Mole People

Last time I asked for your assistance.
I asked for information about a scruffy man that walks stately and that wears a hat with feathers.

I received various reports about this man. Sightings and some had more information.

Apparently he identifies himself as one of the Mole People. Unfortunately I do not know his name yet, I was unable to have a talk with him despite hanging out at various corners in our Fine City.

When we hear about moles in our Fair City we immediately think of the moles that helped build our city. Perhaps the mole people are the moles, perhaps not.

If you talk with experts you will find out that the mole people live in every large city. They are homeless and live down below in sewer systems. They are shy and only come out in the evenings and nights. Because they live under ground they are pale, their eyes have adapted to darkness.

They are not accepted by normal people as they are different. Not only are they pale, they can be deformed, have shapes that make normal people shrug.

Some think they are monsters that eat rodents and attack normal people. There are graffiti warnings on walls "Beware of the mole people!". At some places there are signs that say "We exist. - The MolePeople".
They exist
Underground they are safe. I do not believe the mole people are dangerous as long as they are not disturbed. They are just extremely shy and will try to avoid any contact with people in the above world.

Because they live so near they know everything that goes on in the normal world. They have TV, see us and hear us.

It is very rare that one of the mole people comes out of hiding during day time. That is why I am very curious who this man is.

Thank you all for your help so far.
Please keep on the lookout and send me more information about this man.

Also. The LDPW WIKI speaks of a bit of graffiti that appeared in the original city regions long ago and it's not the graffiti I have shown here. I wonder where that might be and whether that graffiti is still there. Help me out guys. Let me know.
 Reporter Vick Forcella

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