Somehow it feels like coming full circle.

When I volunteered to awaken the Bay City Post from it's deep sleep my motivation was to bring back something that was one of the most visible artefacts of Bay City. The City wasn't complete without it.
I volunteered long before I received the keys to the building. Must have been December, November, of 2018 when I gave my resumé. Due to reasons unknown, and they are none of my business, it took some time.

I assumed I had to do it all myself. I started with cutting and pasting posts as announced in this post.
My idea was to make publications based on label, for that I had to move old posts and add labels.It was a lot of work but my idea turned out to work. 

I think, but am not sure, that this method is less work to maintain.

While lubricating the presses I was contacted by the old reporters, one at a time, they wanted to help out!
Suddenly I had Thomas, Qie, Dakota and Marianne helping me. Great!
Confident we started writing what resulted in the first real publication of our team.
That was one year and one month ago.

Though I have stared at empty pages many times before I started as editor, it still is a challenge to create something from nothing, for others to enjoy.

It's not coming full circle, as that would mean I would stop. I won't and you are stuck with me for some time to come.

Thank you Thomas, Qie, Dakota, Marianne and Roc!!!
Thank you all the readers for your support!!
Thank you Ever
Editor Vick Forcella

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