Slow Inventory Saves a Step

Perhaps you, like me, find yourself copying the contents of one object into another, for example to move a whole bunch of animations from one piece of furniture into a new one. Out of habit, I've always done this by first copying everything into my own Inventory, then back out to the other object. This is really slow and prone to failure. Some third party viewers have a way to make it a little more reliable, but it's still pretty painful.

Thanks to particularly sluggish Inventory services I recently realized that this was a silly extra step: All I really need to do is copy the contents directly, object to object. So here's a script that does that (read the comments for some caveats and options about how it works):

Simple little script to copy the contents of this prim to another, identified by key in textbox
To get the key to put in that textbox, can use Firestorm's "Copy Keys" button in the Build Tool editor or drop this trivial script into the target object:

default { state_entry() { llOwnerSay((string)llGetKey()); } }

Unfortunately (and weirdly) I don't know a way for a script to get the permissions on a rezzed object, so this will try to copy to anything the toucher owns, which won't work for no-mod targets. This expects both the sending and recipient objects to be owned by the toucher.

Some special cases might make sense with other owners, but lots of ways for that to cause trouble, too. Can theoretically use something like this to give contents to an avatar
but as written it would wait 2 seconds between items. Some TPVs have built-in means of doing this reliably.

Could use llGiveInventoryList() to make it faster, but that can't work at all for no-copy,
which would mean a hybrid approach, much like product unpacking scripts.


// Scripts would arrive confusingly NOT running (use TRUE to copy them anyway, including THIS script,

// but then will need to either recompile them or take target object into inventory and re-rez it.)


// It could damage the sender; use TRUE to do it anyway, but that won't work if copying to an attachment

integer listenHandle;



touch_start(integer num_detected)


key toucher = llDetectedKey(0);

if (llGetOwner() != toucher)


llRegionSayTo(toucher, 0, "You need to own this object to copy its contents");




integer chan = -1000000000 - (integer)llFrand(1000000000);

llListen(chan, "", toucher, "");

llTextBox(toucher, "Key (UUID) of recipient object?", chan);


listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string text)


key target = (key)text;

if (NULL_KEY == target)

llRegionSayTo(id, 0, "Sorry, that's not a valid key");


if (id != llGetOwnerKey(target))

llRegionSayTo(id, 0, "Sorry, you don't own that object");



integer inv = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_ALL);

while (--inv >= 0)


string invName = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ALL, inv);

if (COPY_SCRIPTS || (INVENTORY_SCRIPT != llGetInventoryType(invName)))


if (! (PERM_COPY & llGetInventoryPermMask(invName, MASK_OWNER)))


llGiveInventory(target, invName);


llRegionSayTo(id, 0, "Skipping no-copy contents: "+invName);


llGiveInventory(target, invName);



llRegionSayTo(id, 0, llGetScriptName()+": Done");



Reporter Qie Niangao

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