Service announcement notice

This notice is to give notice that parts of this blog are going to be reworked.

At a time when new cities appear on the map it is important that we defend our fine city with the strongest defences possible.
For that this newspaper will adapt to the changes to become more flexible, more empowering.

I have laid down my broomstick and have got me a stack of newspaper paper that I found in the cellar. A giant jar of ink is ready to merge with the paper to become again what this newspaper has to be and always was.

The number one source of information about Bay City and it's surrounding areas. (explosions and fires included)

The current layout works good, but in time it stacks up to a hard to maintain heap of information that becomes harder and harder to update.
I will repost the side-pages as blog posts and add labels to them. When there is time I will also add labels to older posts. With that the newspaper can be read from the blog posts, category labels and author labels.

That reposting will look weird, sorry for that.

There is a good risk that comments will fall away during this process. Sorry.

New articles will be published as posts with added labels, each post one author, one category. Posts will be deferred until the editor (me, the man with the broomstick) posts them all together for one period with an editorial that binds them together as one publication.

The intention is, lower maintenance, flexibility, less dependant.

So, give me some time. When I'm done we will publish new real articles soon.

Questions etc, try my profile feed or twitter.

Thank you for noticing this notice, you noticing has been noticed.
 Vick Forcella (editor)

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