Our police never has time to relax so our officer of police, Thomas Hooker, describes. They went around town to serve and protect. Let's just not talk about Lirpa.

Though each Thursday a Rumble is organized, this one was different. There were bugs involved, and rust.

Our explorer extraordinaire, Dakota Schwade, found herself in a world with strange signs and games, and was distracted.

Your editor looks back at one year minus a month.

Edition 84 is still available in our archive.
We have to point out April the First, Eversnight. Please prepare for this event! Some silly residents see this as a good moment to set fire to their buildings, run around with scissors and swim with hungry sharks.
Do not join these silly people!
Barricade your doors! Get a set of fire extinguishers! Lock yourselves in-doors and don't call the police or the fire department as they won't lift a finger to help you, unless you need some petrol.
Just so you know.
Our local resident Marianne McCann her rezday has surpassed her age, again, last February 22nd.
How it all began
As you can read in the Police and Fire Blotter this has caused some severe traffic problems. The party that was thrown at her had a deep impact.
Image: Kennylex Luckless
The large amount of root beer has affected Marianne her ability to chair the Bay City Alliance, she had to skip a meeting to recover.
Image Pygar Bu
Image Thomas Hooker
At this very moment there is something going on, some event, for the American Cancer Society.
I tried to search and search but I can not find a thread of info about it. One thing I do know, a new style of Linden Homes is being presented there as well. Hop on over. When I have time I'll do the same.
Edit to add. More info about the event is available on Inara her blog.
News just came in that Torley Linden is no longer working for Linden Lab. We have been missing him for quite some time, he was working for Sansar and created music for some breathtaking experiences.
Our friend and inspirational inspirator, that is inspiring, will remain active with music. He predicts Iceland will win the Eurovision Song Contest for this year.
Thank you Torley for making our world an amazing place, helping us each step of the way! Keep your account and stick around Torley!
Don't mind me, I have cleaning to do.

Editor Vick Forcella

Reading of Bay City Post being for longevity and health for all family!

Slow Inventory Saves a Step

Perhaps you, like me, find yourself copying the contents of one object into another, for example to move a whole bunch of animations from one piece of furniture into a new one. Out of habit, I've always done this by first copying everything into my own Inventory, then back out to the other object. This is really slow and prone to failure. Some third party viewers have a way to make it a little more reliable, but it's still pretty painful.

Thanks to particularly sluggish Inventory services I recently realized that this was a silly extra step: All I really need to do is copy the contents directly, object to object. So here's a script that does that (read the comments for some caveats and options about how it works):

Simple little script to copy the contents of this prim to another, identified by key in textbox
To get the key to put in that textbox, can use Firestorm's "Copy Keys" button in the Build Tool editor or drop this trivial script into the target object:

default { state_entry() { llOwnerSay((string)llGetKey()); } }

Unfortunately (and weirdly) I don't know a way for a script to get the permissions on a rezzed object, so this will try to copy to anything the toucher owns, which won't work for no-mod targets. This expects both the sending and recipient objects to be owned by the toucher.

Some special cases might make sense with other owners, but lots of ways for that to cause trouble, too. Can theoretically use something like this to give contents to an avatar
but as written it would wait 2 seconds between items. Some TPVs have built-in means of doing this reliably.

Could use llGiveInventoryList() to make it faster, but that can't work at all for no-copy,
which would mean a hybrid approach, much like product unpacking scripts.


// Scripts would arrive confusingly NOT running (use TRUE to copy them anyway, including THIS script,

// but then will need to either recompile them or take target object into inventory and re-rez it.)


// It could damage the sender; use TRUE to do it anyway, but that won't work if copying to an attachment

integer listenHandle;



touch_start(integer num_detected)


key toucher = llDetectedKey(0);

if (llGetOwner() != toucher)


llRegionSayTo(toucher, 0, "You need to own this object to copy its contents");




integer chan = -1000000000 - (integer)llFrand(1000000000);

llListen(chan, "", toucher, "");

llTextBox(toucher, "Key (UUID) of recipient object?", chan);


listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string text)


key target = (key)text;

if (NULL_KEY == target)

llRegionSayTo(id, 0, "Sorry, that's not a valid key");


if (id != llGetOwnerKey(target))

llRegionSayTo(id, 0, "Sorry, you don't own that object");



integer inv = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_ALL);

while (--inv >= 0)


string invName = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ALL, inv);

if (COPY_SCRIPTS || (INVENTORY_SCRIPT != llGetInventoryType(invName)))


if (! (PERM_COPY & llGetInventoryPermMask(invName, MASK_OWNER)))


llGiveInventory(target, invName);


llRegionSayTo(id, 0, "Skipping no-copy contents: "+invName);


llGiveInventory(target, invName);



llRegionSayTo(id, 0, llGetScriptName()+": Done");



Reporter Qie Niangao

Where Could Dakota Be?

Most had no idea where to find Dakota last month but the more experienced residents knew exactly where she was hiding.

This is where she was: 
Who: Bay City Alliance & Linden Lab
What: Bay City Fairgrounds
Where: NorthChannel

Well done you searchers!
This month Dakota is at a place that the older residents of our Fine City could know....
Help us find Dakota!
Use Twitter, the Feed, E-mail and IM's to help us, or get hints.
Reporter Dakota Schwade

History: The Road To Bay City Part 6: From Infinity To Prim

(....continuation from part 5)

At the end of 2007, Second Life was booming. Millions had flooded into Second Life over the year, and big business was setting up shop. You could find Reuters, American Apparel, NBC, and Playboy rubbing shoulders with Canimal, Bare Rose, and other Second Life brands of the time.

Likewise, the Second Life Mainland could not be minted fast enough, as the Nautilus and Corsica continents took shape, and work began on the Gaeta continent. Everyone was looking for their pot of gold, just behind a particle rainbow.

It was Jack Linden, then in charge of land in Second life, who came up with an idea for a double-prim, themed urban area. A new take on what was already in Nova Albion, but as Michael Linden put it, with "a more harmonious look to it."

It was Michael and Blue Linden who were tasked with this urban area project, a counterpoint to the endless rolling hills of the then-ongoing mainland expansion.

They considered many different styles, though it was Jack who is credited with finally hitting the nail on the head: art deco. All three agreed that this was the theme to move on.

But I’m getting ahead of myself again.

Part of the plan for this city was with expansion in mind. Like the rest of the burgeoning Mainland, the goal was to make it easier to grow the city as needed, taking on regions from some preset roads and canals, allowing for quick additions with minimal work.

But they also wanted to avoid making things feel too repetitive. As explained in this very publication in 2015 (after opening the link search for Wuznu Pussycat), the goal was to avoid a grid layout, allowing for "a more organic, creative type of neighbourhood."

Blue created a concept involving four regions. Infinite City was born: a block of four regions that defined the basic layout of the city’s roads and canals so that each could easily and quickly connect with each other no matter which region's layout was connected to which.
Infinite City: the four map tiles that would serve as a template for the city project
Michael would further refine this, taking the basics of Infinite City and giving them form, creating the parcels for these four regions, and defining where parcels would be.

And yes, around this time, the name of this city takes shape: Bay City.
Early forms of what would become Bay City. Eagle-eyed readers may find some distinct locations that never came to be
The parceling was key, too: Much like Nova Albion, Infinite city was to be double-prim Mainland, allowing for more intricate builds than elsewhere. I suspect the hope was that people would be able to build bigger, taller city structures in the era where prims were still king and land impact was much, much tighter.

To allow for this "prim bonus," however, more than half the land had to be kept in Linden Lab's hands, with those builds being somewhat half of the average land impact. This would be the roads, the canals, the parks, and anything contained on them.
The art deco theme would be further refined by Blue and Michael, both of which had a distinct interest in the look and feel of this new city. With "art deco" as the basis, they expanded on this in the blog post announcing this area to the public on 22 February, 2008, saying, "The style is the American urban experience, between 1940 and 1965, perhaps best typified by Chicago circa 1950 and marked by a distinct deco influence."

You can see that in the builds they initially provided in the city, such as the Bayjou Theater, Hot Balls" bowling alley, and Cafe Deco. Even the industrial park, shown below being towered over by Blue Linden, shows a distinctly urban waterfront.
Blue Linden, the large dragon-like monster avatar - stomps around the maquette for the industrial park
And yes, one cannot deny the involvement of both Blue and Michael, with the latter's interest in trains and airships helping the city gain a trolley, water trolley, and balloon system, and the former's key involvement in Americana leading Bay City to have its own Route 66 cutting through the city.

The city opened to preview on the 8th of May, 2008. A second copy of Bay City was also added to what was then "Teen Second Life." This eventually would become the Westside of Bay City after TSL closed.

As Bay City began, Second Life itself was changing. Two months after Bay City was announced, Linden Lab founder Philip Linden would step down as CEO, handing the reins to Mark Kingdon, aka M Linden. Prims were soon to be unseated as the content of choice as Qarl Linden's sculpties became a quick and very dirty way to get simple mesh-like content into Second Life. Second Life's Fifth Birthday -- a watershed moment that stands as the end of Second Life's "early days" -- would also be announced just days after the Bay City preview would begin.

There were bigger things afoot, too. the global economy would take a downturn in 2008, and we'd see Second Life effected as the rapid expansion cooled. Land barons who had once gobbled up mainland would contract a bit, with many focusing on the brand-new city, grabbing parcels and flipping them between each other, leading to the high prices the city still commands today.

Still, I can't help but wonder what may have happened: places like Squishybottom’s Roadhouse in Wellfleet Harbor had been planned to be used as music venues, The Bayjou Theater was intended to be a machinima showcase, and even Hot Balls was planned for "league night" bowling. Plans that never came to be.

Blue Linden was laid off from the lab as part of a larger series of lay-offs at the end of M Linden's tenure, just two years later. Jack would follow, moving onto work elsewhere. Michael, too, would leave the lab a few years later.

What about Bay City? It still thrives to this day, the product of years of innovation in Second Life, and home to a vibrant community much like those of its forebears.
Art for an unused "welcome sign" for Bay City, provided by Blue Linden
Reporter Historian Marianne McCann

Police and Fire Blotter

February 2nd
Route 66 was closed today due to Bay City's annual Mole Day celebration at the Bay City Fairgrounds. Residents from all across the Grid flocked to Bay City for the event. At one point, large cotton swabs were brought out by the Moles in attendance much to the befuddlement of several others. After a time, strange music was heard playing, and one person in the crowd shouted "Bring out the Lirpa" at which point the Chief of Police was seen twitching and started to leave. One person overheard him mumbling "No, Not again..." as he headed for his car.

February 9th
Bay City Police, along with the Sansara National Guard, responded to reports of an automated device hovering above the Bay City Fairgrounds. The device was discovered to be a robot that had escaped from it's home location. Due to the unknown nature of the device, steps were taken to have it removed from the Fairgrounds and taken away for further study. Neither the SNG or the BCPD were willing to comment on where the device was taken.

February 13th
Nearby residents reported hearing sounds of a large battle near the Bay City Fairgrounds. When called, the Bay City Police Dispatcher replied that it was a training exercise and there was nothing to worry about. Several residents were seen flying Warbugs as part of the Bay City Rumble. At the end of the night, Clockwork Puppet, also known as "The Rusty Baron" was the clear champion.

February 22nd
A large crowd gathered in Mashpee at The Pen for a Rez Day party. While there were no complaints by any neighbours, as they were all at the party, the Bay City Police were seen responding. In a break from what would normally be expected, rather than issue a citation or ask that the noise be lowered, the Chief of Police was seen opening the trunk of his patrol car and bringing out gifts for the Rez Day Girl. Members of Bay City's Emergency Services offer Ms McCann a Happy, though belated, Rez Day as most could not attend the party due to scheduling conflicts.

February 23rd
Sections of roadway in Mashpee were shut down for a few hours as cleanup crews parked along the streets to clean from the last night's party at The Pen. One of the workers was overheard complaining about how there is never any parking available in the city.
Reporter Thomas Hooker

Warbug Rumble

Most Thursdays the Bay City Alliance organizes the Bay City Rumble. We fly, race boats, race cars and demolish things. Each week there is a different lead for the rumble. It is great fun and if you can, try it out.
On one bright Thursday, February 13th, the Bay City Fairgrounds was (were?) transformed into an airfield. Marianne McCann had the lead of this rumble and there is one thing the little resident loves, airplanes. For this Rumble she wanted to celebrate two things. One was a special video named Aviation Made InSecond Life where she narrated the video and second is a special edition of Warbugs with a Warbug designed by her.
Warbugs are tiny caricatures of planes that can shoot and be damaged. On a board the score can be read out and winners and less fortunates can be listed. The Warbugs have exceptional flying capabilities. It gives rezzers so that visitors can use them.
This Rumble was to be with Warbugs.
As expected the Rumble participants went out first to try out their dangerous flying machines. Next the real battle took place. The airplanes went up, and down, machineguns rattled, planes were hit and stumbled to the airfield to be repaired. Others flew out of control and buried themselves deep into the ground or tried diving the deep seas.
At the end of the carnage one rusty citizen, in need of oil, was victorious, Felix Eldritch.
Keep an eye out for future Rumbles and join us! Everybody is welcome!
Images Thomas Hooker, Sheree Honeyflower, Fenix Eldritch
Reporter Vick Forcella

Bay City Cruis'n

It was late, and it was dark. Very dark. And yet I continued driving around Bay City. Where was I headed? I don't remember ...

It's time to take a break. Stopped, I glanced down a street and saw "Coffee." I'd prefer a hot chocolate, but decided to investigate anyway.
Who: Joji Bluebird (jojibluebird Resident) & Keiko Zoon
What: Ukiyo
I found myself in a neighborhood of small buildings collectively named "Ukiyo" -- meaning a “floating world” which attempts to impart a feeling of being present and mindful of the current moment, unbothered by stress.

Ah, mindful of the current moment ... where are the snacks? Oh, there they are!
Light was returning to the sky as I exited a sweets shop. Immediately adjacent to Ukiyo was something interesting. A train?
Who: Joji Bluebird (jojibluebird Resident) & Keiko Zoon
What: The Anchor Bar
It's not a train, it's an establishment with a hollow train used as a performance stage. The theme is "Party Everyday."

What I really enjoyed finding were the various multi-player games strewn about. Checkers, Chess, Crossword, Truth or Dare, and some unique Mad Pea games as well.
That's it for this cruise through Bay City.

I hope to see you on the road. Happy motoring!
Reporter Dakota Schwade


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