Bay City Post, Edition 77

Just like the previous edition of the Bay City Post this edition is packed full of news.
Second Life 16th Birthday (SL16B)
The celebrations will go on till July the 8th so there isn't much time left to give it a visit and explore.
There are so many blogs that are reporting about SL16B that we can't compete, all we can do is show you some highlights.

As hinted in the last edition new Linden Homes are presented. The theme is Caravanning and Trailers. It looks lovely! My guess it that they will be placed in the in-lands of Bellisseria. Get sun-cream and bug-spray.

Images of the Bay City Exhibit

Thomas Hooker reports about the Bellisseria Pavilion

The Rocket City Pavilion visited by Vick.

Happy birthday Second Life!
Toxic Taco causes problems (again), Roc steps in.

Thomas Hooker reports the activities of the Police and Fire dept.

It is only true when the Mayori (tinm) approves

Dakota Schwade goes to the Center of our Fine City

Qie Niangau is getting touchy, but that's a thing of perspective

Astronomy at it's finest, only in Bay City

Health and Safety Statement
This edition is made without added sugar and fat. It is free of lactose and aluminium salts.
It is safe to read. Trust me, I am an expert.
Editor Vick Forcella
Linden Lab has just send out a mailing announcing Tilia and the future position it will take, and where we stand. The discovery of Tilia was make by someone you could know. You can read about that in Inara Pey her blog. Tilia was expected to arrive and it's nothing to worry about. The same things are done in the same way by the same people at the same company. Just under a new name that is a bit detached from Second Life. Tilia is the Latin name for Linden tree.

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