Police and Fire Blotter

April 1st
A woman wearing a mime outfit reportedly looked in the direction of a person's residence and then moved on. The Bay City Police responded, but no mime was found. The responding officer noted the date and said "Hmm.. Must have been Ever."

April 2nd
The Bay City Fire Department noted that several of the fires burning recently were extinguished, seemingly at midnight once Ever's Night was over. One fire needed to be put out by the BCFD, and is believed to have been caused by a photographer's flash bulb ending up in a trash can while still hot.

April 4th
After receiving a tip about the upcoming deployment date for the new continent, the Bay City Coast Guard was seen securing the boats at New Port in preparation for the tidal wave surely to accompany a whole new continent being connected to Sansara.

April 11th
Residents were startled by the warning sirens going off around town. Bay City Civil Defence trucks were seen heading down Route 66 along with the BCPD and BCFD. A spokesman for the city's emergency services had this to say about the incident: "This morning we were alerted to an impending tidal wave as the new continent was connected to Sansara. Once the wave made it to Bay City, it was not large at all. Only one resident was injured, and that was one of our Bay City Coast Guard members who spilt his coffee as his boat rocked on the wave."

April 14th
While walking around town, this reporter noticed several large trucks with BCPD markings heading out of town. One of the officers replied when flagged down that the BCPD was volunteering to help the Bellisseria State Police during the initial rush on the new continent.

April 15th
Route 66 was blocked for a short time as residents lined up to cheer on our own Marianne McCann as she attempted to make the first cross continent flight from Heterocera to Jeogeot. One resident was overheard saying "If she makes it, she deserves an award."

April 17th
Fighter jets were seen passing overhead just out of town. Reports seem to indicate that the Sansara National Guard were tracking a helicopter from Jeogeot that possibly belongs to a smuggling group. The Coast Guard responded by stating "The SNG hasn't notified us of any threat to Bay City, but we've stepped up our watch over Bay City waters for increased smuggling activity now that two more continents are connected to us"

April 25th
Officers responded to a resident who complained about a neighbour blowing a duck horn. The officers informed him that it was a crow.

April 28th
The Sansara National Guard responded to reports of a cult gathering at Mahulu on Mt. G'al. The cult leader, one Marianne McCann, called for members to jump into the volcano "For The Greater Good!" of the grid. Despite a daring attempt at saving people by the SNG pilot who actually flew into the volcano, all of the cult members sacrificed themselves to G'al. There was only one survivor. The survivor went on to eat at the Toxic Taco, which could be called the greatest sacrifice of them all. Unfortunately, G'al must not be sated, as the feeds are still broken.
Reporter Thomas Hooker

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