Warbug Rumble

Most Thursdays the Bay City Alliance organizes the Bay City Rumble. We fly, race boats, race cars and demolish things. Each week there is a different lead for the rumble. It is great fun and if you can, try it out.
On one bright Thursday, February 13th, the Bay City Fairgrounds was (were?) transformed into an airfield. Marianne McCann had the lead of this rumble and there is one thing the little resident loves, airplanes. For this Rumble she wanted to celebrate two things. One was a special video named Aviation Made InSecond Life where she narrated the video and second is a special edition of Warbugs with a Warbug designed by her.
Warbugs are tiny caricatures of planes that can shoot and be damaged. On a board the score can be read out and winners and less fortunates can be listed. The Warbugs have exceptional flying capabilities. It gives rezzers so that visitors can use them.
This Rumble was to be with Warbugs.
As expected the Rumble participants went out first to try out their dangerous flying machines. Next the real battle took place. The airplanes went up, and down, machineguns rattled, planes were hit and stumbled to the airfield to be repaired. Others flew out of control and buried themselves deep into the ground or tried diving the deep seas.
At the end of the carnage one rusty citizen, in need of oil, was victorious, Felix Eldritch.
Keep an eye out for future Rumbles and join us! Everybody is welcome!
Images Thomas Hooker, Sheree Honeyflower, Fenix Eldritch
Reporter Vick Forcella

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