Bay City Post, Edition 75

The last edition was a hectic one.
We scrambled to make it, then discovered that the demand was much higher as anticipated. Out of paper we went to the paper-mill in Kahruvel to load another pallet (some trees might be missing), out of ink we went to Jizo to squash, in an animal friendly way, squids to retrieve their ink. The presses kept on turning until everybody received a copy of the Bay City Post.
We were even able to deliver the Bay City Post to Sylvia.

This edition was no less of a challenge. Half way most of the staff went missing in Bellisseria. They returned with a sunburn, could not stop talking about their new vacation housing and were half drunk thanks to tequila sunrise.
Next we lost most of the staff as a sacrifice to Mount G'all in the hope to fix things.
Lucky everybody was reincarnated (lava burned) and we were able to write this edition.

But first this,
Budget meeting

Normally I would not bother you, dear readers from our Fine City, with something boring as a budget meeting but this time I have to as the budget has a direct impact on the price you pay for the Bay City Post.

The lazy way to make a budget is to take the old one and add 10 percent. The difficult way is to analyse spending and project future spending.

We know the rental cost of our place in the Hyperbole building, the price of the ink, the press and the logistics to deliver the Bay City Post on your doorstep. It is also important to include the bribes we have to give to the various officials in and around our Fine City. I won't mention the bribes that go towards our Mayori (tinm).

The biggest chunk of the budget goes to the reporters, their investigative time, the development of the pictures, the paper and typewriter. The endless time staring at an empty white page.

We pondered and discussed together with our leadership team and came up with a definitive budget.

We decided to do it the lazy way. We took the old budget and increased it with 12 percent.

The motivation for the additional 2% is the intention to give our reporters a massive and well deserved pay rise!

The old budget was 0L$. According to my calculator the new budget (0+0*12/100) will be 0L$. As a result the future price of the Bay City Post will be 0L$.

Dear readers, show appreciation to your reporters!

One way to do that is to give comments on posts.
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In this edition,
Just a Click Away
Qie Niangau clicks objects

Dakota Schwade goes to the car-dealer in Imaginario

Thomas Hooker reports the activities of the Police and Fire dept.

Marianne McCann announces eleven

What is living underground? The Mole People!

The Post Master of Bay City explains how to use the postal system

You can make a Mesh!

Where are the moles?

This Month In History
Marianne McCann dives into the archives.


Last period there were breaking publications.
Bay City opens Embassy in Jeogeot

Happy reading!
Editor Vick Forcella

A blimp has crash-landed onto the Toxic Taco. The BCPD and BCFD are investigating.

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