Bay City Historic Pavilion Avoids Demolition

Short version,
The owner of the ToxicTaco has sold the Bay City Historic Pavilion to Roc Plutonian. Roc decided to keep it as it is and gave permission to update the collection.

Long version,
The owner of the Toxic Taco (we won't mention Sylvia her name) has had some severe legal problems after clients became very sick while running around a building that was on fire. This happened not once, not twice, but numerous times. The clients came together and started a joint lawsuit.

It was proven that the food at the Toxic Taco is dangerous to eat. It has near lethal quantities of capsaicin in it. On the Scoville scale the mildest food wares would peak at a value of 17,000,000,000.

During legal proceedings one of the judges tried part of the menu. She was never found back.
To nobodies surprise the owner of the Toxic Taco was ordered to pay a large, undisclosed, ridiculously big amount of money to the former clients.

Due to this the owner of the Toxic Taco went instantly very poor and had to sell the Bay City Historic Pavilion.

Now the odd thing is, whey didn't the owner sell the Toxic Taco?
One of our reporters is a frequent visitor of The Kaasfactorij and there is a secret lookout point, we can't talk about because it's secret, and from there it has been observed that Jeogeot colonialists bring in smuggled goods from Wellfleet Harbor to the Toxic Taco for further resell into our Fair City.

Of course this is all gossip and there is no factual evidence, as far as we know.
Once you get into the claws of the Jeageot colonists it's hard to get out.

The Bay City Historic Pavilion is just across the street of the Bay City Post offices at Dennis. It holds a unique collection of items that are related to the history of Bay City.
There are posters, small items and there is even a plane on display.

Demolition was about to start. Roc Plutonian stood in front of the JCB diggers and ordered the crew to stop. He single-handedly stopped work and negotiated that the building and it's content would stay just where it is.

Be sure to give it a visit!
Bay City Historic Pavilion
From unknown funds the Toxic Taco has had an interior update. Probably insurance money. If you can avoid the food give them a visit!

Great and massive thanks to Roc Plutonian for saving the Bay City Historic Pavilion!
Reporter Vick Forcella

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