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June 2017 

Hello readers!

Might I first start off by saying what a pleasure it has been to be able to write for the Bay City Post this past year. I have loved being able to share my love for period dress in Second Life with all of you. It is with much sadness that I announce that this is my last Bay City Post article. My second and first lives have gotten substantially busier the last couple months and I believe that it is best for me to end my column on the post. Of course that is not to say that I won’t be back! I am currently in the planning stages for a new role-play experience that I am very excited to be bringing to Second Life. Thank you all again for the love and support you have not only given to me but also to my column. See you around town!
In Chic Love,


Hello everyone! To celebrate the coming of summer I have some swimsuits for you that are sure to make a splash this season! Of course after you find the perfectly suit for yourself, be sure to take part in some of the great water activities we have here in the City! Let’s get started!

Pin Up Retro by Sky
Price: $199
Bodies: Classic, SLink, Bellaza, Maitreya, Omega Appliers
Demo: No

Sadie Retro Swimsuit by Dallas MacKenzie Designs
Price: L$99/L$495 Fatpack
Bodies: Classic, Maitreya, Slink, Belleza
Demo: Yes

Retro Dots by Miel
Bodies: Maitreya
Demo: Yes

In Chic Love,

Happy Spring!

This month I am back at you with four fabulous spring fashions to give your closet a lighter touch to match the weather outside! This month I have designs from EccentricXi, Belle Epoque, and Sonatta Morales to showcase! Let’s get to it!

Violeta by Belle Epoque
Mesh Body or Standard Size: Maitreya ONLY
Price: L$399 (pack of four colors)
Demo: Yes
Marketplace: Yes

Spring Violette_001.png

Dress Flora White by ~EccentriciXi~
Mesh Body or Standard Sizing: Standard Sizing
Price: L$169
Demo: Yes
Marketplace: Yes

Spring Flora_001.png

Parfum by Sonatta Morales
Mesh Body or Standard Sizing: Standard Sizing
Price: L$200
Demo: Yes
Marketplace: No

Spring Parfum_001.png

Posy by Sonatta Morales
Mesh Body or Standard Sizing: Standard Sizing
Price: L$500
Demo: Yes
Marketplace: No
Side Note: Hat included and found inside the 1920s section of the mainstore.

Until next time!
In Chic Love,

Vintage Clothing at Shiny Shabby

Hello all! This week I come to you with two great finds at the current round of Shiny Shabby! These styles appeal to all of your aspiring flappers and stylish ladies out there! Make sure to be quick though! Shiny Shabby will only be open through March 15! You can find Shiny Shabby here!


Angela Dress by Belle Epoque
Price: L$175
Fatpack: L$699
Demo: yes


Shirley by GO
Price: L$210
Fatpack: No
Demo: Yes

Until next time!
In chic love,

Men's Vintage Hair

Hello all! I am back to you this month to bring you a few picks for men's vintage hair in SL! Hair is one of the hardest parts of a look to nail. Lucky for us, many modern styles are also very versatile for looks for time periods ranging from the 1920s-60s! Below I have a short list of some options for men's vintage hair, so let’s have a look!
Price: L$115
Demo: Yes

Price: L$477 (Don’t worry, it’s a fatpack)
Demo: Yes
*Let’s be honest: most of Action’s hair for men will work so look around their store!


Price: L$199
Demo: Yes
*Okay so maybe it’s not the prettiest but it’s accurate!

Price: L$250 (L$1500 fatpack)
Demo: Yes

Price: L$477 (It’s another full pack!)
Demo: Yes
*Okay so yes it’s another Action hair but this one is really well suited for the 20s-40s!

Winter Coats

Happy Holidays to all of you! For our special holiday edition I have a spread of a couple of chic coats to not only keep you warm this winter but also fashionable!


Channing by !Rebel Hope Designs
Price: L$99
Colors: Charcoal, Gray, Chartreuse, Wine, Wheat, Plum, Cornflower Blue, Chocolate, Sage, Purple
Demo: yes


Price: L$250 (L$1,350 fatpack)
Colors:Yellow, White, Red, Pink, Orange, Green, Gray, Blue, Black
Demo: yes

Janette Coat by Bowtique
Price: L$175
Colors:Color Change Hud! (25 coat colors and 27 belt colors)
Demo: yes


"Liberty" Coat by shine by [ZD]
Price: L$289
Colors:Black, Red, Teal, brown, Gray
Demo: no


Bow Trench coat by Mynx
Price: L$225 (L$1,199 fatpack)
Colors:Black, Chocolate, Navy, Orange, Pink, Plum, Red, Tweed
Demo: no

Wool Coat - Embroidered by KaliKo
Price: L$350 (L$1,250 fatpack)
Colors:Olive, Mulberry, Blue, Charcoal, Brown,
Demo: yes
Wool Coat - Embroidered by KaliKo
Price: L$350
Colors:Olive, Black, Brown, Clara Bow Edition (camel)
Demo: yes

Winter Day Dress by KaliKo
Price: L$350 (L$1,250 fatpack)
Colors:Olive, Mulberry, Blue, Charcoal, Brown,
Demo: yes

I hope these few coat suggestions help in your holiday festivities. I wish you the very merriest of holidays and see you all in the new year!

The Jackie Look - Third in a Series

November 2016
Last in the series on the fashionable looks of the incomparable Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. Of course, what would a look be without Accessories?


Jackie, like most women of the day, wore a shoe that had a pointed toe and a thin stiletto heel. This is THE shoe that defined the late 50s-60s look. She of course sometimes mixed it up and wore a D’orsay shoe, a style of which she was particularly fond.

The first shoe is my absolute favorite shoe and it is for the new(ish) Slink kitten feet! It is called Dorothy and it debuted at Vintage Fair but can now be found at ChicChica for a price of L$190 per color.


Next is another kitten heel call Kita from Lindy and is sold at a price of L$189.


Next is Claire from Ingenue. This shoe is for Slink Mid feet and is sold for L$295.


Last is another shoe from Lindy called Dorlie and is a good example of the D’orsay shoes that I mentioned. It goes for L$189.



The makeup look of Jackie was something that was very elegant and simple but still very beautiful. With this look you will want minimal eye makeup and a pink lip. Also a defined brow will go a long way!




Last but for sure not least is the hair! For the Jackie look you will want something big and beautiful! The hair of the day was either bouffant or beehive styled. Both were huge (and worn by Jackie) but her preferred look was a bouffant. Listed below are the hairs that I used in this post.

Let’s Get Married by Clawtooth (retired)
Wine by LoQ’ed (retired)
Bonjour by Lelutka

In chic love,
Georgia Florence Sipe

The Jackie Look - Second in a Series

October 2016

I decided that last month I would write about one of the most fashionable ladies in American history: Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, and I will continue to feature her in October and November! Affectionately know as Jackie to many, Jackie Kennedy rose to stardom with her husband's successful bid for the presidency in 1960.  The ‘Jackie Look’, as it was dubbed, soon became the newest clothing style that women everywhere tried to copy. Department stores soon released ready to wear lines based off of Mrs. Kennedy's outfits, and found models that struck a likeness to Kennedy herself.

jackie_001.pngLast month we looked at suits; here is a later 60’s version:

Later 60’s version (right)
As the change in the last version was hem line, so is this one. This hem is above the knee so it would not be deemed appropriate in the early 60s (especially for the first lady!) but with our Second Life ® limitations we can make it work. This version is from Baby Monkey Shoes. It comes with a color change hud and it is only L$50

jackie_004.pngShift Dress
Oh now here is the truest piece of the Jackie look: the shift dress. Shift dresses had been around since the 1920s but Jackie was really the one to bring it into the new decade. The key to the shift is it’s shapeless shape. There are a couple shifts that are great in Second Life ® but the best is that pencil dress we see everywhere. Yes it’s not a true shift but it will sure work!

The first dress (left) is called “Theresa” and it is from Sascha's Designs and comes at a price of L$175 (Sunglasses included!)

jackie_002.png Next (below right) is a creation from Claudia Dryke. It is called Brooks and is based off of a real life 1920s design. Yes it is a 20s dress but does it work for the 60s? But of course! This beauty comes in at a price of L$360.

Lastly, I have draw inspiration from some of the full skirted dresses Jackie wore. Yes she was known for her shifts but she could pull off a full skirt with the same amount of elegance!

The Dress I have outfitted myself in (below) is  Nautical by Geometry. Act fast on this one! Only 20 more copies of the retired fatpack will be sold at the price of L$220.


There is so much to write about Jackie Kennedy and her fashionable attire that I'll be back next month with more! Next up - Accessories!

In chic love,
Georgia Florence Sipe

The Jackie Look - First in a Series

September 2016

Greetings everyone! Sorry for my absence last month, the deadline just happened to be when I was going to be out of the country. I said I would be back with the fashion of wartime 1940s but I lied! I decided that this month I would write about one of the most fashionable ladies in American history: Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. Affectionately know as Jackie to many, Jackie Kennedy rose to stardom with her husband's successful bid for the presidency in 1960. With this new decade, Jackie helped typify the look of early decade. The ‘Jackie Look’ as it was dubbed soon became the newest clothing style that women everywhere tried to mock. Department stores soon released ready to wear lines based off of Mrs. Kennedy and found models that struck a likeness to Kennedy herself.

First let’s look at key clothing elements.

The Suit.
Jackie herself was very fond of a suit with a boxy jacket. This is a trend that many people are familiar with from the 60s. For my suit look I have put together two versions. The first one features a tweed suit called “Caroline” that comes with a color change and is available for just $L50 from CoCo! For this look I picked a blouse that came in a secretary outfit set for just $L3. I have not seen jackie wear her suits buttoned down this far so I am not sure what type of blouse she wore herself but you will make a statement with any button down white blouse. The only thing to be wary of with this suit is the skirt hem. Skirts did not even start to think about approaching this hem length until at least 1965 so this suit set will work better for a mid to late 60s look (although the boxy suit had fallen out of fashion by late decade) but this is second life and it will pass! The gloves are from __ and are from the March 2015 arcade round.  The pillbox hat features here is actually from an Icing wedding dress set that I took the hat from and modified it to look like a Jackie worthy piece of millinery.


Above, the conservative version:
This suit set is available from The Millinery Shoppe and the main change in this suit set is the hem length. While still too tight for the taste of Jackie, this skirt is a proper length for a lady to be seen out in. The jacket and skirt come in sets sold separately and come in carrying colors and patterns. The skirt sets are L$250-300 and the Jacket sets L$250-275.

There is so much to write about Jackie Kennedy and her fashionable attire that I'll be back next month with more!

In chic love,
Georgia Florence Sipe

Vacation Notice

July/August 2016
Sorry for the missed articles! I am on vacation to the Dominican Republic and I am sadly not able to finish this article in time! I will be back at you in September though with the first installment of my ‘Fashion Through the Decades’ series: Early 1940’s War Years!

"Why Dress Period In Second Life?"

June 2016

The key to making a historical sim feel real is the way its patrons dress. Historically accurate fashion in historical settings is a large obsession to me. The whole reason I have stayed in Second Life for nearly six years is the ability to immerse myself into historical settings. There are many historically based sims out there in Second Life but we have the pleasure of living in the greatest city on the grid! What makes Bay City great is how it is mainly user made (with the help of the Lindens). Of course with this user created community there comes a varying level of historical accuracy, if I dare to say it. Sure builds and cars make a community feel “authentic” but the true way to make a community feel authentic is in the way the citizens dress.

First off, let’s look at a brief summary of “retro” and true vintage clothing. Believe it or not, retro and vintage are two different ideas. Retro means to “imitate a style, fashion, or design from the recent past” while vintage technically means year.  In recent years in real life we have seen a surge of “vintage” and “retro” trends but these trends are typically sadly just modern takes on classic garments; hence the term retro. A true vintage look is more than just knee length polka dot skirts and victory rolls. Historical fashion is much more diverse than our obsession with a few pin-up articles of clothing. I hope to write future articles defining the trends of the decades Bay City is based in but for now I will leave you a link for my favorite historical clothing information website

So the question of the hour: Why should you dress period in Bay City? Well the simple answer is it truly teleports you into another time period. No. I’m not talking about teleporting into the region but rather teleporting your mental state. When you see individuals dressed in historical garments performing actions in a historical setting there is a magic like feeling that takes over. Of course in Bay City we will have a mixture of trends ranging from the late 1930s-the mid 1960s but you still get the effect. This also goes for builds too but this isn’t a construction column.

I have reached out to a few of my historical community colleagues and here is what they have to say regarding dressing in period garments. Gabrielle Riel who is the general director at Riel Radio as well as the owner of the early 20th century based sim St John Estates, says “[referencing when she is dressed in period dress] People that are familiar with the time period will actually treat me like it's in that time even if they are NOT roleplayers.” Gabi also goes on to state that dressing in period attire is her driving force for participating in historical roleplay. She followed by stressed the point that her community is much like that of Bay City as where roleplay is encouraged and definitely welcomed but not required.

Next, Jogi Schultz is the past Owner of 1930s Farson and the owner of Schultz Bros. When asked about how period dress heightens his experience he says “looking the part is SO important to me, down to the glass I'm holding, the stance and body language I present, and the proper pauses in reading or hearing others words.  I can't imagine historical role play without it really.” Jogi expands on those comments and mention that to be in character and feel the part it not only takes being dressed accurately from head to toe but also having the state of mind of the era you’re portraying.

The last person I interviewed was Teruumi Simoneaux who has been roleplaying since she joined Second Life and has participated in Japanese themed communities as well as the 1920s Berlin Project. When I asked her what dressing period did for her she said “Well. I think good roleplay requires an adequate environment. Being dressed for the appropriate period is a part of that. It's part of immersion into your character. I think if I was sitting around in a pair of jeans and sneakers it just wouldn't work for me. I'm not very good at roleplay, so to me, being in the environment and seeing my friends in the appropriate attire helps me to get myself going.”

Lastly, a major reason to dress in period dress is for the enjoyment of your fellow citizens in Bay City. I do not mean to throw anyone under the bus here but for me it takes away from my historical experience seeing people walk around in modern clothing and hair. I myself came to Bay City looking for a mid-century style community and I am very happy here because of how great the community is. Of course Bay City isn’t entirely strict and everyone is welcome to dress as they please but for me I believe not dressing in period not only takes away from the experience of your fellow citizens and yourself but of visitors coming to look for an authentic mid-century community. I’m not suggesting everyone become in depth roleplayers but immersing yourself in a period is a truly magical experience that I believe everyone should experience. My challenge to everyone reading this is to do your historical research and go out and find yourself a few authentic outfits. You’d be amazed by how much your historical experience in Bay City will increase with this one small, but fashionable change.

In chic love,
Reporter Georgia Florence Sipe
repost 190325
original 170601

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