Police and Fire Blotter

June 7th
Police responded to a noise complaint regarding a hawk in a tree that the called thought was in distress. When police arrived, the hawk was quiet and enjoying dinner.

June 12th
A landlord/tenant dispute involving "assault with frozen food" was reported. BCFD paramedics were heard saying "At least it wasn't anything from the Toxic Taco".

June 17th
A driver stuck a tree in a private driveway, pulled forward and struck a parked vehicle, backed up and struck a second vehicle, tried again and struck a third vehicle, then pulled forward and struck the first vehicle a second time. Several bottles were found in the vehicle from the Bay City Brewery. The suspect was arrested for driving under the influence.

June 22nd
A large crowd gathered on North Channel after pamphlets were posted all over town. During the gathering, Michael the Moleman proclaimed himself Emperor. The BCPD was on hand to perform crowd control. After several hours, revellers were escorted out of the area despite the protest of wanting more of the "Free beer." The Chief of Police advised the new Emperor that maybe next time to wait until after his speech to open the bar.

June 24th
Police were called to assist when an announcement about new homes was interrupted by a heckler from the audience. Officers arrived in time to see a mole tackle the heckler and drag him away to an unknown location. The responding officers refused to take chase, citing officer safety and the mole tunnels being scary places for mortals to wander.
Reporter Thomas Hooker

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