For Ever Night Ahead!


Dear readers,

A small editorial to give you a heads-up.

April the first is supposed to be a fun day filled with jokes and pranks. Not in Bay City! Our culture gives a complete different meaning to April the first.

Eversday! and Eversnight!

Events in our Fine City start at the Bay City Fairgrounds. This is NOT an official event! Gatherings of people will be near Dennis!

Chances are people will run with scissors, dress up as sharks and throw exploding chickens. Worse, When they can they (named Everfools) will set fire to almost everything! They are dangerous!

Despite relentless efforts our Fine City has not been able to halt the Everfools and each year they come back. When they started, the Everfools were anonymous locals. These days the Everfools come from everywhere around the grid! (some hint that Linden Lab supports them)

Please avoid the Everfools and do NOT follow their lead. Report them to the BCPD and report the fires at the BCFD. Do NOT take images of fires and Everfools!

Not that it'll help but ya never know.

Best of luck to you!

Reporter Vick Forcella


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