Bay City Cruis'n

It was late, and it was dark. Very dark. And yet I continued driving around Bay City. Where was I headed? I don't remember ...

It's time to take a break. Stopped, I glanced down a street and saw "Coffee." I'd prefer a hot chocolate, but decided to investigate anyway.
Who: Joji Bluebird (jojibluebird Resident) & Keiko Zoon
What: Ukiyo
I found myself in a neighborhood of small buildings collectively named "Ukiyo" -- meaning a “floating world” which attempts to impart a feeling of being present and mindful of the current moment, unbothered by stress.

Ah, mindful of the current moment ... where are the snacks? Oh, there they are!
Light was returning to the sky as I exited a sweets shop. Immediately adjacent to Ukiyo was something interesting. A train?
Who: Joji Bluebird (jojibluebird Resident) & Keiko Zoon
What: The Anchor Bar
It's not a train, it's an establishment with a hollow train used as a performance stage. The theme is "Party Everyday."

What I really enjoyed finding were the various multi-player games strewn about. Checkers, Chess, Crossword, Truth or Dare, and some unique Mad Pea games as well.
That's it for this cruise through Bay City.

I hope to see you on the road. Happy motoring!
Reporter Dakota Schwade

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