Bay City Post, Edition 77

Just like the previous edition of the Bay City Post this edition is packed full of news.
Second Life 16th Birthday (SL16B)
The celebrations will go on till July the 8th so there isn't much time left to give it a visit and explore.
There are so many blogs that are reporting about SL16B that we can't compete, all we can do is show you some highlights.

As hinted in the last edition new Linden Homes are presented. The theme is Caravanning and Trailers. It looks lovely! My guess it that they will be placed in the in-lands of Bellisseria. Get sun-cream and bug-spray.

Images of the Bay City Exhibit

Thomas Hooker reports about the Bellisseria Pavilion

The Rocket City Pavilion visited by Vick.

Happy birthday Second Life!
Toxic Taco causes problems (again), Roc steps in.

Thomas Hooker reports the activities of the Police and Fire dept.

It is only true when the Mayori (tinm) approves

Dakota Schwade goes to the Center of our Fine City

Qie Niangau is getting touchy, but that's a thing of perspective

Astronomy at it's finest, only in Bay City

Health and Safety Statement
This edition is made without added sugar and fat. It is free of lactose and aluminium salts.
It is safe to read. Trust me, I am an expert.
Editor Vick Forcella
Linden Lab has just send out a mailing announcing Tilia and the future position it will take, and where we stand. The discovery of Tilia was make by someone you could know. You can read about that in Inara Pey her blog. Tilia was expected to arrive and it's nothing to worry about. The same things are done in the same way by the same people at the same company. Just under a new name that is a bit detached from Second Life. Tilia is the Latin name for Linden tree.

SL16B Bay City

The Bay City Pavilion at SL16B presents Bay City and it's community.

It is a colourful display of various artefacts that shows people and their interests. There is an interactive map of Bay City, the temporary office of the editor of the Bay City Post and comfortable seating.

It has been created by ArgonTheDevil Ormega, GoSpeed Racer, Fabiana Castello, Thomas Hooker, Pygar Bu, Vick Forcella, Evola Courtois, Dakota Schwade, Marianne McCann, Qie Niangao and many others.

Following is a photo impression.

Reporter Vick Forcella

SL16B Bellisseria

The Bellisseria Community group is ran by a local resident of Bellisseria, MarkusBrant. The group is for residents and visitors of Bellisseria to come together as a community. We have many events organized by the community, as well as ongoing events such as the Bellisseria Community Parade of Homes.

The Exhibit for SL16B was created as a joint project between ThomasHooker, MarkusBrant, Talisien Llewellyn, and Script Alchemi. A special thanks goes out to the Bellisseria Community who made it all possible.
The building was inspired by the Newport Balboa Savings and Loan building, and was made by ThomasHooker to blend in with the neighbouring Bay City exhibit. The exhibit contains information about various groups in Bellisseria, including local talent, events, and some very special characters from the community. There is a wall with photos contributed by residents, as well as several gifts made by MarkusBrant.

At the counter, you can pick up a Travelers Hud and a hud for our Parade of Homes.
The Bellisseria Community Parade of Homes started as a group chat where people wanted a way to show that they opened their homes for visitors. It has since grown to feature homes from across Bellisseria in a hud ran by Script Alchemi. Residents who wish to be a part of this are all welcome, and can be added or removed at any time they wish. The system is ran by a database, so it is constantly up to date.

The Bellisseria Community group has a website full of useful information, including resident made additions to the Linden Homes, as well as a list of places of interest around

You can also find our Flickr full of the wonderful photos taken by residents and visitors.
Reporter Thomas Hooker

SL16B Rocket City

The Rocket City Pavilion at SL16B is more or less a copy of the actual building in Rocket City. It was placed there by Bunny Halberd.

There are cookies and cake!

Rocket City is a place where furries, people that are unsure about their identity, and others can meet. It is a PG community that finds it's origins at the Rocket City FurMeet where furries meet in RL.

It consists of two regions of mostly wooded area for relaxing and is listed in the Destination Guide. There is a rocket.

Following a photo impression of the SL16B pavilion.

Reporter Vick Forcella

Bay City Historic Pavilion Avoids Demolition

Short version,
The owner of the ToxicTaco has sold the Bay City Historic Pavilion to Roc Plutonian. Roc decided to keep it as it is and gave permission to update the collection.

Long version,
The owner of the Toxic Taco (we won't mention Sylvia her name) has had some severe legal problems after clients became very sick while running around a building that was on fire. This happened not once, not twice, but numerous times. The clients came together and started a joint lawsuit.

It was proven that the food at the Toxic Taco is dangerous to eat. It has near lethal quantities of capsaicin in it. On the Scoville scale the mildest food wares would peak at a value of 17,000,000,000.

During legal proceedings one of the judges tried part of the menu. She was never found back.
To nobodies surprise the owner of the Toxic Taco was ordered to pay a large, undisclosed, ridiculously big amount of money to the former clients.

Due to this the owner of the Toxic Taco went instantly very poor and had to sell the Bay City Historic Pavilion.

Now the odd thing is, whey didn't the owner sell the Toxic Taco?
One of our reporters is a frequent visitor of The Kaasfactorij and there is a secret lookout point, we can't talk about because it's secret, and from there it has been observed that Jeogeot colonialists bring in smuggled goods from Wellfleet Harbor to the Toxic Taco for further resell into our Fair City.

Of course this is all gossip and there is no factual evidence, as far as we know.
Once you get into the claws of the Jeageot colonists it's hard to get out.

The Bay City Historic Pavilion is just across the street of the Bay City Post offices at Dennis. It holds a unique collection of items that are related to the history of Bay City.
There are posters, small items and there is even a plane on display.

Demolition was about to start. Roc Plutonian stood in front of the JCB diggers and ordered the crew to stop. He single-handedly stopped work and negotiated that the building and it's content would stay just where it is.

Be sure to give it a visit!
Bay City Historic Pavilion
From unknown funds the Toxic Taco has had an interior update. Probably insurance money. If you can avoid the food give them a visit!

Great and massive thanks to Roc Plutonian for saving the Bay City Historic Pavilion!
Reporter Vick Forcella

Police and Fire Blotter

June 7th
Police responded to a noise complaint regarding a hawk in a tree that the called thought was in distress. When police arrived, the hawk was quiet and enjoying dinner.

June 12th
A landlord/tenant dispute involving "assault with frozen food" was reported. BCFD paramedics were heard saying "At least it wasn't anything from the Toxic Taco".

June 17th
A driver stuck a tree in a private driveway, pulled forward and struck a parked vehicle, backed up and struck a second vehicle, tried again and struck a third vehicle, then pulled forward and struck the first vehicle a second time. Several bottles were found in the vehicle from the Bay City Brewery. The suspect was arrested for driving under the influence.

June 22nd
A large crowd gathered on North Channel after pamphlets were posted all over town. During the gathering, Michael the Moleman proclaimed himself Emperor. The BCPD was on hand to perform crowd control. After several hours, revellers were escorted out of the area despite the protest of wanting more of the "Free beer." The Chief of Police advised the new Emperor that maybe next time to wait until after his speech to open the bar.

June 24th
Police were called to assist when an announcement about new homes was interrupted by a heckler from the audience. Officers arrived in time to see a mole tackle the heckler and drag him away to an unknown location. The responding officers refused to take chase, citing officer safety and the mole tunnels being scary places for mortals to wander.
Reporter Thomas Hooker

Michael, Emperor of Bay City!

The Bay City Post has received this press release,

date: June 20
contact: vickforcella (at) gmail (dot) com


"At the peremptory request of a large majority of the citizens of Bay City, I, Michael The Moleman, formerly of Barcola, Miramare, Sistiana and Grignano, and now for the past eleven years and one month of Bay City, declare and proclaim myself Emperor of these United Regions, and in virtue of the authority thereby in me vested, do hereby order and direct the representatives of the different regions to assemble at the Bay City Fairgrounds at North Channel of this city on the 22nd day of June next, then and there to make such alterations in the existing laws of these regions as may ameliorate the evils under which the country is laboring, and thereby cause confidence to exist, both at home and abroad, in our stability and integrity."


“Michael I, Emperor of Bay City"

This was also released and spread across Bay City as a pamphlet.
The Bay City Post was not able to publish this before June the 22nd.

On June the 22nd there has been a crowd at the Bay City Fairground and we assume that Michael the Moleman was the cause of that gathering. Though the Bay City Police Force was at hand we are unsure what has happened there and I call upon attendants to report this to me. There was beer involved?

I reached out to Michael. As expected he didn't say much except he now demands to be spoken to as Emperor Michael The First.

City officials refused to comment on the situation. Even the Mayori (tinm) waved away our reporters as she walked to the community centre. During the Bay City Alliance meeting the attendants were baffled, stunned.
Sylvia Templeton Broek (Sylvia Tamalyn): so.... now we address all complaints to the new emporer?
Engineer Argon (ArgontheDevil Ormega): looks up how to build a guilllotine
Mitch Merricks: If the emporer needs new cloths, I know a place
Sylvia Templeton Broek (Sylvia Tamalyn): "i got a lotta problems with you people, and now you are gonna hear about it!"

No official statement was given. After the meeting fires broke out behind the Community Center and the Bay City Fire Brigade went to work to save the day.

Emperor Michael The First seems to trust me. If you have questions or remarks please contact the editor of the Bay City Post.
Reporter Vick Forcella

Bay City Cruisin'

The biggest party on the grid in June of 2019 was Second Life's 16th Birthday (SL16B). You may have wandered its many regions of content and come to the conclusion that it was a celebration of community. And I believe you would be correct.

That prompted me to visit one of the focal points of Bay City's active community.
Who: Hyper Mole, on behalf of the Bay City Alliance
What: Bay City Community Center
Where: Daley Bay 

Located on the main road through town, Route 66, this destination fits the theme of Bay City.

As the description states, it is: "The home to local community and commerce, the Bay City Community Center features information for anyone seeking to learn about life in the city by the bay. Also features the meeting space for the Bay City Alliance."

Inside you can find souvenir items, view a map that indicates the location of various modes of city transportation, obtain landmarks to points of interest, and get Bay City textures courtesy of the Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW).
Out back is the meeting area, and a display of "The First Nickel" which was created as an early demonstration of image clarity.
At the end of my visit to the Community Center, I exited through the main doors onto Route 66 and saw something directly across the street that caught my eye.
Who: Grappa Romano
What: Bay City Good Time Cafe
Where: Bay City- Argos
Hmmm, a bit of Christmas in July?

There is a radio station streaming here. Click the dance ball and spend some time with your friends. There is ample seating as well.
That's it for this cruise through Bay City.

I hope to see you on the road. Happy motoring!
Reporter Dakota Schwade

Curiously Consistent

Scripters are very accustomed to differences between the way things appear in the viewer and the way they're represented sim-side. For example, the common non-physical "smooth rotation" effect, generated by the llTargetOmega LSL function, only happens viewer-side; the simulator only knows the spinning object has the property but it doesn't keep track of how far the object has spun.

A very active senior contributor to the Scripting forum, Rolig Loon, recently noticed that the simulation seems to know more than it should about where the object has rotated, based on how a script can take advantage of its current VISIBLE rotation using the llDetectedTouchNormal function. How is this possible?

Details and sample scripts demonstrating the effects are in Rolig's forum thread.

As the discussion developed, it became clear that the llDetectedTouchNormal wasn't using information the sim normally knows about objects, but rather information it gets from the viewer that does the touching. It's that viewer's idea of where the object has spun that is sent to the sim as part of the touch event itself.

There are other llDetectedTouch* functions, too, that use the touching viewer's representation of the object's local, visible state. In my post to the thread, I demonstrated how llDetectedTouchUV uses the instantaneous offset of an active texture animation, another viewer-side property.

This way the script is able to respond to touch in a way that's consistent with how an object is shown in the viewer doing the touching.

On further reflection, though, this "consistency" is local to just that single viewer. Different viewers of the same object see smooth rotation and texture animation differently, for example depending on when the object first rezzed into that viewer's scene. Hence a "curious" consistency.
Reporter Qie Niangao 

Discovery of Black Hole

The Association of Bay City Radio Astronomers (AoBCRA) have been using their tube- and transistor radios to assemble the first image of a black hole.
According to telemetry data the space object is about 53 million light years away from our Fine City, give or take a few light years.
For the time being the object can be observed from The Kaasfactorij where one of the tube radios is located.
black hole
One of the members of the association told "In the future we might try this with streaming servers when they are invented. That would be so more efficient as with radios".

The next mission for the AoBCRA is to search for scientific evidence of a white hole that according to the great balancing principle of relativity, as predicted by Bert Onestone, should exist in the same but opposite direction.

The AoBCRA has requested to update EEP to include their discovery.
Reporter Vick Forcella


Second Life has been changed, tweaked and modified many times in the last 16 years. It is the only profitable virtual world there is.

Changes are always needed. Some turn out good, some less good. A balancing act. It is important that our provider, the provider of our addiction, is perceived as stable, predictable and reliable.

The investment goes both ways. We invest in Second Life, Linden Lab invests in their staff and equipment. Together we have a shared interest and we all want to protect that.

Now we, silly users, are not stable, reliable and predictable, unless you take the big numbers and draw a graph from that. Then users become very predictable.

Predictable is not to announce fundamental changes, undo parts of that change. Leave people almost no choice in increasing their investment. Tell them that more fundamental changes are coming and not tell them what, when and why.

Will those changes be good for me? What did I just invest in? What will my money be worth in a year, or two? Was I just successfully blackmailed?

Making things less welcome for new users is not very clever. Sure they are a pain but they are the future. While the old move into houseboats as their second home, let the new taste the old place once, for a month or two (with Payment Info On File). Be nice to new users!

If my provider becomes unstable, unpredictable and unreliable I don't want to invest a year or more. I want to invest on a day to day basis.

It must have been a hiccup. Vacation, the heatwave and so. Being corp. is a tough job, you have to be perceived as stable, reliable and predictable. That's tough.

(the above is my personal opinion, it does not represent the opinion of the citizens of Bay City)

Also, fix mount G'al and the Feed!
Now rush out and enjoy SL16B while you can!

Thank you Roc, TJ, Qie, Dakota, Georgiana and Marianne! You, and Bay City make this newspaper what it is.
Editor Vick Forcella


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