Bay City Cruisin'

"On the road again ... Just can't wait to get on the road again ..."

Oh. Hi there!. Allow me to reduce the radio volume.

Before I begin my travels through town I thought I'd have my Primouth convertible checked out by the dealer. I looked at a map to find the address. It's the 1950's/1960's remember? No GPS :-)

There's my destination, just south of Route 66, on Willoughby Way, in Bay City - Imaginario. Put the convertible top down, and away I go.

(quite some time later)

OK, I'm here, and ... Primouth Motors is no more. Dang it!

In its place is:
Who: Marianne McCann
What: ACME Hotel and 190 Willoughby
Where: Bay City - Imaginario

The hotel and record shop/apartments are a part of the Bay City Role-Players Union. Come and create a story with your friends.

In the record shop can be found a wide range of "stacks of wax."

My exploration of the apartments and hotel yielded various discoveries. Thankfully, the occupants of the rooms were out and about, as I made my way from floor to floor. Some of their personal belongings strewn about indicate they might be shady characters.
From the upper-most floor of the apartments I saw something not too far away, to the east. Something glinting in the sunlight. I decided to go see what caught my eye.

(a brief time later)

Ah, it's a "Mole Build."
Who: Guaca Mole, Naughty Mole, Sunny Mole
What: Mole Build - Molexandria Archeological Site
Where: Bay City - Imaginario

The Molexandria Archeological Site awaits you! Bring your friends!

Study the details of the Arena, explore the Labyrinth and attempt to obtain an A-Mole-T Amulet, or two, or three.

Speaking of three, that's how many people are required to engage the Mole-azers so you can release the fireball (it sounds dangerous, but why not?).

Before your move on, be sure to investigate the Mole Ruins.
That's it for this cruise through Bay City.

I hope to see you on the road. Happy motoring!
Reporter Dakota Schwade

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