Tsunami does not impress

A small rumble of the earth and a tsunami wave of just two feet was all that has hit the South of the continent of Sansara.

An eyewitness described it as "A low sound, just a little louder as the breaking of the waves, came from the ground. I could not feel any ground movement while looking out over the ocean. From where I was the continent is to far away to see anything. I did see an odd flash of blueish light. Soon after the rumble I could see a small wave coming from the South hitting the beach. I was not impressed."

Police have arrested the witness because she was at a place that was supposed to be evacuated.

Rumours speak of a man dressed in a protective suit, and a big red beard, that was flying an old airplane South to North. The airplane was making odd movements and left behind a smell that resembles rum.

The anticipated connection between Sansara and Jeogeot is fact.

During the last few months a committee of wise people have been discussing, in secret, the name for this new continent. The name Vicks Continent was oddly rejected, so was Marianneia, Strawberryana and DudeAnthoniana.
Just before the continent was connected to Sansara and Jeogeot the committee released the name "Bellisseria". The motivation they gave was "It looks nice in Italy".
Linden Lab released a press statement describing the land and it's current buildings. They expect other themes in the future. The continent is intended to be used for housing of new residents. The continent comes with a covenant that is enforceable. For that it is completely different as other continents.
Bridge inspector
Bellisseria is free to visit. There are plenty of hidden spots and meeting places to explore. Parcels are being given to residents when they meet certain criteria. If you want a nice place without the hassle of laying down bricks apply now.

Some residents of our Fine City already have received a home on the new continent. Most intent to use it as a vacation home and will keep their residence in Bay City.
Now that Sansara and Jeogeot are connected the worry about the Jeogeot colonists is peaking. Already there have been smuggling barges seen transporting milk towards an unknown destination in Bay City. Bread and beans are in low supply.
Officials request to remain calm but stay on the alert. The situation will be evaluated in about a month to see if secret defensive measures can be throttled down a bit.
Reporter Vick Forcella
Images Marianne McCann, Kennylex Luckless, Fenix Eldrich, Vick Forcella

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  1. While in transit to Jeogeot, a Hercules C1P was intercepted over Bellisseria by an unidentified military fighter jet. The pilot descended to low level, south of Holliday, and broke contact through use of chaff, flares, and terrain masking. The pilot admitted the FLIR and LLTV were useful.

    The aircraft returned safely to base after completing its mission.



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