Mole Man Has A Name

Last week I discovered some more about the scruffy man with a hat that has feathers on it. I discovered, with your help, he is one of the mole people.

This time I was able to have a talk with him for myself. I could not take a picture because he didn't want that and a secret picture was out of the question.

I expected to find him near Sylvia's Toxic Taco but I found him near The Pen on the street-corner. He rezzed prims and tried to sell them to passer byers. I was also offered a nice and useless collection of prims, I denied his offer to buy them.

He is indeed stately. He walks tall and appears to be in control all the time. His suit is odd to say the least. It's a military outfit that appears to be right out of 1850, with gold coloured epaulettes. The hat he is wearing has feathers on it. He smells earthy. You can't miss it when you see him.

I invited him in, into The Pen for a coffee. He looked nervous and stated
I didn't build that, I will not enter
An odd reaction.
So, to break the ice a bit I offered him espresso which he did accept. I bought two in The Pen and went outside.
Standing on the street-corner I tried to have a conversation, coffee in hand.

He nodded when I asked him if he was one of the mole people. No answer when I asked where his home currently is but he waved his arm in the East direction.

His face froze when I asked why he is one of the mole people.
None of your business 
he stated in a loud voice and straightened his back.

Odd man. He doesn't speak much but when he does it's loud and sounds like a statement.

In my attempt to have a conversation I talked about the history of our Fine City, he smiled, or was it a grin?

Suddenly, without any reason, he stepped back and stated loudly
It's all wrong! Look at it! Wrong!
He pointed at the pavement.
No materials! No Mesh! Crooked as a bygeorge! 
And dirty! Never been cleaned.

Confused I looked at him, thought I had done something wrong.
Shyly I asked for his name and what he has done in the past.

I am Michael! I build this all!
He waved his arms pointing at everything around then turned around.
Just in time I was able to rescue the porcelain coffee cup that was about to fall on the pavement. In the distraction I could see him walk away in big steps and leave with the trolley.

Confused I looked at the trolley disappear in the distance.

I went back to The Pen to return the cups and wrote this report.
Reporter Vick Forcella

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