Police and Fire Blotter

April 1st
As Ever's Night celebrations commenced, a mysterious fire started in Dennis. The fire quickly spread across the city. Local residents were prepared as Ever's fires ravaged the city, some residents were even seen roasting marshmallows on the fires. BCPD and BCFD dispatchers eventually turned on the recorded message system which told callers about Ever's night and left the offices to enjoy the festivities.
Image Solo Anatra at Dennis
April 2nd
After long hours and hard work, members of the Bay City Fire Department, Bay City Police Department, and the Safety Girls were able to put out the remaining fires from Ever's Night. In a strange twist of fate, all of the buildings that were on fire came out unscathed. The owners all thanked the insurance policy from Dreamscape Life, Alts & Son Co. Inc.
Image Lucien Greybeard BCFD resting
April 18th
A vehicle was stolen from a local gas station on Route 66. The Bay City Police Department is investigating and are on the lookout for a white/green Platypus, last seen travelling in the Canals. The vehicle was not found after the Canals were searched by the Bay City Coast Guard.

April 19th
Reports started coming in from across Bay City of strange people wearing costumes and dancing. One person checked themselves into Channel Island, mumbling about raining tacos. The BCPD investigated the incident, and found the apparition to be people wearing an air dancer costume and advertising for the special at Toxic Taco. *The daily special from Toxic Taco has been known to cause spontaneous combustion, and this article is by no means an endorsement for eating the special. 

April 21st
One of Bay City most respected citizens, the harbour mistress, was found at a nearby power-station pulling out cables causing a total blackout for several hours. After that an unknown force has taken her to the Big Grid where she will have the freedom to speak with long lost friends, and start some fires.
Reporters Thomas Hooker, Vick Forcella

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