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Second Life® city marks twelve years

BAY CITY, SL (6 March, 2020) -

Bay City, the first major project undertaken by the “Moles” of the Linden Department of Public Works, announces it’s twelfth anniversary celebration, with their now traditional parade down “Route 66,” followed by a live music event in the Bay City fairgrounds.

Opening in May of 2008 to initial viewing, with parcels being auctions throughout the city soon after, Bay City has shown itself to be one of the highlights of Second Life: a blending of Linden infrastructure and a strong, friendly community of involved residents who, together, give the area its unique charm.

Parade participants are asked to gather at noon SLT/PDT on Sunday, the 17th of May, to lineup at the band shell in Bay City - Harwich. The parade will wend its way down Route 66 beginning at 12:30 p.m. SLT/PDT, and will conclude at the Bay City Fairgrounds in the North Channel region.

A live concert will kick off at 1:30 p.m. SLT/PDT at the Fairgrounds with DJ GoSpeed of KONA Stream providing music leading into the event until 1:30 p.m.SLT/PDT , followed by Parker Static from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. SLT/PDT, Quartz from 2:30-3:30 p.m. SLT/PDT, and Wolfie Starfire from 3:30-4:30 p.m. SLT/PDT.

All Residents of the Second Life grid are welcomed to participate. Celebration goods, including parade float bases and ideas, are available at the Bay City Community Center, in the Daley Bay region for those who wish to be a part of the parade. Ample viewing areas are provided. The music event is also open to all who desire to attend -- not just Residents of Bay City

Bay City is a mainland community, developed by Linden Lab™ and home to the Bay City Alliance. The Bay City Alliance was founded in 2008 to promote the Bay City regions of Second Life® and provide a venue for Bay City Residents and other interested parties to socialize and network. It is now the largest Bay city group, and home to most Residents of Bay City.

For more information, contact: Marianne McCann

Editor Vick Forcella
(the editor takes no responsibility for a press release) 
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Bay City Post, Edition 87

Welcome to the eightyseventh edition of the Bay City Post!
Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid!

The world has stopped spinning yet it continues to rotate.
In that spirit your reporters went out to make you this edition.
This month there were two special, sad editions.

Note: Bay City representatives are working with the community and city workers to do something special to celebrate Uccie her life.
In this edition we have for you:

The one and only police officer in Bay City is keeping the pulse of our Fine City 24/7. Nothing escapes his attention, be it good, be it bad, be it catastrophical.

The Bay City Police Has Moved
They will now serve our Fine City from Moloch. Send your criminals. Keep your pyromaniacs.

Last Names Are Back
After a little wait (...) the City Workers have reintroduced Last Names.
It's different as the old last names, where all new residents could choose a last name from an ever changing list and invent a first name.
Then it became Username+Resident and Display-Name but people wanted to have Real last names again.
Now you still start off as Username-Resident but once you upgrade to Premium and you pay the fee of 40us$ you can choose a new last name from an ever changing list and invent a new first name.
You still can set a Display-Name free of charge.
Why do you want a Last Name? Because it looks way much better as Username-Resident.
And.... it is great for couples that want to go on sharing the same (yet new) Last Name.
You can change your last name as many times as you want, 40us$ each time, and go back to a previous name, for 40us$, as it is reserved only for you.

Your reporter and explorer Dakota Schwade needed a dip

Strawberry Linden No Longer A Noob!
Resident Strawberry Singh tried a different method to get another last name a year ago. She became a City Worker.
Now she has two last names! Linden and Singh. (though technically one of the two is an alt)
On April the 15th she celebrated one year of being a Linden and can no longer be called a noob.
Happy Rezday Berry!!

Celebrations is something we in our Fine City are good at. Come and join us!

New Heliport Build At Moloch.
After moving the Bay City Police Station to Moloch our police officer realized that the best way to fight crime in our Fine City a helicopter is a good way to move around. For that he ordered a brand new Heliport to be build near the station. Also it is a nice way to get some additional income as it is equipped as a GTFO station.
Dade his new truck
EEP Goes Live!
What if you could put the weather in a box? Sell it? Script it?
Now you can!

Talking about EEP, our reporter and expert Geek has found a way to script EEP.

You are wondering where Dakota was hiding the last time? Find out and discover!


We have the previous edition available in our archive.
Editor Vick Forcella
The Bay City Post lasts twice as long as comparable newspapers half the size!

Police and Fire Blotter

April 1st
As Ever's Night celebrations commenced, a mysterious fire started in Dennis. The fire quickly spread across the city. Local residents were prepared as Ever's fires ravaged the city, some residents were even seen roasting marshmallows on the fires. BCPD and BCFD dispatchers eventually turned on the recorded message system which told callers about Ever's night and left the offices to enjoy the festivities.
Image Solo Anatra at Dennis
April 2nd
After long hours and hard work, members of the Bay City Fire Department, Bay City Police Department, and the Safety Girls were able to put out the remaining fires from Ever's Night. In a strange twist of fate, all of the buildings that were on fire came out unscathed. The owners all thanked the insurance policy from Dreamscape Life, Alts & Son Co. Inc.
Image Lucien Greybeard BCFD resting
April 18th
A vehicle was stolen from a local gas station on Route 66. The Bay City Police Department is investigating and are on the lookout for a white/green Platypus, last seen travelling in the Canals. The vehicle was not found after the Canals were searched by the Bay City Coast Guard.

April 19th
Reports started coming in from across Bay City of strange people wearing costumes and dancing. One person checked themselves into Channel Island, mumbling about raining tacos. The BCPD investigated the incident, and found the apparition to be people wearing an air dancer costume and advertising for the special at Toxic Taco. *The daily special from Toxic Taco has been known to cause spontaneous combustion, and this article is by no means an endorsement for eating the special. 

April 21st
One of Bay City most respected citizens, the harbour mistress, was found at a nearby power-station pulling out cables causing a total blackout for several hours. After that an unknown force has taken her to the Big Grid where she will have the freedom to speak with long lost friends, and start some fires.
Reporters Thomas Hooker, Vick Forcella

Bay City Cruis'n

I was heading in a westerly direction with no particular destination in mind. My mind was elsewhere. Rounding a corner I recognized a building that I have visited in the past. It seemed appropriate to visit it once more.

Who: Garden Mole
What: Bay City Municipal Pool / Crystal Blue Pool
Where: Bay City - Barnstable

The Bay City Municipal Pool, also known as the Crystal Blue Pool, is named in honor of Ever (Crystal) Dreamscape and BlueGin Yifu, with additional decorative touches honoring Hyper Mole.

This addition to Bay City's scene appeared in early 2016.

What use is a pool if you have no suitable apparel? This is a question that required an answer. Fortunately, that answer was nearby.

Who: Swirly Cyclone
What: *By Swirly* Retro Fashion in Bay City
Where: Bay City - Barnstable

Retro Fashion! What more need be said. OK, a little more ... 50s, 60s, and 70s clothing. Don't forget about the shoes.

Need a bathing costume? There are some suitable choices on the back wall.

That's it for this cruise through Bay City.

I hope to see you on the road. Happy motoring!

Reporter Dakota Schwade

Come Celebrate Bay City's 12th Anniversary!

In May of 2008 the Linden Department of Public Works unveiled its first project, the themed city area on the Second Life® Mainland known as Bay City.

Now: come celebrate Bay City's 12th Anniversary! 

Join us in a parade on Sunday, 17th May, starting from the band-shell in Bay City - Harwich and travelling down Route 66 and Park Place to the Bay City Fairgrounds at North Channel!

A handy traveller's Map!
Parade staging
Sunday, 17th May at 12:00 p.m. (Noon) SLT
Meet at the bandshell in Bay City - Harwich, with additional room in Bay City - Dennis, Bay City - Tisbury, and Bay City - Edgartown. The parade will begin promptly at 12:30 pm. SLT.

Parade viewing:
Don't feel quite like the march? We have several handy parade viewing areas! Here's LMs to two of them:

Parade end:
Parade will conclude in North Channel -- but hang around for fun and festivities at the Bay City Fairgrounds! 
Performing will be GOSPEED RASERE from 12:30-1:30 p.m. SLT, followed by PARKER STATIC from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., WOLFIE STARFIRE from 2:30-3:30 p.m. SLT, and finally QUARTZ from 3:30-4:30 p.m. SLT.
GOSPEED RASERE (12:30-1:30 P.M. SLT)
"GoSpeed is a Second Life DJ and online radio station owner, providing KONA Stream since 2007. As well as spinning classic hits of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and today, she is a Published author and the current reigning "Miss Bay City."

PARKER STATIC (1:30-2:30 P.M. SLT)
"Parker Static started singing at a very early age, being in a musical family her passion for singing was inevitable. With a sultry sound, Parker’s amazing voice has given her the ability to move from Pop to Ballads, Jazz, Country, RandB, Soft Rock and more. Parker has also won many awards for her singing, such as “Showtime Magazine TOP 10 performers in SL” and “The Soul Train’s Best Female entertainer of the year.” She’s fun and vivacious and her shows have something for everyone!"

WOLFIE STARFIRE (2:30-3:30 p.m. SLT)
"Wolfie believes that music should tell a story or a lesson in life, which leads her to write songs that have real meaning and lyrics that others can relate to them. This makes sure that each song expresses how she feels, while still encouraging each listener to discover what each song can mean to themselves."

QUARTZ (3:30-4:30 p.m. SLT)
"Quartz is a singer and multi-instrumentalist with many years experience as a semi-professional musician in RL. Quartz is also a songwriter and has composed numerous of his own original songs. His genre is an eclectic range of classic, progressive & indie rock, from the cassette years to now. Quartz' powerful rich voice will grip any aficionado of these genres. This coupled with his witty, albeit slightly bent sense of humour creates a show that is highly entertaining"
Event held at the Bay City Fairgrounds in North Channel, easily accessible by boat, car, walking, or teleport, and the end location of this year's parade. Come on down!

Who can participate?
Bay Citizens, Nova Albions, Shermervillians, Blumfeldians, Nautilods, and *all* residents of the Second Life Grid are welcome!

What do you want?
Festive outfits, unique avatars, costumes, floats, Macy's parade-style balloons, marching bands, stilt walkers, dancers, kids on bikes, dancers, drill teams -- you name it! Come and represent your own special part of Second Life!

How could I make a float?
Best bet is to make 'em as a wearable attachment, not a vehicle. Due to some of the difficulties with 'em last year, we would prefer to avoid vehicles as much as possible. Also, they'll make your experience better, too! 
Ask Bay City Residents that have participated before on how to make an attached float! 

How can I share my photos of the event? 
Send them to your mySL feed, Snapzilla, or Flickr! We even have Flickr and Snapzilla groups!

Join Bay City with this celebration!

Reporters Marianne McCann, Vick Forcella
Edit 200511: The sequence of performers has changed, the article has been updated to reflect this

Geek To The EEP

In an outdoor photo, you can see the weather. In a film, you can FEEL the weather. That's because the dynamic medium represents how the weather CHANGES environmental cues: Clouds move in and the sky darkens, lighting changes, the sea gets heavy.

What if we could give our visitors that feeling in an intentional, _directed_ series of environmental settings? Immerse them in a little program of weather dynamics?

Below is a sample Experience script that demonstrates features of the new Environment Enhancement Project (EEP), to provide just that kind of weather-changing experience, individually for each visitor. As configured, it applies a sequence of four Library environmental "sky" assets to make the weather seem progressively more threatening over about a minute and a half after arrival. (In real use, you might choose longer transition intervals to stretch this out more realistically. And of course you can use other EEP environments in any sequence - perhaps a cheery brightening of the sky as clouds lift.)

Released into Public Domain, 2020, Qie Niangao for Bay City Post
Give visitors an enhanced experience with a SERIES of Environments
So clouds can build, sky can darken, seas roil more over time - or vice versa
(sample Environments in ENV_STAGES below are super primitive, just to demo the concept)
This basic script uses simple passage of time to trigger next stage
Make sure parcel (at least) has the script's Experience enabled

//== USER SPECIFIED CONSTANTS =======================

// but if they're on land without the Experience, there will be errors
list ENV_STAGES = // sequence of (SAMPLE) Environment UUIDs and durations (in seconds)
[ "d15d3fb0-7e14-4af8-203e-33b85346f3f1", 20 // "Neutral" Library sky
, "cd880f86-53c7-1a91-532c-2797f517a35f", 20 // "Daytime shadows" Library sky
, "07899451-b3d8-9f5c-563b-14b89eda481d", 30 // "Dusty" Library sky
, "2a000d12-e692-da2a-9e08-0cbda70bc0bf", 30 // "PaperSnow" Library sky
]; // These use unnaturally short durations for demo & testing)
float AVATAR_SCAN_INTERVAL = 10.0; // in seconds.
// Not a real sensor, but still some list manipulation, so keep it as long as tolerable
// A new arrival may wait UP TO this interval, so just half this time on average
integer MAX_IGNORED_AGENTS = 20; // after which, forget the oldest (prevent memory leak)
integer MAX_STARTING_AGENTS = 3; // most we'll wait to reply to permissions request (prevent leak)

//== SCRIPT-MANAGED VARIABLES =======================

list tAvStages; // avatar UUIDs in scope, index of their Env.stage, preceded by time to move through stage
list ignoredAgents; // don't spam these with more exp perm requests
key parcelID;
list agentsStarting;

debugOut(string outStr) {
// llOwnerSay(outStr);

if ([] == llGetExperienceDetails(NULL_KEY))
llWhisper(DEBUG_CHANNEL, "Script \""+llGetScriptName()+"\" is not associated with an experience. Exiting.");
// trivial, impossible to match sensor, just set a repeating no_sensor interval:
llSensorRepeat("NO SUCH NAME", llGetKey(), AGENT, 0.01, 0.01, AVATAR_SCAN_INTERVAL);
parcelID = llList2Key(llGetParcelDetails(llGetPos(), [PARCEL_DETAILS_ID]), 0);
on_rez(integer start_param)
list newAgents = llGetAgentList(AGENT_SCOPE, []);
// any already-staged agents need removing?
integer oldAgentIdx = llGetListLength(tAvStages) - 2;
while (0 <= oldAgentIdx)
key oldAgent = llList2Key(tAvStages, oldAgentIdx);
if (-1 == llListFindList(newAgents, [oldAgent]))
tAvStages = llDeleteSubList(tAvStages, oldAgentIdx-1, oldAgentIdx+1);
oldAgentIdx -= 3;
// any newly-arrived agents need request to add?
integer newAgentIdx = llGetListLength(newAgents);
while (0 <= --newAgentIdx)
key newAgent = llList2Key(newAgents, newAgentIdx);
integer scopeIdx = llListFindList(tAvStages, [newAgent]);
if (-1 == scopeIdx) // agent not yet in list of agents with managed environments
if ((-1 == llListFindList(ignoredAgents, [newAgent])) // agent didn't deny us in past
&& (-1 == llListFindList(agentsStarting, [newAgent]))) // and not already being invited
if (!llAgentInExperience(newAgent)) // agent new to this Experience: greet & invite
llRegionSayTo(newAgent, 0, "Greetings "+llGetDisplayName(newAgent)
+" and welcome! You're being invited to an Experience, \""
+ llList2String(llGetExperienceDetails(NULL_KEY), 0) // script's Experience name
+"\" that demonstrates dynamic personal Environment settings."
+" We hope you'll agree to participate."
+" (If you don't grant permissions, this script will try not to ask again for a while.)");
agentsStarting += newAgent;
if (MAX_STARTING_AGENTS < llGetListLength(agentsStarting))
agentsStarting = llList2List(agentsStarting, 1, -1);
llRequestExperiencePermissions(newAgent, "");
experience_permissions_denied(key agentId, integer reason)
integer agentStartingIdx = llListFindList(agentsStarting, [agentId]);
if (-1 != agentStartingIdx)
if (-1 == llListFindList(ignoredAgents, [agentId]))
ignoredAgents += agentId; // don't spam after first request
if (llGetListLength(ignoredAgents) >= MAX_IGNORED_AGENTS)
ignoredAgents = llList2List(ignoredAgents, 1, MAX_IGNORED_AGENTS);
agentsStarting = llDeleteSubList(agentsStarting, agentStartingIdx, agentStartingIdx);
// ignore _LAND perm error because it's raised every time agent moves to non-XP parcel
llWhisper(DEBUG_CHANNEL, "Experience permissions denied, reason #"+(string)reason
+": "+llGetExperienceErrorMessage(reason));
experience_permissions(key agentId)
integer agentStartingIdx = llListFindList(agentsStarting, [agentId]);
if (-1 != agentStartingIdx)
tAvStages = [llGetUnixTime(), agentId, 0] + tAvStages;
agentsStarting = llDeleteSubList(agentsStarting, agentStartingIdx, agentStartingIdx);
// else handle timer-triggered requests (process the tAvStages queue)
integer now = llGetUnixTime();
if (now >= llList2Integer(tAvStages, 0))
key agent = llList2Key(tAvStages, 1);
integer envIdx = llList2Integer(tAvStages, 2);
key env = llList2Key(ENV_STAGES, envIdx);
integer transition = llList2Integer(ENV_STAGES, envIdx + 1);
debugOut("process env "+(string)env+" for agent "+llKey2Name(agent)
+"\n\t with tAvStages = "+llDumpList2String(tAvStages, " | "));
integer envErr = llReplaceAgentEnvironment(agent, (float)transition, env);
if (0 > envErr)
llWhisper(DEBUG_CHANNEL, "Error in llReplaceAgentEnvironment : "+(string)envErr);
envIdx += 2; // advance agent to wait for next stage
integer nextTime = now + transition;
if (envIdx >= llGetListLength(ENV_STAGES))
nextTime = 2147483647; // Final env stage should last for rest of stay (MAXINT)
tAvStages = llListReplaceList(tAvStages, [nextTime, agent, envIdx], 0, 2);
tAvStages = llListSort(tAvStages, 3, TRUE); // lazy
float timeTo = (float)(llList2Integer(tAvStages, 0) - now);
if (0.0 >= timeTo) timeTo = 0.1;
llSetTimerEvent(0); // set again in exp_perms event
if (llGetListLength(tAvStages)) // any Avs left?
llRequestExperiencePermissions(llList2Key(tAvStages, 1), "");

Note that Experience permissions are required by llReplaceAgentEnvironment, the EEP function that makes this possible, so the script will need to be compiled to an Experience that's enabled on the land where it runs. And visitors have to grant the permissions requested when the script invites them to participate.

At the moment, EEP is only visible in the Linden viewer, but soon it'll be supported in popular third party viewers too. Although the script sequences the effect individually for each viewer, it manipulates what's called the "Shared Environment" -- so it can be overridden by users who specify their own environment or time-of-day.

Passage of time needn't be the only thing to trigger a change of EEP environment. Should one particular room or area have different lighting? Such a script would track where visitors roam and update their environments accordingly. Or maybe trigger environments by level in an in-world game, or in response to some scripted role-play interaction.

Another possible extension: _Sound_ is powerfully evocative of weather: wind, thunder, bird song, waves, etc: llPlaySound() in a HUD is heard only by the wearer; llAttachToAvatarTemp() could transparently attach a sound-emitting HUD to experience participants.
Reporter Qie Niangao

Where Could Dakota Be?

We are not going to wait a month to reveal where Dakota is.
Who: Uccello Poultry & Zyx Flux, and CC Columbo
What: Bay City Arboretum of Rather Atypical Vegetation
Where: Bay City - Dennis
The chances are pretty good that you can identify where I am, and that you are aware of the circumstances that brought me here.

The Bay City Arboretum of Rather Atypical Vegetation hosts an evolving (in more ways than one) selection of unusual flora from the world famous Flux Collection.

Last month Dakota had music on her mind.
You have searched and found her!

Who: GoSpeed Rasere
What: KONA Stream Studio

KONA Stream -- Hits of the 60s, 70s, 80s. Mainstream Rock, Pop, Motown and more, covering the finest decades of 20th Century music.

About Land -> Sound -> Music URL ->
Reporter Dakota Schwade


Sometimes we are reminded that life can be very fragile. One can be hit by three bullets, run away and survive, yet the tiniest of life forms can kill a human in a day.

You can protect yourself from bullets,
by not going where they are,
avoid contact with people that carry guns and/or by
wearing protective gear.

A virus isn't that much different from a bullet.
Bullets can't be washed away, a virus can.

It's not so complicated except some think that a virus is something political, and it is! 
Since everything is politics---but politics isn't everything.

Be wise and stay safe!
Editor Vick Forcella


Park Plaza Hotel

Park Plaza Hotel
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Park Plaza residents enjoy beautiful views, fine dining, and a roof top patio with hot tub; all this near route 66, and within walking distance to Hairy Hippo Fun Land and aquarium. Rates start at 55L a week for studios, and 185L a week for full size apartments. Free furnishings available. Contact Roc Plutonium for more information!