Bay City turned 11!

The Bay City Anniversary Celebration was a great success! Well over 50 participants joined the celebrations, either as spectator, reporter, parader or party goer.

The celebration was announced in the Bay City Post and other news outlets. After the announcement the residents went to work to create some amazing floats.

To prevent catastrophic region breakdowns vehicles are made that are attached and are low in script usage. These things are, except horses and bicycles, not available on the Marketplace so they have to be created specially for this occasion.

We gathered, wearing our floats, near the bandstand in Harwich. The ones with stronger computers could admire the creations of others.
While being there Sylvia announced she was the new Mayori, witch is odd since we have no Mayori.

We could see several slugs (or snails), UFO's, horses, wolfs, a newspaper, there even was Ahabs boat (looked like it, with a squid and shark). Did I see sheep? Tea? All under supervision of our police officer TJ Hooker.
Parade Preparations EC

Parade Preparations EC

Parade Preparations SA

Parade Preparations ST

Parade Preparations TH
The Mayori (not being Sylvia, tinm) grouped the crowd into four groups each with a leader.
Next the groups went out in sequence over route 66 towards the Bay City Fairgrounds at North Channel. This grouping is to prevent region overload.

During the route there were assigned places, with popcorn and root beer, where spectators could see the parade and throw flowers at them.
One of the spectator sites LoS

Famous people here LoS

Parade start LoS
Kenny hitched a ride with Miss Bay City. He ended up, with Miss Bay City, in the 'great void' and crashed, and returned later. Most of the parade survived without problems, but with plenty of lag.The Trolleys were at it as usual.
Kenny takes a ride KL

All end up in the Great Void KL

Parade LoS

Parade LoS

Parade SA

Parade SA

Parade ST
Some groups were more creative with the route.
On arrival of the Bay City Fairgrounds drinks went out and the party started. The conga line was filled quickly.
Conga EC

Conga EC

Kenny turned noob KL

Conga LoS

Miss Bay City at work SA

Conga TH

Party till late at night SA

DJ GoSpeed of Kona Stream, our Miss Bay City, kicked of with some fitting celebration music.
Next came Parker Static. A very good singer. One of the songs remembered some special guests that were present in spirit, BlueGin, Hyper and Ever. Ever did provide the conga as well :)
Melenda Baptiste kicked the party with her amazing voice to high gear.
Maximillion Kleen lived up to his reputation and went on to the late late late hours.

Our colleague Daniel Voyager made a similar report of this event and I invite you to read it.

See this amazing video report by RacerX Gullwing!

Happy 11th Bay City!

Images, with permission, by: EC= Evola Courois, SA= Solo Anatra, ST= Sylvia Tamalyn, TH= Thomas Hooker, LoS= Sheree Honeyflower (LifeOfSheree), KL= Kennylex Luckless
Reporter: Vick Forcella

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