September 8th, Moloch - The Bay City Police Department was called to a residential neighborhood in Moloch for a report of Grand Theft Lawn. The land owner reported several grass textured prims were taken from the property. Neighbors report seeing a moving truck driving away from the neighborhood shortly before the theft was noticed.

September 14th, Docklands - The Bay City Fire Department responded to a new resident who had stuck his head through an iron fence. Several attempts were made to remove the avatar's head from the fence, but were not successful. A conversation was overheard between the responding paramedic and the Chief of Police where the Paramedic suggested using his trade-craft to solve the problem and promising to use small stitches when re-attaching the head. The Chief responded by reminding the Paramedic that this wasn't the Shades and different methods need to be used here. Eventually, the fence was de-rendered in order to save the resident.

September 21st, Handa - Reports of a prowler in the neighborhood caused the Bay City Police Department to send several cars into the area. Officers flushed the suspect out of the derelict building nearby. After investigating, the suspect was found to simply be a week old resident who became lost in Bay City after a sim crash resulted in them being sent to the Moose Beach Infohub.

September 28th, New Port
- A routine traffic stop along Route 66 turned into a car chase after the suspects refused to pull over. The chase led to the Bay City Marina at New Port, where the suspects drove down the boat ramp and crashed into the water. Officers jumped into the water and rescued the suspects. One of the officers asked the driver as they were being pulled from the water "What did you think you were driving, a Platypus?"

Reporter Thomas Hooker
repost 190325
original 170901

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