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October2013                                                                 Issue #31

WELCOME to the thirty-first issue of the Bay City Post! -Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid.

It’s a BOOtiful Day!

Good evening… tonight I’d like to offer you a special treat… a pain in the NECK! (Shouldn’t that read bite?) anyhow… Creepy Crawlers Batboy it’s October already! Let me smell ya about all the fun we’re going to have. We’ve got your ghouls, we’ve got your ghosts, and we’ve got goblins a hob knobbin’. We’re gonna make hey where the sun don’t shine. At the hay maze in the fairgrounds silly! So scary up some pixels as there will be some spookalicious goings on around this best little town. Its autumn in the city and that aint no pity ditty… it’s looking quite pretty.

If you dare to come we’ll scare up some fun. Happy October!

Sunny Salutations   \o/

  Ever Dreamscape, Editor

October 2013 Continued...

 Upcoming and Future Events
“Molewatch” with Ace Reporter: Marianne McCann
Public Service Announcements
“Cheeky Geek” with Qie Niangao
“The Interview” Join Uccie Poultry-Seale as she interviews Roc Plutonium
"Curiously Curi" with Curious Hazelnut
“The Race Report” with ADudeNamed Anthony
All that ...and yes the Weather!

Halloween Party!

Sources let on that Halloween will be held October 31st this year. In accordance there will be a party at the Hallowe'en Hay Maze (which will be open early mid-month thru Halloween) at the Bay City Fairgrounds in the North Channel The party will be from 6-8 PM SLT and feature dancing and Bay City favorite DJ GoSpeed Racer! Family FUN for all!!!

Rumor also has it that in addition to Marianne McCann and Pygar Bu; the Lindens will be helping to spook up the fairgrounds and city. \o/

Ever: just out of curiosity any eta on the hey maze? *hay even, hey maze sounds kinda fun though
Pygar: likely around the 10th or so …. the Hey!!! maze! :-)
Ever: has a ring to it
Pygar Bu: there are things in there... that will make you say HEY!!
Ever: woots!!!  i may steal that line
Pygar : file off the serial number ;-)


*There will be no Bay City Rumble on that night to make room for the party.


Oompa! We celebrated Oktoberfest at the Bay City Fairgrounds on Sunday September 22. There was fun, food, polka music with DJ rtyu193, … oh and BEER. All under the big blue and yellow tent. Thanks to Marianne McCann and Pygar Bu for another great build, to the Bay City Alliance for hosting this event, and to ALL the great guests who came out and polka’d their pants off!!!



This is where we usually have stories about tornados and other Cat tastrophies in and around our fair city… oh page 10 you say? Don’t forget to keep up those insurance payments folks. Jus’ sayin”
Visit the new Bay City trailer Park here:   


Breaking Breaking!

New Olde Bay City Brewery Back!!

Yes the Bay City Brewery has been reassembled and is back in its former location in Argos, on Route 66, and across from the Bay City Department of Sanitation. Chief Brewmaster Ivan Suen has created some signature brews (and by signature we mean we’ll be needing your signature on a waiver before drinking any of the brew). The Brewpub is now open to the public, and is featuring live DJ’s on Most Saturday nights, some Fridays and occasionally after the Bay City Rumbles on Thursdays.

*Although some speculate the location adjacent to the Sanitation department is the cause of the signature green beers glow. We say… It’s Something in the Water!!!   ;/

Community Service Announcement

What a Character!

With the advent of advent… wait what? That’s a different month?? Ok lessee. With Halloween just around the corner, the moles are again coming to town to enhance some of Bay City’s spookier prims for your pixel enjoyment.

Let’s help welcome people with some avatastic entertainment and visit these sites to greet our ghoulish guests.

Seriously I myself love to role play and/or do a little “performance art” at the South Channel Asylum, the Falmouth Hotel, and at the hay maze in the Bay City Fairgrounds. It’s fun to dress up and “play” the role of a lunatic, a ghosted bell hop, a wicked witch or giant spider and more. So how ‘bout we costume up and make these builds come alive as guests pour into the city?!

Come reap the freaky fun!


Insanity Noob….. takes on sim crossings in a full car on high speed
Insanity Noob….. goes to watch the man burn… on his iphone
Insanity Noob…..  loans money to people he meets out shopping
Insanity Noob…..  builds Quonset huts in Bay City
Insanity Noob…..  shops during regions rollbacks
Insanity Noob…..  gives Ever Dreamscape the slurl to his home
Insanity Noob…..  looks for friendly people at infohubs
Insanity Noob…..  IM’s Marianne regularly with personal problems
Insanity Noob…..  wears bling... on every attachment point
Insanity Noob…..  makes his own peen
Insanity Noob…..  copybots freebies
Insanity Noob…..  never leaves welcome center
Insanity Noob…..  puts boobs on rodvik for Topless Tuesday
Insanity Noob…..  copies Venus' LOTD and goes to ambrosia w Venus Petrov display name
Insanity Noob….. creates account to get rich flipping linden homes
Insanity Noob…..     copies Strawberry Singh memes. :o     


~Spoiler Alert~

Goblins turn to gobblers come November in the ‘states. :o


Stay tuned next month….  as we make up more stuff. (Wait this wasn’t real news?!?)



ADudeNamed Anthony, Rebel Rumble Rouser and Reporter
Curious Hazelnut, Raving Reporter.
Dakota Schwade, Feature Reporter
Keli Kyrie, Kitchen Konnoisseur
Marianne McCann, Ace Reporter
Qie Niangao, Resident Geek
Uccello Poultry-Seale, Interviewer Extraordinaire
Ever Dreamscape, Editor



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