Mind Your Business! with Sylvia Tamalyn

With Sylvia Tamalyn

September 2013

This month's visit isn't to a brand new business in Bay City, but since Faye Blackheart likes to change up the VDR building on a regular basis so it certainly *looks* new every time I go by, I decided that's close enough because I wanted to go see the latest version. Virtual Dispute Resolution (VDR) is "a mediation and arbitration firm providing pro bono alternative dispute resolution options to those dealing with intellectual property disputes in virtual world and digital publishing settings." The Bay City office is located in Handa, on a corner near the hot air balloon stop.

The front entrance of the building has a very smooth automatic door that I had to "test" a few times, and there's a group joiner sign for VDR nearby.. The building is made by TeddyJr, and I had to get my shopping list out and make a note to check this guy's stuff out because this is an interesting structure. Inside, the first floor is set up like a mini-courtroom, including benches for the peanut gallery and a podium for speakers to address the mediator. Always paying attention to detail, Faye has placed a gavel on the mediator's desk and there's also a framed law degree on a shelf. Upstairs is a lounge area and a long table with benches, set as a sort of library/study area, where you can relax and read about DMCA, LL's policy re: DMCA, and the U.S. Constitution. There's also a link for the SL Bar Association, if you're feeling litigious. The 3rd floor appears to be where Faye is planning her world takeover, as it's filled with computer servers. There's also another lounge area and two work cubicles that are scarily authentic. I had to laugh in appreciation at the carpet in this area, I think I've seen it in every RL cube farm that I've been in.

There is more to this building, though (this place is fun to explore!). There's another door to the east of the main entrance, and it leads to a hole in the wall restaurant complete with a small bar and piano (and pizza!). On the back side of the building is another door leading to stairs that wind up through an apartment area and on to the roof, where you can gaze across the South Channel and check out what Nova Albion is up to.

Finally (whew, Faye has a lot going on there!), also behind the building is the "Bay City Public Pool", with a fuel pump and parking spaces. I spent some time floating on the pool mattress (it has lots of poses), then remembered that I was supposed to be writing an article, so it was time to leave...but I will be back, to see what Faye does here next. Check it out next time you're in Handa!

                           * Photos by Justice Dreamscape ;)

Visit the VDR Building!


August 2013

This month's "new business" visit was to Primtastic Creations in Mashpee, the new(ish) store opened by ADudeNamedAnthony. I'd been here once before for a Taste of Bay City party but never ventured off of the roof, so it was time for a closer look.

Anthony has built a five-story building to showcase his work, and I have to say that even if the building was empty, the excellent cage elevator he built inside is worth a trip. It's great fun, and very much like riding a RL elevator...the little number buttons even light up! We won't talk about the part where I was nearly crushed to death trying to figure out how it works (tip: don't stand on the platform while the elevator is coming down from above your head).

After playing with it a bit, I figured I should check out the actual goods being sold. First floor is where Anthony has parked a few of his great vehicles and boats, along with a LM giver for 2Zoetic, so you can go to his main store to see the entire car collection. Second floor is various buildings like a warehouse and an auto shop , and...what's this? Third floor are the elusive appliances I've pestered him about for months! Yes, I did indeed snatch up an adorable electric can opener, and I figure Ever will pay for it since I'm on the job and all. Right?

The fourth floor is where you will find more utilitarian goods like traffic lights and power poles, and the fifth floor is actually the roof, which is also worth checking out for the lovely view of Bay City (and the opportunity to throw spitballs at Marianne's place, The Pen). I failed in an attempt to jump over to the roof of Molly's building next door, but was saved from a five-story trip headfirst to the ground by an invisible something, so all was well. I dusted myself and my new can opener off, and was on my way. Thanks for playin', Anthony! :p

(UPDATE: At the time this article was written, the store was open. Unfortunately, Anthony has since temporarily closed the store due to RL concerns, but told me that he will reopen at a later date when things settle down. The building is still in place and he is still a Bay Citizen! And the cage elevator is still there so check it out!)


July 2013

This month I poked around at Anchor Skybox, located in Handa where the Anchor Motel used to be. It's a nice location to live at, right next to the Bay City Port Authority Seaplane Harbor, which isn't all that important if you are living up in the sky, but nice to have good scenery down below if you happen to fall out. (Not that I do that sort of thing, of course. *cough*) Next door is the Anchor Blues Club, a cool-looking place to visit for a bit of ground-level fun . There is the convenience of the New Port Yacht Club rez zone right there as well, so you can launch a boat or head over to the road at the west end of the rez zone if wheels are more your thing (there is also a bike rezzer in front of the skybox rental office if you don't have wheels of your own!). Anyway, skyboxes rent for L$150 per week, and come in furnished and unfurnished versions.

Well, you know I love to snoop in houses, so I had to TP up to one of the unoccupied skyboxes to check it out. Made by Fanatik, it's a lovely modern cabin design with one full glass wall. The lower floor has a furnace, sofa, desk, chair, bench, ottoman and rug, all from great stores like Scarlet Creative, The Loft, and Cheeky Pea. Stairs lead up to the loft area, which has a bed, chair, rug, and lamp. The colors in this cabin are rich and bright tones, and the feel is a bit funky and inviting. The skybox is on a tiny floating island and the rental box is conveniently tucked into a corner of the outside "yard" area. Outside the glass wall next to the front door is a cute bench for stargazing.

Overall, these skyboxes are very cute, really nice quality (the skybox itself is my favorite part), and renting for a reasonable price. If you want a place in Bay City but like privacy, check these skyboxes out. At the time of my visit, there were two out of the six skyboxes available for rent. To visit, go to the office and look at the photos on the left wall. Click on any of the ones with a green lighted number on the photo to get a landmark, then up you go!


June 2013

(Hiya! So last month Ever placed a "help wanted" ad in the Post, looking for a reporter to keep up on new business activity in Bay City. I couldn't resist the carrot of "nonexistent" pay and "strange bennies", so here I am! As I come across new businesses in our city, I'll pick one to chat about here. Please send me info about any new biz places so I can go snoop....umm....investigate and report! Otherwise I'll have to write about my own places and that's just tacky.)

This month I popped by Kinnaird's Bay City Fire Department Station #2 in Dennis. I dunno where Station #1 is, I assume decimated by Ever at some point, but hey, this new one is fab! Kinn put in a gorgeous (and theme appropriate!) Organica build on the former site of the now-relocated "Stinky" Pink Motel, and filled it with all kinds of excellent details. (As a side note, I'd like to offer personal thanks to her for building this right by my poor, plague-ridden, Y-Stay. Keep those hoses pointed toward the Y, OK?)

Located on a corner, the station is right next to Molexandria, which at some point is to become a public swimming pool. Extra water is always handy, especially when dealing with fires in Dennis, right? As you enter the building, you'll see a gorgeous shiny red fire truck created by Bay City Rumble's bossman/overlord, Anthony. I haven't convinced Kinn to take me on a joyride in it yet, but I'll keep nagging because this truck is sweeeet. Wandering on past it, you'll see a cool dispatch area set up at the back of the ground floor. Then there are spiral staircases, and do not even get me started about how hard those are to walk up, but you can slide down the pole so it's worth the effort! Also worth the effort are the upstairs areas, which include bunks and lockers on the 2nd floor, and the kitchen and lounge on the 3rd floor.

So check it out, this place is awesome! The only thing missing is cute firefighters! (Hellooooo, Bay City RP Group!)


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