In May 2008 a crowd gathered at the border of Nova Albion. Something spectacular was going to happen. From afar people tried to look over the bridge to see what was happening but the fog took away the sight.

Then the bridge closed and the crowd started running in. Bay City was opened!

Long before some clever minds were plotting something never done before. Michael and Blue wanted to make something unique. For that they deliberated, plotted and draw up the lines of roads and waterways.
They asked the most clever creators in our world to help out. The clever creators received the name Mole. The LDPW was founded.

They started mining as many prims they could gather so to build the infrastructure of our Fine City. Their secret wasn't unnoticed, word got out and people started asking questions, that were left unanswered. All they could do is wait at the bridge and so they did.

When the crowd raced out over the newly opened bridge they found a beautiful themed city with parks, canals, roads and land that can hold twice the amount of prims.

The lands were sold faster as you can say Bellisseria. Houses and buildings went up in great pace. All within the set theme, 1950's Chicago.

This month we will celebrate the 11th anniversary of our fine City.
Join us!
This concludes the end of this edition.
I want to thank our reporters Qie, TJ, Dakota, Georgiana and Mari for their work. Without them the Bay City Post would be rather empty and boring.

Thank you Roc for hosting the best newspaper in town. Patch for not revealing any secrets. Keira for being Keira. Pygar for reaching out. All the photographers that allowed me to use their pictures.

See y'all soon!
Editor Vick Forcella

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