Stay calm and act normal

Many citizens of Bay City look in fear at the map. We can see a new continent emerge between Sansara and Jeoget. With that there will be a direct connection between the two continents. Officials have stated that there is no reason to worry or to take precautionary measures. There is no threat coming from Jeogeot and the chances of something bad happening is extremely low.
North =Sansara, South = Jeogeot
As a purely precautionary measure the Sansara home guard has deployed defensive measures at the borders between Sansara and the new continent, and between Sansara and Bay City. Besides that, unknown defences are deployed at various places but officials did not reveal what those are and where.

When Bay City became a successful city, with factories and infrastructure many citizens were living in poverty. Going from day to day without a regular income squatting in sandboxes, parks and sewers.

When Jeogeot was discovered there was a program to relocate the poor and the occasional criminal to colonise Jeogeot. The people were elated with that opportunity and they went there with high hopes.

They unfortunately discovered that the lands were poor, agriculture was nearly impossible. There was no capital and economy to sustain any manufacturing. Jeogeot remained a poor continent for many years.

Occasional visits from Jeogeot colonials did not always go well. There were raids of colonials on the East side of Bay City. The civil defences of Bay City were always able to push them back and the colonials were send back to Jeogeot.

It is suggested that there is active smuggling between Jeogeot and the wealthier parts of the world. Also some claim that criminal activities in Bay City are orchestrated by the colonials.

The Jeogeot gulf harbours an immense naval force and there are plenty of combat airfields around the gulf. Jeogeot colonials like to fight with each other and are well trained in combat.

There is no evidence that Jeogeot colonials pose any direct threat to our Fair City and our way of life. Our culture would be enriched, the workforce is much needed in our factories.

In the near future a direct passage will be possible. Trade opportunities would increase and wealth could improve. Tourism could boom.

Time will tell if the Jeogeot colonials pose any thread to our way of living. We can rely on our defences to protect us if needed. New raids from the Jeogeot colonials are unlikely in these modern times. A good and peaceful passage is in both our interests.
Sansara Defences at Becalmed
There is no need to prepare for the worst. Stockpile bread and milk, cans of beans and corned beef. Clean up our life shelter, fill the water tanks with fresh water.

Bay City is far away enough not to get hit by a tsunami when the new continent is connected.

So please stay calm and act normal.
Reporter Vick Forcella
Images T.J.Hooker, Vick Forcella

Warning, Ever Night!

This is a warning that in the evening/night of April the first it will be Ever Night.

Some citizens of our Fair City take this opportunity to be silly. They run around with scissors, light up explosives and do silly things.

The origin of this odd behaviour is still unknown.

Rumours talk about a crazy woman that started this tradition to celebrate her birthday, that happens to coincide with April Fools Day. Makes no sense to me, but I am just a reporter reporting as it is.

In the past several many years houses have been blown to smithereens, hospitals had to cure invasive scissors and there were fires just about everywhere.

Despite their best efforts the fire brigade wasn't able to cope with the overload of reports. Most of the buildings were a total loss and had to be rebuild.

Last year, the switchboard operator pulled out all cords and let the phones ringing. The police, just as the year before, were drinking beer. Though some have reported that officer T.J. had a case filled with explosives and joined the fools. All rumours of course. It was never proven.

If you happen to see the Ever fools, avoid any contact, stay indoors and barricade the doors. Keep a water-hose, or a fire-extinguisher, and a first-aid-kit ready.

Bolt down anything outside, benches, cat, dogs, cows, chickens, garden chairs and anything that can be moved or can take fire.

Do not join the Ever fools and do NOT (!!) set fire to your house on April the first.

Perhaps this is a good moment to give attention to our sponsor.

Be safe and don't be a Ever fool.

Reporter Vick Forcella

Service announcement notice

This notice is to give notice that parts of this blog are going to be reworked.

At a time when new cities appear on the map it is important that we defend our fine city with the strongest defences possible.
For that this newspaper will adapt to the changes to become more flexible, more empowering.

I have laid down my broomstick and have got me a stack of newspaper paper that I found in the cellar. A giant jar of ink is ready to merge with the paper to become again what this newspaper has to be and always was.

The number one source of information about Bay City and it's surrounding areas. (explosions and fires included)

The current layout works good, but in time it stacks up to a hard to maintain heap of information that becomes harder and harder to update.
I will repost the side-pages as blog posts and add labels to them. When there is time I will also add labels to older posts. With that the newspaper can be read from the blog posts, category labels and author labels.

That reposting will look weird, sorry for that.

There is a good risk that comments will fall away during this process. Sorry.

New articles will be published as posts with added labels, each post one author, one category. Posts will be deferred until the editor (me, the man with the broomstick) posts them all together for one period with an editorial that binds them together as one publication.

The intention is, lower maintenance, flexibility, less dependant.

So, give me some time. When I'm done we will publish new real articles soon.

Questions etc, try my profile feed or twitter.

Thank you for noticing this notice, you noticing has been noticed.
 Vick Forcella (editor)


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