Bay City Post - October

Halloween in Bay City!

It's October in our fair city, and that means ghosts, goblins, candy, parties!...and the always wonderful annual Hay Maze in the Fairgrounds.  Each year it seems to get bigger, better, and scarier! Stop on down and explore...but bring some friends to keep you safe!

Residents looking for other scares in Bay City can check out the two following classics, plus a brand new find:

1. Channel Island Asylum - Spooky all year long, the asylum is great old-school fun, with poses and photo-ops galore.

2. Falmouth Hotel - When you land at the hotel, you get this message, which means it is a location to find Glytches!:
"Look at the upper right corner of your screen now. If you see boxes for Glytches that you just caught, please accept them now. Don't wait! If you would like to play Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches on this parcel (and many others) you need to be wearing a HUD and a weapon for collecting Glytches. You can read more about the game Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches at this URL:"

3. Cafe Sheree in Harwich - Zombies and giant spiders and some very...seasonal food. Check out Cafe Sheree! Then again, judging by some of the current customers, your wait for food may be a bit long...
Enjoy the fun, and make sure to check out all of the columns to the left, to see what our roving reporters have been up to this month!



Maybe it's best to skip Taco Tuesday this time...

...and maybe toxic Taco should call an exterminator!


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