Police and Fire Blotter archive 3


Black, White and Red (All Over)

August 2017

August 6th, Bay City - It's been four months and the feeds are still in-operational. Several dispatchers have shown signs of nervous breakdowns. Ullock became so bored he built a castle out of rubber chickens. The Special Response Unit of the BCPD was last seen entering the basement of the station and muttering about raiding the feed's server farm soon.

August 10th, Edgartown - The Bay City Fire Department responded to a call from the Chief of Police. One of the dispatchers was seen laughing maniacally while saying "Ring, Why don't they ever ring?" Igor, the responding paramedic was moving the stretcher into the ambulance and was quoted saying "It's ok Mr Blasko, We've got a nice room for you just down the road. There are plenty of phones for you to answer over at Channel Island"

August 12th, Sandwich - Nearby residents called the Bay City Fire Department as a giant sombrero exploded over the Toxic Taco. Firefighters arrived and the fire was quickly put out, however, the neighborhood still smells of slightly burnt tortillas and bits of hat can be found across the region.

August 17th, Residents of Handa awoke to find that a lawn mower had cut across their lawns, destroying flowerbeds and lawn gnomes across the region. The Bay City Police Department is investigating the incidents.

August 19th, Falconmoon - More lawns appeared to become victim to the Mower Bandit. One resident had to call the Bay City Fire Department after they awoke to a lawn mower that was on fire in their front yard.

August 20th, Morton - The Bay City Police Department apprehended the so called "Mower Bandit" after a resident reported hearing a lawn mower running early in the morning. The suspect appeared to be unstable and was taken to the Channel Island Asylum to be checked out. Agent Mulder believes the suspect to be under the effects of the upcoming solar eclipse mixed with hearing an old jingle from a lawn mower store.

August 29th, Edgartown - The Bay City Police Department responded to an abandoned vehicle blocking the roadway. Detectives found the culprit to be a glitch with auto-return. The driver of the vehicle was issued a warning regarding leaving a vehicle and a Linden was called in to give the region a stern kick. The region was swiftly returned to normal and auto-return is now working as expected once again.

July 2017

July 4th, Bay City - The Bay City Police and Fire Departments responded to numerous fireworks calls throughout the July 4th week. Luckily, none of the calls involved injuries.

July 6th, Rollers - Nearby residents called the Bay City Police Department to report loud music at a party. Police arrived; music went down.

July 12th, Handa - The Bay City Police Department was called for a trespasser in the residential neighborhood of Handa. A suspect was arrested after being warned multiple times to leave the property.

July 20th, Falconmoon - A woman reported damage to her vehicle after using a car wash along Route 66. The responding BCPD officer advised that the case was a civil matter and she would have to take it up with the owner of the car wash.

June 2017

Summer has finally hit and many residents of Bay City are busy with First Life these days. Due to this and complications with the feed, the Police and Fire Blotter is short again this month.

June 4th, Rollers
- A vehicle drove away from Hooker's Garage & Towing after filling up with $14.78 worth of gasoline without paying. Bay City Police have the license plate and are investigating the incident.

June 12th, Sandwich - The Bay City Fire Department responded to an out of control fire at Adam's Ribs. The fire was eventually put out, though the building was a total loss. The Fire Chief believes the fire started due to the restaurant's attempt to make an "Extra Spicy" pulled pork sandwich.

June 18th, HHFL - An abandoned bicycle was recovered June 18th from the boardwalk at Hairy Hippo Fun Land. The red and white bicycle is being held at the police department for safekeeping.

June 28th, Handa - A couple was nearly hit by a car as they were crossing Jazz Drive in Handa. As there were no injuries, the driver was issued a citation for "Failure to Yield to a Pedestrian" and told to pay more attention while driving.

As always, if something happens that you think should be included in the blotter, feel free to message the Chief of Police by either dropping a note in one of the Bay City Postal Mailboxes, leaving a message using any NorPhone at (496)427-4637, or by sending ThomasHooker Resident a message or notecard.

Police and Fire Blotter - May 2017

This issue of the Police and Fire Blotter is rather short due to issues with the my.secondlife.com feed not posting photos for anyone. Hopefully next month will be better. As always, if something happens that you think should be included in the blotter, feel free to message the Chief of Police by either dropping a note in one of the Bay City Postal Mailboxes, leaving a message using any NorPhone at (496) 427-4637, or by sending ThomasHooker Resident a message or notecard.

May 13th, Argos - Nearby residents were shocked as what appeared to be a traffic stop near the Shoppes on Route 66 turned into a high speed pursuit. An officer was driving by the shopping center when he noticed a truck parked on the sidewalk. When the officer approached, alarms started going off at the Bank of Bay City. The suspect climbed into the truck and led the officer on a high speed pursuit down Route 66. The suspect was arrested after crashing in Barnstable and attempting to outrun a k9.

May 13th, Barnstable - A truck crashed into a canal wall and caught on fire after the owner jumped out during a police pursuit. The Bay City Fire Department was called to the scene and the fire was put out with minimal damage to the wall and surrounding property. What remains of the now charbroiled truck was impounded by the Bay City Police Department. The suspect was treated for injuries including a dog bite and was released into police custody. A paramedic was overheard commenting "Even us Igors know that when they say 'Stop or you will get bit' it's best to stop, especially when the chasing dog is Ullock..."


Police and Fire Blotter - April 2017

April 1st, Bay City - As Ever's Night came along, most of Bay City was seen to be ablaze in celebration. Fires cropped up all over town and sharks were seen falling from the sky. When asked about the unique weather, a source with the Bay City Fire Department said "It's nice and warm, there's always a party somewhere, and there is plenty of grilled fish to be had. Ever's Night is the best."

April 3rd, Dennis - The Bay City Police Department placed out barricades blocking off a section of mushrooms at the Bay City Arboretum of Rather Atypical Vegetation after the Bay City Department of Health found them to be highly toxic. Inspectors believe that a rather liberal dose of pixy dust to be the cause of the unusually toxic mushrooms.

April 9th, Falconmoon - The Bay City Fire Department responded to a grease fire at Imperial Noodle along Route 66. A teller from the Bank of Bay City was on his lunch break at the time and was able to evacuate the restaurant quickly, preventing any injuries. He attributes his quick reaction time to the numerous bank robberies over the years. Management says the "Extra Crunchy" bowl is half off.

April 15th, Falconmoon - Alarms went off as the Bank of Bay City was broken into again. A BCPD officer was nearby and quickly responded. The suspects fled on a motorcycle until they crashed into the Bay. The suspects escaped across the water towards Shermerville. The responding officer was heard saying "I am not going into *that* water to chase them. I've heard stories about what's in there. Some people don't come back out..."

April 19th, Orleans
- While on a coffee break at The Pen, a BCPD officer spotted a car speeding down Route 66. After checking that it wasn't a rumble, the suspect was stopped after a short pursuit that ended in Orleans. The officer was last seen taking the suspect's vehicle for a test drive. Dispatchers reported hearing lots of yelling and "vroom" noises over the radio along with the officer saying something about needing to buy one of those cars in time for the Dennis 500

April 24th, Mashpee - Bay City Police responded to a house burglary in Mashpee. The suspects fled as the officers arrived on scene. After a quick investigation, nothing appeared to be missing. Officers later came across the suspects traveling down Route 66. Since no items were stolen, the suspects were given a warning and sent on their way.

Police and Fire Blotter - March 2017

March 2nd, Sandwich - Nearby residents called the Bay City Police Department as several robot looking avatars entered the Toxic Taco, yelling "EXTERMINATE!" Local authorities have declined to comment on the situation, aside from a tip from the Mayori's office "Dalek Supreme comes with guacamole and sour cream!"

March 9th, Bay City -
During a pursuit a Bay City Police cruiser's engine caught fire. The fire was quickly put out by the Bay City Fire Department. The cruiser was towed to Hooker's Garage for repairs and the Chief was overheard saying "If it starts making a clanking noise, that does not mean go faster"

March 17th, Docklands -
The Bay City Police Department was called to a vehicle accident as a car collided with the trolley. The driver was not injured, and was cited for driving under the influence of Bay City Brew.

March 17th, Daley Bay -
A fast response boat from the Bay City Coast Guard pulled a man from the bay after a passing pilot called in a report of a drowning man. The man was slightly green and covered in some sort of slime. One of the responding crew members stated "This kind of thing happens every year. People indulge a bit much at the Brewery and end up doing crazy things. The green slime is new though. I don't think the water has turned people green before."

March 17th, North Channel -
A local fisherman reported seeing a Nessie like creature swimming in the channel. The fisherman was later seen at the nearby pub, mumbling as he drank a pitcher of Bay City Brew, "Sometimes that Nessie, he looks right into ya. Right into your eyes. Y'know the thing about Nessie, he's got... lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn't seem to be livin'."

March 28th, Dennis -
Concerned citizens called the Bay City Police Department after spotting a streaker near The Bay City Arboretum of Rather Atypical Vegetation. The alleged streaker was gone by the time police were on scene. The responding officer was overheard grumbling about region ratings and people who ignore them. The Chief of Police declined to comment on the issue.

March 30th, Sandwich -
A Sharknado touched down at the Toxic Taco. No avatars were injured, though neighbors have started to complain about a fishy smell. A note from management says that fish tacos are half off and made from fresh fish. They just didn't say what kind of fish...

Police and Fire Blotter - February 2017

February 4th, Bay City - A mysterious flier was sent out to citizens across Bay City. The flier also started appearing plastered in random places throughout town. The Bay City Police Department is investigating, but has not released any information regarding the investigation.

February 7th, Argos -
The Bank of Bay City was robbed today only hours after the first delivery of cash was received. Witnesses report seeing the woman known as "The Cat" together with the person who may be responsible for the fliers that recently appeared.

February 9th, Dennis -
Agents from the Sansara Bureau of Investigation raided an apartment in the Park Plaza after receiving a tip that an international fugitive was staying inside. The fugitive, a Gao Chen, is known to be part of the Wo Shing Wo Triad. Mr Chen was taken to the Bay City Police Department and held for questioning.

February 9th, Docklands -
An arrest was made following a traffic stop along Willoughby Way. The suspect was taking Michael Linden's Daihatsu Midget for a joyride. The vehicle was returned to the original location.

February 11th, Mashpee -
Bay City Police responded to an art theft at the LX Gallery in Mashpee. The stolen art was returned and the suspect was arrested at the scene. The suspect crashed on a region crossing and is still at large.

February 13th, Edgartown -
Concerned neighbors reported hearing explosions at the Bay City Police Station late last night. Reports state that the explosions were part of a plot to break Mr Chen out of the jail by Mr Corleone. The Chief of Police made this statement early this morning: "Late last night there was a break-in at the Bay City Police Station. The break-in was orchestrated by Sal Corleone in order to break Mr Chen out of the holding cells. There was some minor structural damage to the external walls of the station during the explosion and we are going to take this opportunity to do some remodeling."

February 16th, Falmouth -
The Bay City Coast Guard was called out for a stalled vessel blocking the West Channel. The vessel was restarted and was able to continue it's journey without further complications.

February 20th, Bay City -
The Bay City Police Department received a report of a missing More button. The button is missing from the Mayori's feed page and goes by the name of Fred. If anyone has information on this missing button, please call the station.

January Police and Fire Blotter

January 3rd, Daley Bay - A large ship on its way from New Port crashed into the shore during a Bay City Alliance Meeting. The Commandant of the Bay City Coast Guard was present at the meeting, and was able to respond to the incident instantly. No avatars were harmed, though the owner of the vessel was advised to take lessons in docking a ship.

January 10th, Mashpee -
A large bus was impounded from a residence in Mashpee after the homeowner reported the vehicle blocking his house for days. According to the police report, the owner of the bus was last seen at a party held in the complainant's house. It is believed that the driver had too much to drink and decided to walk home rather than drive.

January 16th, Bay City -
A yellow sports car crashed into a Bay City Police cruiser as the officer was stopped at an intersection. The suspect fled, leading the officer on a high speed pursuit out of Bay City. A nearby Deputy with the Sansara Sheriff's Department helped the BCPD officer set up a roadblock, trapping the suspect between the roadblock and the end of the roadway. None of the avatars involved were injured, though minor damage was done to the BCPD cruiser.

January 19th, Sandwich -
The BCPD responded to reports of griefers in the vicinity of Adam's Ribs. Upon arrival, one of the suspects decided to dance on the officer's car, while wearing an adult attachment. The officer filed an abuse report and removed the suspects from the property. The officer was later seen shopping for eye bleach in the local grocery store.

January 24th, Dennis -
The BCPD responded to reports of a streaker in the area near the Bay City Arboretum. Officers investigated the neighborhood, but the suspects were not to be found. Sources who were at the police station at the time overheard one of the dispatchers complaining about young hooligans and prank calls again.

December Police and Fire Blotter

December 5th, Mashpee - The Bay City Fire Department responded to a residential fire on Willow Drive in Mashpee. Recognizing the address, responders feared an electrical fire due to the massive amounts of Christmas lights. Despite having the entire Fire Department respond to the call, the fire turned out to simply be a cereal box which was burnt by the toaster. When asked for a comment, the Fire Chief said "At least it wasn't the lights. If those go, they could take out this side of the city."

December 6th, Edgartown -
A bus driver called for the Bay City Fire Department after crashing into a building. Accident investigators with the Bay City Police Department are not certain how the bus ended up stuck on the balcony. Thanks to quick work from the BCFD, all avatars were safely rescued from the bus. The building, however, needed new stucco.

December 7th, New Port -
The Bay City Coast Guard brought in an ice-breaker after the Harbor-master reported ice covering the Bay City Marina. Several boats were seen with snow inside of them as the weather system moved in rather quickly. Thanks to the BCCG Ice-breaker, The Biscay, the ice was cleared in time for the rumble.

December 10th, Mashpee -
Investigators from the Sansara Bureau of Investigation responded to reports of an inter-dimensional portal appearing in The Pen. The area was sealed off after the Mayori was seen going through the portal for a visit. The agent in charge of the scene, Agent Mulder, had no comment at the time.

December 11th, Bay City -
Power went out across Bay City as the power seemed drawn to Mashpee. Emergency crews responded, thinking there were downed power lines. Once engineers were on scene, they discovered the source to be none other than TJ Hooker's Christmas lights. One engineer was overheard saying "I swear, it gets worse every year. If he puts up any more lights, We'll have to start bringing in power from East River. We're already tapping into our backup supply in Shermerville."

December 22nd, Truro -
The Bay City Police Department responded to reports of a burglary in Georgia's Beauty Parlor. Officers did not find anything missing, however, witnesses place the notorious Sal Corleone at the scene. Since nothing was missing, the BCPD handed the case over to the Sansara Bureau of Investigation to add to their ongoing case file against Mr Corleone.

December 24th, Bay City -
Several people across the city reported hearing noises across their roofs. One person stated that when they tried calling the BCPD, they were told that all officers were busy with a special VIP escort and unable to respond. A witness reports seeing a Bay City Police Car in front of his house with person that appeared to be Santa carrying a large sack driving along behind them. The witness's camera broke when he tried to take a photo, though he says he found a brand new camera under the tree the next morning.

December 27th, North Channel -
The Bay City Police Department was called out to what appeared to be a dead body in one of the port-a-pottys at the Bay City Fairgrounds. Officers found a person passed out in the potty wearing a sweater that said "Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho." The Bay City Chief of Police had this to say during an interview: "While the person most certainly smelled like a dead body and they were unresponsive, the subject was still alive. We have discovered that the victim had passed out at a party and was taken to the fairgrounds as a gag by his friends who had watched the annual airing of Die Hard at Christmas"

November Police and Fire Blotter

November 1st, Bay City - The Bay City Civil Defense issued a statement after several citizens noticed increased prim counts on their parcels. A BCCD Major commented "This prim increase couldn't have come at a better time. We were running out of prims and couldn't rez the coffee pots." Avatars were seen rejoicing all across the city.

November 1st, Bay City -
The Bay City Police Department was called out to several incidences of people dancing in the streets. Traffic conditions were temporarily congested as a few avatars even stopped where they were and got out of the cars to dance. The Chief of Police could not be reached for comment, though sources imply that he was spotted joining in on the celebrations.

November 3rd, Sandwich -
An explosion of prims occurred at the Toxic Taco as the prim counts increased for that region. The Sansara National Guard has condemned incidents such as this and has discussed having a meeting to discuss future meetings and/or incidents. Customers were heard commenting "You know, I always wondered why the special sauce tastes like plywood"

November 5th, ANWR -
The Bay City Coast Guard responded to a prim leak from a tanker transporting fresh prims to Bay City. The crew was safely rescued, however, the thousands of prims contained in the tanker were a total loss.

November 6th, Bay City -
The Bay City Police Department responded to several complaints across the city as people fought over the last shipment of fresh prims. Officers were heard referring people to Hooker's Garage where there was a plentiful supply of fresh prims. Sources claim to have spotted one of the trucks used by that garage coming from Owen's Beach regularly.

November 14th, Mashpee -
The Bay City Police Department responded to an attempted car theft on Willow Drive. The suspect was taken into custody and the vehicle was left undamaged in the owner's driveway.

November 16th, Sandwich -
Patrons of the Toxic Taco saw turkeys protesting in front of the restaurant. The Toxic Taco exploded shortly afterwards. No avatars were harmed in the explosion, however, the protesting turkey was fried. Grocery stores around Bay City reported increased sales of turkeys as the smell of roasted turkey wafted across the city.

November 21st, Sandwich -
The Bay City Fire Department was called to an incident stemming from last Thursday's airplane rumble. A P-38 flown by the Chief of Police was lost during the rumble. When fire crews arrived on the scene, the P-38 was found crashed into the front of the Toxic Taco and on fire. Agents from the SLTSB are pouring over the wreckage to find the cause of the missing plane. Chief Hooker was unavailable for comment as he was last known to be making his way back to Bay City after jumping from another out of control aircraft in the same rumble. Just what is happening during these rumbles that three aircraft flown by different people have disappeared?

November 23rd, Tanelorn -
A fireball exploded from the new Toxic Taco in Tanelorn as a motor vehicle accident occurred. There were several vehicles involved, including one delivering the special "Spicy" sauce from the main Toxic Taco location. It is well known that this sauce is unstable and investigators believe this to be the cause of the explosion.

November 26th, Molesworth -
The Bay City Police Department closed off a section of Route 66 for a short time. The Bay City Christmas tree was being delivered via transport truck. After some minor difficulty, the tree was delivered to the fairgrounds where a crane lifted it into place later that day.

November 27th, North Channel -
The Bay City Fire Department was called out to a tree on fire at the fairgrounds. Arson investigators concluded that the tree fire was started due to spicy taco ornaments. Thankfully, the Bay City Christmas tree had a fire-resistant coating applied before delivery. When asked why they chose to do this, the tree lot said "It's Bay City. Things catch on fire. It's what y'all do." 

November 29th, Bay City - The Bay City Civil Defense sounded an alert as several unidentified flying objects appeared in the skies over Bay City. Shortly afterwards strange tank-like vehicles traveled down Route 66 and closed off the road. When asked for comment, one of the guards at the roadblock replied "This is a classified Sansara National Guard Operation. I cannot give you any details." This reporter is forced to wonder where the SNG got the power to do such things in Bay City, and why they are using what must be experimental aircraft in their operation.

October Police and Fire Blotter

October 2nd, New Port - A nearby fisherman reported a large amount of smoke exiting one of the boats in the Bay City Marina. By the time the Bay City Fire Department responded, the smoke had cleared. First responders discovered the source to be the boat owner cooking breakfast. After checking to see the vessel had proper fire safety equipment on board, the owner was handed take-out menus for nearby restaurants.

October 4th, Handa - The Bay City Police Department responded to reports of a naked man streaking through the neighborhood. The suspect fled before police arrived, most likely due to the startled screams of nearby residents. The Bay City Police Department advises anyone who sees suspicious behavior such as this to call the police station in Edgartown at 765-1313.

October 13th, Hau Koda - The Sansara Bureau of Investigation was seen impounding a car from the Bay City Municipal Airport. The Bureau Chief sent a statement to the press confirming the vehicle is connected to the notorious Sal Corleone and advising local residents to lock their vehicles at all times.

October 14th, Dennis - Residents of the Park Plaza called the Police after seeing a green convertible speed out of the Rez N Ride. It is believed that the car was stolen by Corleone in response to the SBI impounding his vehicle from Hau Koda yesterday.

October 14th, Shermerville - The Bay City Police Department responded to the Mayori's house after receiving reports of a suspicious person nearby. Responding officers patrolled the area, however, the suspect was not found. Witnesses describe the vehicle to be matching the description of the car stolen from the Rez N Ride. The Bay City Police Chief was unavailable for comment, however sources report that the Mayori's house is under surveillance in case Corleone comes back.

October 15th, New Port - The Bay City Port Authority was called in due to a pirate ship blocking the canal entrance. The ship was returned and the owner warned against such activities. Sources at the Bay City Coast Guard say that the ship has been sighted in the area numerous times, and it is believed that the ship is merely there to advertise for the website address painted on the side of the ship.

October 21st, Bay City - The Bay City Civil Defense issued a warning advising residents to avoid teleporting/rezzing copy items this morning after a DDS attack caused numerous issues with Second Life. Citizens were advised of the emergency shelter at the Bay City Heliport, however, since teleporting was failing only residents in the region were able to take shelter.

October 23rd, Sandwich - Sources report that the burglar known as "The Cat" was recently seen in town casing an international conglomerate. The Bay City Police Department had no comment, despite photos showing "The Cat" watching officers in the middle of a traffic stop.

October 26th, Hau Koda - Bay City Air Traffic Controllers reported an airplane that suddenly disappeared off of the radar. Both the Civil Protection and the Bay City Coast Guard responded, however, no signs of the missing aircraft were found. Sources with the Bay City Coast Guard have said the aircraft is suspected to belong to a smuggler, possibly the Corleone person the SBI has been looking for.

October 29th, Bay City - Sightings of a Caledonian spy riding a horse down Route 66 were reported to the Bay City Civil Defense. After responding to the scene, officers found the suspected spy to be none other than Sansara National Guard Commander Coronet, simply playing a prank for Halloween.

September 2016 Police and Fire Blotter

September 1st, Bay City - The Civil Defense responded as citizens reported seeing a fleet of bombers heading towards Bay City. Upon closer inspection, the planes were found to be simply cargo planes and the alarm was called off. Residents were warned to watch the skies, however, as the pilots soon started experimenting with the cargo drop functions.

September 1st, Grub Beach - The Bay City Coast Guard was called out to rescue a dog stranded on a small island after an airplane crash. The pilot was found after he logged back in three regions away. The aircraft was lost to the void, though no avatars were injured.

September 3rd, Orleans - Residents in the area called police after hearing screaming and gunshots coming from the Heliport. The Bay City Police Department quickly responded and residents heard more shooting before everything went quiet. Witnesses place the source of the shooting to be the Heliport's new cargo warehouse. While the Chief of Police was unavailable for comment, anonymous sources claim the incident to involve a rather giant worm startling the Chief. When asked about the worm, an officer looked a little green and muttered "It just wouldn't die"

September 4th, Bourne - Bay City Police were on scene as a speeding motorist hit the Mayori while riding her bicycle. After insuring the Mayori was ok, the suspect was pursued across Bay City to Handa. The suspect drove into the canal and escaped via teleportation. The Bay City Police Chief would like to remind everyone to watch for bicyclists and pedestrians while driving.

September 4th, Sandwich - Several taco trucks were found across the region in the aftermath of an explosion at Toxic Taco. The Fire Department was quickly on scene and no avatars were injured. Several nearby residents were seen lining up to buy from one of the few trucks still standing.

September 7th, New Port - Police responded to a reported hovercraft theft from the Bay City Marina. The victim traced the stolen hovercraft to the East River where it was blown up by artillery. Despite collecting evidence and sending it to the Bay City Police Department, the BCPD has not filed any charges in the boat theft.

September 9th, New Port - One of the Harbormastors reported seeing a suspicious boat in the Bay City Marina. The Bay City Coast Guard responded, but found nothing out of the ordinary. One of the boat owners who readers may remember from the previous hovercraft theft was overheard saying " I am 100% sure the trawler was parked the other side around, somebody must have turned it."

September 10th, Handa - A resident reported having their car stolen from the parking lot of the Bay City Post Office. Police are looking into the matter and claim it is part of another ongoing investigation.

September 10th, Truro - The Bay City Credit Union was robbed again, this time by a masked woman wielding a toy gun. Thousands of BC$ were taken, along with the teller's secret stash of candy bars. The Bay City Police Department tracked the suspect to Handa, where they tied the case in with the earlier report of a stolen car.

September 11th - Officers from the Bay City Police Department attempted to question Belle Mistwallow regarding the recent burglary but were unsuccessful as she was not at home. After hearing rumors that she was wanted for questioning, the former Miss Bay City left abruptly on a vacation to Antarctica. Chief TJ Hooker of the BCPD traced her whereabouts to the Snowlands where the missing money from the Credit Union was found and returned to the bank. According to sources, the Mistwallows were never interviewed and the case of just who robbed the Credit Union is still open.

September 12th, New Port - The Sansara Bureau of Investigation started looking around the Bay City Marina as once again a moored vessel was changed. This time, a gold plated boat had all of the gold scraped off. Investigators believe someone may be targeting the victim specifically, as the same person also had a hovercraft stolen and a fishing trawler tampered with within the last week.

September 12th, Edgartown - The Bay City Police Department issued a statement in regards to the ongoing "Robin Hood" burglaries. "What is the law? Not to rob places! Are we not Avatars?" The Chief of Police gave a speech afterwards at the podium and had this to say "Thanks for that moving speech, Bela. The Bay City Police Department will not allow the vigilante known as "Robin Hood" to continue their crime spree. We will find them, and they will be brought to justice."

September 13th, Barnstable - The Sansara Bureau of Investigation raided a garage after they received a tip involving the owner growing narcotics intended for distribution. Sources indicate the owner of the garage to be the same owner of the Bay City Credit Union which was recently robbed. Neither the SBI or the garage owner were available for comment.

September 15th, Bay City - An investigation team lead by the SBI Bureau Chief shut down a warehouse used by the infamous Salvatore "The Knife" Corleone after tracing suspicious shipments. Sources alleged that the warehouse is also connected to the toxic barrels found dumped in the Bay last April.

September 17th, Sandwich - Rescue crews responded to another explosion at Toxic Taco. No avatars were harmed during the explosion, however leaves have been seen covering the entire region. Cleanup crews are expecting the cleanup to take days. In the meantime, tourists from across the grid have begun arriving to see Bay City's fall foliage, even if it is all over the ground instead of in trees.

September 22nd, Imaginario - "This morning, the Commander of the Sansara National Guard, Cmdr. L. Coronet, was involved in a serious incident along Route 66 in Bay City, while she was on duty protecting the city that she loves so much. She was immediately taken to Hawkeye Pierce Military Hospital where she is currently being treated for various injuries which are, at this moment, not deemed life-threatening.The Sansara National Guard is currently investigating the patrol car with which the Commander crashed into a shop in the Imaginario neighborhood. We cannot exclude that an act of willful sabotage may have been the cause of the crash." - Press Release from the Sansara National Guard

September 29th, Barnstable - The Bay City Fire Department responded to a garage fire in Barnstable. Investigators believe the site to be the former location of Barnstable Naturals, who were previously raided by the SBI for growing and distributing narcotics. Nearby residents are advised to close all windows and stock up on munchies if they go outside.

August 2016 Police and Fire Blotter

July 31st, Handa - Bay City Police responded to reports of trespassing and harassment over voice in the 300 block of Jazz Drive. The suspect fled the scene before officers arrived. The Bay City Police Department urges citizens to turn off parcel voice in situations such as this so any further harassment may be text and usable in an abuse report against the perpetrators.

August 3rd, Hau Koda - Air Traffic Control Operators called in the Sansara Bureau of Investigation after a small plane appeared on radar shortly before landing without lights. The aircraft was seen offloading cargo before quickly taking off again. Investigators are looking into the incident.

August 4th, Bourne - The Bay City Coast Guard salvaged a truck from the water after residents reported seeing it dumped there. The Bay City Police Department impounded the vehicle to Hooker's Garage. Investigators connected the truck with the earlier airplane incident, and turned the case over to the Sansara Bureau of Investigation.

August 9th, Dennis - Neighbors reported a horrible smell in the air near the Bay City Arboretum. Fearing that one of the plants had taken another victim, the Arboretum owner was contacted and after a thorough investigation, the smell was found to be simply a large pile of fish. Investigators are looking into the matter and suspect the fish may have something to do with the recent sightings of a fishing vessel in the Bay. In other news, hundreds of cats were seen migrating through Bay City, appearing to head towards Dennis.

August 11th, Truro - The Bay City Civil Defense was seen in Truro today as a storm appeared over P's Bistro. Several experts were called in from outside of Bay City due to the storm hovering over only the one parcel. After researching this phenomenon, investigators have concluded that the storm should not cause any damage, though the Civil Defense has advised low flying aircraft to be cautious when in the area.

August 18th, Bay City - Strange billboards started appearing around the city. Citizens reported seeing several moles nearby one of the most recent installations. When asked for comment on the sudden appearance, the Chief of Police stated "We are aware of the billboards, and if the Moles have any thing to do with them all the paperwork has been pre-approved by the Governor." This reporter recently found out that there is a pool going around with people guessing what the Moles have planned.

August 22nd, North Channel - Traffic was backed up on Route 66 as cars lined up for the first car wash of Hot Bay City Nights. Police were on hand to direct traffic. All donations go directly to the Child's Play Charity. This was the first of three car washes planned during the event.

August 23rd, Bay City - The Bay City Civil Defense issued a warning as a major grid-quake hit Second Life, affecting most regions and causing some residents to vanish. The BCCD advised citizens to stay indoors and away from region crossings until the all clear is sounded by the Lindens. Residents were reported to have sought shelter in several businesses across Bay City, including the Bay City Post building.

August 26th, North Channel - Residents started to panic as Godzilla emerged from the channel during the final car wash of Hot Bay City Nights. The Bay City Police Chief was spotted in a helicopter, circling Godzilla. Eyewitnesses report that Godzilla was just there for a bath and the Chief was spraying water at him with a rather large hose. After being washed, Godzilla wandered off towards Nova Albion for a late night snack.

August 28th, Edgartown - Dispatchers at the Bay City Police Station were surprised as a police car drove into the station. Before backup could arrive, the suspects parked themselves in a jail cell. Responding officers were overheard saying "It's a good thing it was a Japanese car, I don't think they could have fit in there otherwise." At some point while awaiting trial at the nearby courthouse, the suspects managed to escape, car and all. The Chief of Police was unavailable for comment, though a small stack of waffles was spotted on his desk with a note nearby.

July 2016 Fire And Police Blotter

July 9th, Bay City - Sirens blared as the Bay City Civil Defense sounded a warning this morning as Godzilla was spotted walking down main street. Helicopter pilots took off from the Bay City Heliport in pursuit of the creature, only to be forced to land as a dragon appeared in the skies over Oak Bluffs. When asked for an interview, one of the pilots commented "I've been around, you know? I've been shot at by all kinds of things out in the Jeogeot Gulf, but I ain't ever seen nothin like that. I don't know if our city will be able to survive if those two.. things.. start fightin each other."

July 14th, New Port - Agents from the Sansara Bureau of Investigation responded to reports of a Caledonian spy in the area. After looking around, they were unable to find any signs of the spy and concluded that they Harbormaster must have frightened them into leaving before they were able to get up to the usual steam powered shenanigans.

July 14th, Morton - The Bay City Fire Department was called in for an explosion at the Y-Stay. The fire was quickly put out and no avatars were injured. Thankfully all residents were out of their apartments at the time of the explosion. Investigators believe this to be the work of the same person who usually blows up the Toxic Taco.

July 16th, Edgartown - A passerby reported seeing a suspicious person breaking into the new Permit Office inside the Bay City Courthouse. Officers attempted to follow the trail of the burglar using the K9 unit, Ullock, however he lost the trail at a nearby bridge. After looking over numerous photographs of the suspect, Police believe it was the person known as "The Cat"

July 17th, Rollers - Concerned residents called the Civil Defense thinking the city was under attack as numerous parcels of land were emptied and began to turn purple. Investigators learned that the parcels were put up for auction and encouraged the residents to bid on them since this was sure to go for a lower price than the usual land sales in Bay City.

July 19th, Argos - Police were called in after nearby residents reported a moving angel statue. The responding officer quickly turned around and had other calls to attend to once they spotted the statue and was overheard saying "Oh no, I'm not dealing with those Angels again. You've got the wrong police box."

July 23rd, Truro - The Bay City Police Department closed sections of Route 66 and Mayberry Way today for the Taste of Bay City Truro block party. Despite needing to call in the Bay City Fire Department for a few stray fireworks, the party was a huge success.

June 2016 Fire And Police Blotter

May 31st, Truro - Bay City Police responded to a call regarding a reckless driver. When the responding officer caught up with the suspects on Mayberry Way, the suspects lost control of the vehicle, causing minor damage to the patrol car. No avatars were injured in the accident. The suspects were issued a citation for reckless driving and a warning to get the vehicle fixed.The Bay City Police Chief was overheard discussing the damage to the patrol car, commenting that he was very grateful he just opened up a garage.

June 4th, Truro - Police responded to a call from a concerned resident about a "Crusty Juggler" being spotted in P's Bistro. Responding officers were unable to find the juggler, however, they did find a swan they were on the lookout for. Officers were detained by a glitched trolley in the roadway and the swan is still at large after a small foot chase. A nearby witness had this to say "I told 'em a long time ago this would happen. I says to the Mayori 'Before you know it, we'll be knee deep in dog muck, thieving kids, and crusty jugglers' Nobody listens to old Tom though, and now we've got that police dog wandering all over, kids carrying suspiciously heavy briefcases, and now a crusty juggler. What is this city coming to?"

June 8th, Inner Harbor - Residents called the Department of Public Works again after three trolleys crashed into each other, making the 5th accident in recent weeks. Workers did manage to grab a photo of a suspiciously familiar dog holding a sign in his mouth saying "Down with this sort of thing" The Bay City Police Chief was unavailable to comment, however, this reporter has noted that the Chief's dog hasn't been taken on his usual walk to the ice cream parlor lately.

June 12th, Bay City - The Bay City Port Authority was called in to rescue a couple after their boat failed to make a sim crossing in the waterway north of Shermerville. The Bay City Police Department, who was nearby testing out a new patrol vessel, responded to a distress call from the Port Authority when the captain was unseated from the boat on a sim crossing. After officers found the boat parked along a nearby shore, the vessel was towed safely back to New Port. The responding officer reported that it was a horrible night for sim crossings and will continue his testing another day.

June 14th, Inner Harbor - Police were called to a scene of a naked male wandering the docks by nearby witnesses, including a child avatar. When officers arrived, they handed the man a towel and directed him towards the nearest clothing store. The responding officer mentioned to the suspect that he should see a doctor, as his "parts" were of such a different color than his skin that there had to be something wrong with them.

June 15th, Orleans - The Sansara Bureau of Investigation was called to investigate a missing pilot. The Pilot, delivering a shipment for Cynx, never showed up at the Cynx office in Grouse. The SBI is investigating all leads, but so far does not have any indication as to what happened with the pilot. Local air traffic control operators say the pilot made it safely out of Bay City airspace when they stopped following the aircraft. Officials from other Sansara airports on the aircraft's route were unavailable for comment.

June 16th, Dennis - The Bay City Fire Department was called to rescue a bug in a tree which, of course, confused the dispatcher who sent animal control instead. The bug in question was an errant racer from the Bay City Rumble who was promptly removed from the tree and continued racing away. Officers on scene were overheard talking about how "there's always one" during each rumble.

June 20th, Bay City - A resident tried calling the Police, Fire Department, and other emergency services after not seeing a single person throughout town. Having recently seen UFO's flying around, they were quite worried. An agent with the SBI managed to pick up the phone on the way out of the office and direct the citizen to a nearby poster. It was opening day of SL13B and while there is a suspicious exhibit there called Area 51 3/4, everyone was at the Bay City exhibit.

June 21st, Edgartown - The Bay City Police Station disappeared overnight as the parcel was sold. Citizens reported seeing a few other famous buildings such as Club Sandwich disappear as well. When asked for a comment, the Bay City Police Chief had this to say "Yes, while it is true that parcels have been sold, the Bay City Police Department is never going away. I will personally assure everyone that Kinn's police station will be back, in fact it has merely moved over to the old parking lot while some zoning issue is being dealt with on the previous parcel. I believe I speak on behalf of all of us here in Bay City when I wish the best to Kinn and Ziki on their new mainland parcel, and am very glad they will be remaining a part of Bay City for the foreseeable future."

June 22nd, South Channel - The Bay City Coast Guard responded to a line of boats blocking the channel. Investigators discovered that the Bay City Marina at New Port was opening soon and the boaters were waiting to get to thier slip. The captain was overheard saying "Darn, I knew I forgot something. I wonder if it's too late to fill out an application?" On an unrelated note, will the owner of the large yacht parked in Luna Point please move it? The Bay City Coast Guard does not have a boat big enough to tow it out of the way.

June 23rd, New Port - A police officer who was at his slip at the Bay City Marina responded to a suspicious person approaching moored boats in a military vehicle. The suspect fled via teleporting as the officer approached. The case has been handed over to the Bay City Coast Guard for further investigation.

May 2016 Police and Fire Blotter

May 3rd, Bay City - Air Traffic Control operators reported seeing a mysterious plane on the radar for a short time in the coastal waterway near ANWR. The Sansara Bureau of Investigation has been informed and believes this may have been "Sal" on one of his smuggling runs.

May 3rd, Daley Bay - Citizens reported seeing a UFO fly by during the Bay City Alliance meeting. Local authorities handed the reports over to the Sansara Bureau of Investigation. When asked for a comment, Agent Mulder expressed regret that he was offline at the time and was unable to get proof that there are extraterrestrials visiting the grid. He also states that he will not give up his search, as "The truth is out there."

May 6th, Dennis - Police were called for a boat being driven in the Crystal Blue Pool. The Bay City Police Department, along with the Coast Guard would like to remind everyone that boating is an activity best done on a regular body of water such as the canals, and not in the pool.

May 7th, Maddequet - Police dispatchers received a call from a drunk cat yelling about loud trolleys and a dog. Officers were unable to respond since the caller did not leave a location and the phone used was a pay phone.

May 9th, Oasis Shores - Local authorities were called in due to someone blocking the runway at Midway Field with a building. When they arrived, the building was gone and has not been seen again. The owner of the airport was advised to enable auto-return.

May 10th, Brewster - Bystanders reported an automobile accident after the vehicle jumped one of the bridges. When paramedics arrived on scene, they were turned away by the Chief of Police, stating "It's ok, it's just a Reliant. It does this all the time." Mr Hooker opened the passenger door which caused the car to roll back over and he went on his way.

May 13th, Truro - The Sansara Bureau of Investigation is investigating reports of a rift in the space / time continuum due to a modern day Tennessee Highway Patrol station appearing overnight. Investigators believe that this incident may be connected with earlier sightings of duplicate trolleys and police cars around town. Agents are investigating possible causes, including a certain Fae playing with forces beyond her control.

May 14th, Truro - Alarms sounded at the Bay City Credit Union after an attempted robbery takes place. The THP station nearby failed to respond, however the Bay City Police Department quickly caught up with the suspect. It appears the suspect was celebrating the Bay City Anniversary a bit early and was quite intoxicated. All stolen money was returned and charges were dropped on the condition that the suspect stay away from the Bay City Brewery for a while.

May 15th, Sandwich - Firefighters responded after an errant parade float veered off the road into Toxic Taco, exploding and catching the building on fire. No avatars were injured and the blaze was put out in record time. One of the first responders was even spotted picking up an order of Carnitas for (not the) Mayori.

May 17th, Argos - The Bay City Civil Defense responded after warning sirens sounded in regards to a nuclear missile being launched somewhere in the city. After investigating, it was found to just be a bunch of friends blowing off steam after recent stressful events. The All-Clear was sounded and residents were able to exit the shelter and return to what they were doing before.

May 24th, Daley Bay - The Bay City Civil Defense issued a warning to citizens after a vehicle being impounded by the Bay City Police Department glitched on a sim crossing and began flying across the region. After several minutes and near misses, the vehicle finally exploded, sending particles and shrapnel everywhere. The Bay City Police Chief stated in a press conference afterwards that due to quick action by members of the Bay City Civil Defense no avatars were harmed during the incident.

May 25th, Hau Koda - Reports of enemy bombers nearing Bay City were called in as several citizens spotted the aircraft heading to the Bay City Municipal Airport. Local authorities contacted the Air Traffic Controllers who cleared up the confusion. The bombers were just a group of B-17s piloted by Bay City citizens on their way back home from the Jeogeot Gulf.

April 2016 Police and Fire Blotter

April 1st, Bay City - Several people called the Fire Department to report fires across town. The only person left at the station, a trainee, responded that it was Ever's Night and since everyone else had the day off as a holiday, they were not going to handle everything by themself. In a statement made later, the Fire Chief said that while Ever's Night was a big success, the trainee would be disciplined for the way they handled the calls.

April 3rd, Truro - Police were called to a noise complaint at the grand opening of a beauty parlor. No charges were filed due to the responding officer having to chase his partner across town once one of the stylists offered to groom the police dog.

April 6th, Orleans - Police approached an avatar that appeared to be a panhandler. The avatar turned out to be the Chief of Police looking rather bedraggled. The responding officer stated "He just kept mumbling about some place called The Arcade and gesturing towards his garage." After the officer took him to The Pen for some coffee, the Chief made a full recovery.

April 7th, Hau Koda - An airplane heading to Bay City from East River crashed upon landing at the Bay City Municipal Airport. All avatars involved were unharmed, though the aircraft was lost to the void when auto-return hit.

April 11th, Dennis - Paramedics responded to a call for a woman falling from the new Park Plaza building. Aside from a slight red stain to the concrete where the woman fell, there were no permanent injuries to either avatars or the building.

April 13th, Mashpee - Residents reported a suspicious person in a mime costume at The Pen during a party. Since the event was a random party and not Espresso Yourself night, the incident was turned over to the venue's manager for resolution.

April 14th, Falmouth - Several alarmed residents called the police after the Falmouth Hotel disappeared right in front of them. The responding officers reached out to Micheal Linden who admitted it was due to "Insufficient Land Resources" while switching land owners. The hotel was back in place the next day. On the bright side, at least we all know that these things can happen to Lindens too.

April 17th, Bay City - The Linden Department of Public Works tests out a new surveillance balloon. Residents, while concerned at first, were heard jokingly referring to the balloon as the "Photobomb Balloon" as it seemingly is in every photo taken around town.

April 17th, Truro - Engineers working on the new "Photobomb Balloon" reported seeing a blue 2ZM Turner speeding away from the Credit Union after the alarm went off. Police are asking anyone with information on the robbery suspects to call the Sansara Bureau of Investigation at (496)555 - 9355.

April 19th, Truro - The Sansara Bureau of Investigation was called in to investigate an attack on the Credit Union's operational servers. Investigators found leads to Caledon and several offshore deposits. Could this be linked to the earlier robbery?

April 24th, Truro - A rocket crashed into the Bistro in Bay City - Truro. Fire and rescue services responded immediately and nobody was harmed. Citizens are reminded to make their way to the emergency shelter in the tower building of the Bay City Heliport in case of an emergency such as this.

April 25th, Maddequet - After receiving complaints about the safety of the new Bay City Police station, the Sansara Bureau of Investigation sent an agent to the site to investigate. The agent found the building in compliance with local ordinances, though the contractor was not part of the local union. The contractor was put in contact with a Union rep and the case was closed.

March 2016 Police and Fire Blotter

March 3rd, Handa - The Fire Department was called for a person stuck in a tree. The person became stuck in the tree after ejecting from a vehicle in one of the canals. There were no injuries and the person has been instructed in the use of the "fly" button.

March 4th, Orleans - Several citizens called the police after seeing people in military uniforms exit numerous helicopters that landed at the Bay City Heliport. After a quick investigation, it was confirmed that this was just a safety drill by Civil Protection. According to the spokesperson, "In case of emergency evacuation, Citizens are advised to go to the heliport immediately."

March 8th, Wellfleet Harbor - Police responded to reports of a streaker on the beach. The suspect was not at the location when police arrived. A request has been made to the Department of Public Works to add more signage reflecting the general rating of the region.

March 9th, Daley Bay - The Department of Public Works was notified of a glowing building along Route 66. The Bay City Civil Defense tested the site for radiation and investigators reported nothing out of the ordinary except an overuse of something called "Full Bright"

March 10th, Daley Bay - An agent with the Sansara Bureau of Investigation was called out for sightings of a prehistoric creature believed to be the cousin of "Nessie" swimming in the Bay. The sighting was unconfirmed however, since all Agent Mulder brought back was a grainy photo and a sample of green water.

March 11th, Daley Bay - Civil Protection vehicles were spotted in the area today after the bay turned green. Lab tests revealed this to be a simple St Patrick's Day prank.

March 12th, Orleans - Police were called to a playground for two adults spotted participating in lewd behavior. The suspects fled as police arrived. While the responding officers were looking for clues to the suspects identities, a passerby reported the k9 unit trying to climb on the playground equipment.

March 17th, Inner Harbor - The Bay City Civil Defense responded to a trolley collision. One avatar was involved and rescued. No injuries were reported. It is believed that the trolley drivers were celebrating St Patrick's Day a bit early and fled the scene to avoid a TUI (Trolleying Under the Influence).

March 19th, Daley Bay - A motorcycle was reported stolen by a person authorities believe to go by the name of Salvatore Corleone. The suspect is connected to a string of extortion attempts. The Sansara Bureau of Investigation asks that anyone with information on this Sal character call their hotline at (496) 555 - 9355.

March 22nd, Argos - Police were called for crowd control after the unveiling of a large donation to the Bay City Alliance by Ivan Suen. It appears that the entire city wanted their photo taken with the giant check left at the Bay City Brewery.


February 2016 Police and Fire Blotter

January 27th, Sandwich - The mysterious prank caller strikes again, this time triggering explosives placed at the Toxic Taco. Authorities are urging anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the prank caller to come forward.

February 3rd, Truro - Police responded to a robbery at the Bay City Credit Union. The suspects fled in a white SUV. The suspects teleported away after crashing their vehicle into the canal. Sansara law enforcement agencies were notified and are on the lookout for the suspects.

February 4th, Bay City - Several residents reported being harassed by a "White male, medium height, glasses, and a New Jersey Italian accent." The suspect is reported to drive a big red car. The Bay City Police, in cooperation with the Sansara Bureau of Investigation are investigating the incidents and are on the lookout for the suspect.

February 4th, Truro - The Bay City Police, along with the Sansara Bureau of Investigation are investigating a robbery that occured at the Bay City Credit Union. Tellers report that this is the same woman who recently robbed the credit union and managed to escape via teleporting.

February 5th, Truro - A fairy was caught trying to fly away with a bag of money from the Bay City Credit Union vault. The fairy was convinced to place the money back in exchange for a few cupcakes.

February 10th, Rollers - A fire was started in the dumpster of Adam's Ribs. Fire crews quickly arrived to put out the fire, however the building was a total loss. The suspects are still at large.

February 14th, Bay City - Citizens reported seeing a tank on Route 66. Some citizens also reported seeing a blimp around the same time. Could the tank be a diversion to mask a Caledonian incursion into Bay City? The Sansara Bureau of Investigation is looking into the matter.

February 17th, Davis Gulf - A fisherman off the coast of Bay City called the Coast Guard as a giant land mass appeared in front of him. Responders were unable to reach the landmass, though surveillance aircraft saw the Bay City Flag displayed prominently.

February 18th, Hau Koda - A driver failed to make a complete stop and drove into the airport terminal. Police quickly responded and there were no injuries, though some bots may need new paint. The driver is believed to have been coming from the brewery in Daley Bay.

February 23rd, Bay City - Police were called for a disturbance in Orleans. When they arrived, a small group of people were waiting to see if rumors of a new 2ZM product were true after seeing a leaked photo.

*Due to the recent issues with the feeds, I would like to invite anyone who has something they think should go in the blotter to call the Police Blotter hotline at (495)427-4637. You can either leave a message on the answering machine or contact me directly. - T.J.

January 2016 Police and Fire Blotter

December 31st, North Channel – A herd of Emu was accidentally delivered to the Fairgrounds. Delivery workers tried to put them back into the truck, but were attacked. The herd eventually wondered off, leaving an empty buffet table and a few presents on the dance floor.

January 1st, North Channel – A few fires were reported being started from the New Years fireworks. Bystanders at the Fairgrounds quickly responded and put out the flaming partygoers. Aside from stepping in Emu droppings, the New Years party was a splendid success.

January 3rd, Truro – Police responded to reports of a horse caught in the Trolley. After getting the horse to the nearest veterinarian, investigators found a trail of chewed up beer cans leading all the way back to the Bay City Brewery.

January 9th, Bay City – Citizens reported seeing a suspicious truck stopping in front of houses all over town. When police responded, the truck was discovered to be delivering the Bay City Post. The driver was asked to deliver the paper at a more reasonable hour instead of in the middle of the night.

January 10th, Bay City – Citizens reported receiving prank calls from phones across Bay City. One person was even accused of holding The Prince of Wales hostage in a can. Police are still investigating this ongoing issue.

January 11th, Bay City – The Bay City Civil Defense raised the Grid Crash DefCon level to 2. Avatars started going missing, prims refused to rez, even whole regions suddenly disappeared. The Lindens solved the problem and called the All Clear a few hours later. 

January 12th, Truro – Loud noises were heard around Truro. Eye witness reports described a tan car belonging to the Sansara National Guard. The owner was advised to seek a mechanic, as no car should ever make those kinds of sounds. In other news, stock continues to rise in migraine medicine, specifically companies who sell to stores around Bay City.

January 13th, Sandwich – After receiving a tip about someone planning on running a truck into the Toxic Taco, the Fire Department mobilized a helicopter with a water bucket in order to quickly put out the fire. When it proved to be a false report, the water was flown over to help fill in the new Crystal Pool in Dennis.

January 20th, Daley Bay – A flock of Flamingos invaded the Bay City Alliance Meeting. After posing for numerous photographs, the flock was last seen heading towards East River in search of fresh seafood.

January 24th, Truro – A yellow taxi was seen speeding away from the Bay City Credit Union. Bystanders reported hearing an alarm go off shortly before the suspect fled the scene. Police have video of the suspect and expect an arrest to be made in the near future.
Reporter Thomas Hooker
repost 190325
original 170801

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