Second Life has been changed, tweaked and modified many times in the last 16 years. It is the only profitable virtual world there is.

Changes are always needed. Some turn out good, some less good. A balancing act. It is important that our provider, the provider of our addiction, is perceived as stable, predictable and reliable.

The investment goes both ways. We invest in Second Life, Linden Lab invests in their staff and equipment. Together we have a shared interest and we all want to protect that.

Now we, silly users, are not stable, reliable and predictable, unless you take the big numbers and draw a graph from that. Then users become very predictable.

Predictable is not to announce fundamental changes, undo parts of that change. Leave people almost no choice in increasing their investment. Tell them that more fundamental changes are coming and not tell them what, when and why.

Will those changes be good for me? What did I just invest in? What will my money be worth in a year, or two? Was I just successfully blackmailed?

Making things less welcome for new users is not very clever. Sure they are a pain but they are the future. While the old move into houseboats as their second home, let the new taste the old place once, for a month or two (with Payment Info On File). Be nice to new users!

If my provider becomes unstable, unpredictable and unreliable I don't want to invest a year or more. I want to invest on a day to day basis.

It must have been a hiccup. Vacation, the heatwave and so. Being corp. is a tough job, you have to be perceived as stable, reliable and predictable. That's tough.

(the above is my personal opinion, it does not represent the opinion of the citizens of Bay City)

Also, fix mount G'al and the Feed!
Now rush out and enjoy SL16B while you can!

Thank you Roc, TJ, Qie, Dakota, Georgiana and Marianne! You, and Bay City make this newspaper what it is.
Editor Vick Forcella

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