Warning, Ever Night!

This is a warning that in the evening/night of April the first it will be Ever Night.

Some citizens of our Fair City take this opportunity to be silly. They run around with scissors, light up explosives and do silly things.

The origin of this odd behaviour is still unknown.

Rumours talk about a crazy woman that started this tradition to celebrate her birthday, that happens to coincide with April Fools Day. Makes no sense to me, but I am just a reporter reporting as it is.

In the past several many years houses have been blown to smithereens, hospitals had to cure invasive scissors and there were fires just about everywhere.

Despite their best efforts the fire brigade wasn't able to cope with the overload of reports. Most of the buildings were a total loss and had to be rebuild.

Last year, the switchboard operator pulled out all cords and let the phones ringing. The police, just as the year before, were drinking beer. Though some have reported that officer T.J. had a case filled with explosives and joined the fools. All rumours of course. It was never proven.

If you happen to see the Ever fools, avoid any contact, stay indoors and barricade the doors. Keep a water-hose, or a fire-extinguisher, and a first-aid-kit ready.

Bolt down anything outside, benches, cat, dogs, cows, chickens, garden chairs and anything that can be moved or can take fire.

Do not join the Ever fools and do NOT (!!) set fire to your house on April the first.

Perhaps this is a good moment to give attention to our sponsor.

Be safe and don't be a Ever fool.

Reporter Vick Forcella

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